Dr Manuj Wadhwa Fortis MohaliMedical Negligence

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The nephrologist and the anaesthetist had warned Dr Manuj Wadhwa not to carry the operation but Dr Manuj Wadhwa was overconfident to perform my knee replacement. He should have looked at the medical history and my medical case with utmost care and attention. Due to his overconfidence and negligence, as a patient I suffered life threatening situation and Septicemia (blood infection which is serious, and life-threatening). I was in life a threatening situation and in an unconscious state for 20 days after the surgery. I wish I would have never got myself operated from Dr Manuj Wadhwa. Other than the knee condition, he should have examined the medical history completely prior to the knee surgery. I would n’t recommend him to anyone.


  • Mk
    mkwy Aug 04, 2013

    I agree with the comments above. The doctor in now working at Max hospital. Beware while getting treatment from him. Take second opinion also.

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  • Ma
    Maniee Oct 16, 2014

    Those doctors due to inexperience gave my father bacteria which gave septicemia. In addition now that he is in walking condition he has a lot of pain. Indian spinal injury center has recommended that the joint be again removed and placed with a new joint. We are one more number for him in his quest for record book.

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  • Vi
    vicksap Jan 09, 2015

    What the hell, I would have read these comments before, my father got operated by this same doctor manoj in Dec and even he got infected with same bacteria Ecoli which gave septicemia and infected liver, gal bladder, low sodium and many other complications and he was in ICU for 7 days and later in room for 5-6 days..he was discharged after surgery even though infection was found in his blood which they ignored and we have to get him admit next day to his abnormal behaviour and hence we found his blood is infected with bacteria and that caused lot of other complications. He got so much weak and we couldnt even focus on his legs. These doctors are really uneducated, how can they even discharge a patient when the test already reported so much infection in blood. They r just running business to earn money, I would say useless doctors and when I raised the issue with MS and operation manager, they don't even care and no one have right answer for that. I would suggest no one should get operated from this doctor. He don't even know how to talk as when I went to ask him on what basis he was discharged, he became aggressive with me, they call themsleves doctors and he mentioned in one article he wants to sever people of India. Please spread this so that people should.know about this dirty business.

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  • Se
    selphie2015 Apr 21, 2015

    Hi Vicks, I went to see this doctor yesterday for my mother surgery . I am from America. They looks like wants to make money . give me right opinion please.

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  • Vi
    vikram jeet singh goindi Jun 24, 2015

    I totally disagree with this. Recently my friends mother get both knees operated and she is perfectly fine. she is from palampur Himachal and now she is not only walking but doing cycling. Totally disagree with the above comments. I met Dr. Manoj personally and he is very nice and advisable.

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  • Re
    rehana pandit Jun 25, 2015

    These comments are absolutely ridiculous...I got my mother-in-law operated from the same doctor 2 years back and she is showing absolutely marvelous results. Let us not use this platform to put down a qualified and renowned surgeon of national repute who has operated upon the most complex and difficult cases in orthopedics.
    Last year I got my elbow surgery done from Dr Wadhwa, I think he is an extremely genuine surgeon and really concerned about the well being of his patients.
    I would strongly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues.

    Rehana Pandit

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  • Su
    sunny sharma09 Jun 27, 2015

    one of my relative has undergone surgery from doctor manuj and i must admit that the support and care which v got from him is commendable.he has done treatment so intelligrntly dt disease has cured completely...he is really brilliant in his domain...A man with a golden Arm...highly recommended...

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  • Sa
    Satnam Singh 2009 Jul 31, 2015

    My father underwent a knee surgery by Doctor Manuj Wadwa in the month of Oct 2014 for both the knees at Mohali hospital.

