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Where to begin...First of all understand that this comes from a customer who used your organization for almost 15 years...Of course you could verify that, if some wizard in your organization hadn't convinced you that the new computers couldn't talk with the old computers so you couldn't transfer your patient data records to the new system, leaving your staff unable to see my historyReally?

Second, In an economy like this, one would suppose that organizations like yours- that traditionally thrived by offering value, would do more of the same...That was not my experience...Do I start with really unprepared sales staff - There were so many 'specials' that nobody knew which was right for me - I was forced to tell the sales associate to start over because she was trying to get me to agree to a total that would have arrived at over 750 dollars for an exam two pairs of glasses and contacts...Really?

She explained that things were not the same since the new owners had taken overCommissions had been cut etc Well that would at least explain your incentive to try and financially rape me, wouldnt it?

I then approached one of your managers after the experience and told him I was disturbed by this incident. I explained that I wanted him to please pass my concerns to his superiors in his next available meeting. He assured me that he would try. I waited a week before returning to the store location, in order to make sure that the above order would be ready. Imagine my level of anxiety when I found out that the contacts weren't in. And no, my prescription is not in any way exotic. So once again, I approach the manager -Sidrawi- who was a courteous gentleman and once again respectfully conveyed my concerns. He immediately apologized for the second time and promised to have the contacts shipped to my home - which was approximately 30 miles away.

As I write this I am 2 days away from my 30 day Guarantee limit. I called the store location this morning, and imagine my surprise when Sidrawi picked up the phone. I introduced myself and reminded him of our conversation, almost three weeks past. He asked me to please hold, which I did.

Within three minutes he was back on the phone and informed me that the contacts had been shipped to my address. He read off the correct address. I replied that perhaps I owed him an apology and would call him back after checking with my wife to see if my contacts had arrived.

I was on the way back to the phone after checking the house and mailbox when it rang. It was Sidrawi, who explained to me that he had searched and found the contacts in the back room. He explained then that he would be mailing out the contacts for arrival next day. Presumably Monday since tomorrow is Sunday. He then courteously offered to send the next 6 months within a week. I assumed that I was getting a years worth when I made the purchase.

Next time, I will be going to your competition. Why have you allowed greed and short term thinking to invade what I know was an excellent organization?


  • Cy
    Cyn S. May 28, 2011

    Sounds like this manager did all he could. I manage a different type of business and understand how these incidents can happen.

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  • Va
    Vanna Marlene Myers Jan 16, 2012

    Dr. Bizer's was recommended to me from a friend. She had been once before, her & her daughter both got glasses & had no trouble...was even satisfied with the frames that were offered, for the 2 pair for $99.00. My friend goes with me to get my eyes checked, I need glasses, she need's contact's. We arrived before 1:00, we are there until 7pm that evening. OUR experience was absolutely TERRIBLE. I finally get my glasses, travel 2 hours home...use my new glasses for 2 weeks. The right eye is blurry. So we make another trip, well they figured the problem out, which was the lady who waited on us, NANCY. Well, they tell me it will be 1 hour for me to get my glassed, this is at 2pm...I didn't get my glasses until 6:30 that evening. Well it has been another 10 day's, I am trying to get use to the, glasses, well the right one is still blurry. I don't know what to do now!! Should I make a 3rd trip, a 21/2 hour drive, to try & get these glasses done right? Yes I did pay for them & I deserve for them to be done right, that means I am going to be out another $60 for gas. This has really been a disappointment for me!!! I do feel like they use FALSE advertisement to get people in there store. The signs did say "DESIGNER GLASSES ON SALE. CLEARANCE SALE! NONE of the designer glasses were on sale & the 2 for $99...well those frames were terrible, not much to choose from. Fine I picked out a pair that cost a little more. After all I was paying for them so I got the frames that I wanted. WRONG! None of the frames I picked out would not work for the no-line bifocals. The lady "NANCY" who marked the glasses, well her hand was shaking so badly, she marked them wrong. That was the 1st visit, 2nd visit had a new girl making & cutting the glasses. She cut the wrong side & had to start over. I don't want to go through this kind of stuff again. But I still can't see out of the right eye. Blurry, no matter how I move them. I don't know what to do. Yes I did complain at the store. They know that I was NOT HAPPY with my glasses or the service I got. Both times I was there for over 5 hours, just to have glasses made!!! Just don't know what to do now. Dreading another trip there.

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