    We followed all the instructions as per the doctors like charges, number of days to stay in the hospital, very costly medicines, reports and after surgery physio as recommended by the doctors who charged daily Rs 500 per day for 15 minutes for 3 months or more. Now 8 months has been passed since the knee surgery was done but the pain in one knee still not be cured as well as my father was having regular fever. We always discussed the same with the visiting doctors to Amritsar and they always said no problems with knees and everytime they changed the medicine and in place recommended other costly brands.

    In short we follow all the instructions as per the doctors or physio but the pain & the fever remain the same and my father is not even able to walk now.

    We went to Mohali from Amritsar and met Dr. Wadwa over there, he recommended some tests and after looking the reports he informed us that one of the knees develop an infection and the same cannot be cured and also the implant has been damaged now. The only possible solution is we need 2 operation for this, one is to remove the infection and the other is for new implant!!! and this will cost another 4-6 lakhs or even more than this and again there will not be any guarantee !!!

    We shocked with replies and also the unprofessional behavior and negligence of Max Doctors. We wasted our hard earned money apart from the pain from my Father is suffering now!!!

    We spend lot of money for the initial surgery and now again the hospital people are demanding the hefty amount to re-operate!!!
    All this happen due to the NEGLIGENCE of Dr. Manuj Wadhwa and the team visiting Amritsar from Max hospital..

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  • Vi
    vicksap Nov 13, 2015

    The complaint is not ridiculous...its true..obviously there would be cases that would have gone well but there are many of the cases that have gone bad due to their one has hobby or time to false complaints against anyone...the person who really suffered himself knows what we have gone thru...due to the negligence of hospital and doctors we suffered lot..they r just making money..they just talk politely when u go initially and when u complain they show their real faces and shout at u..I talked to management and even MD but all are same..

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  • El
    Eli_art Dec 09, 2015


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  • Gr
    great great Nov 05, 2016

    HI, i'm so sorry to hear about you loved ones pain .I pray this get over soon . If any one of you can share any reports about you/family members/friends treatment .It will be great help for me to choose the option for my mother . who is suffering from knee pain and joint damage . I visited Dr. Wadhwa last day and they said she need to get operated. pls share your details with me . you can share on [email protected]
    i can make sure that these reports will be not be used publically and will be helpful in my mother case.

    Thanks again !
    stay healthy .

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  • Aj
    Ajay Shakti Goyal Dec 25, 2017

    My mother got both knees operated on 3rd June 2017, we followed all the instructions as given by the Ortho staff qua Phisiotherapy and exercises and we regularly went to the opd also but the pain in the legs have not been irradiated and moreover my mother still complaint about pain in her back and when we told the doctors there they suggested us for spine surgery and said even for this we are not completely sure that the pain will be removed or not and the thing is this Dr. Manuj wadhwa is so much busy that he hardly got gives few seconds to his patient and the junior doctors are so rude that my mother is now scared of going to consult them. The thing is now that from few weeks my mother is complaining that her left part is not working properly like she is having lot of pains in that side that she is not able to do any work from that left side and now I am helpless. I feel Dr. Wadhwa had not seen all the medical history of my mother and just he suggested for the surgery for mending money, now I feel crying over my mother by seeing her situation but I am helpless now. Please think twice before going to Max hospital or I would say before going to Dr. Wadhwa the most senior and busiest doctor.

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  • Ra
    Ravi04 Oct 09, 2019

    I have read everyone's comment and my mom too got operated by him in fortis ( quite some time back). Surgery did go well but latter, there were some issues at hospital and my mom was unable to follow exercise regime.I met him in person during that time. I didn't like his attitude thou he spoke very nicely to me on phone when I called him from USA. I wish to share with all of you that orthopedic surgeries by and large go well but yes there is always a chance of infection. Drs are not GOD thou certain errors can be prevented. There is another reality that in India, patients are nos and healthcare is a big business. So they are money churning machines also.

    I will advice all of you to get in touch with quality assurance department of hospital ahead of time, apart from meeting orthopedic surgeon just to ensure post op care and open discussion about infections. Talk everything straight during OPD consult and don't hesitate.

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