Dr. Barry M. Zidedeceptive business practices — fraud — medical ethics violations

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Dr. Barry M. Zide, DMD, MD, Professor of Plastic Surgery NYU is this monster's full name. Why monster, you ask? I must be exaggerating, you say. Maybe, but first let me tell you about my experience with him.

He wore a gun on his hip. He had a constable's badge proudly framed on his desk. (Why would an MD need police powers? Why would he need to wear a gun while seeing new patients?) He shouted at me for not sitting on a black, vinyl seat pad he had placed on one corner of his couch. He shouted at me when I didn't sit on the pad at first. He gave me his cell phone number and told me to call anytime with any concerns or questions. But when I called more than once he shouted at me, threatening me that if I kept calling he wouldn't help me. There were many red flags that should have warned me away from him, but I was desperate for help, and afraid.

I had an appointment with another surgeon. I called Zide for a second opinion. (The procedure was one of those that Zide claims is one of his specialties.) I had always heard that one should get a second opinion before having any procedure. I expected Zide to praise the doctor I had selected. Instead he told me the doctor's method didn't work. He talked himself up, bragged about his accomplishments and reputation, made me afraid to treat with anyone but him. I canceled the appointment with the other doctor and had my surgery with Zide. It was the worst mistake of my life.

His Informed Consent Form contained two little boxes. One read "I request the doctor explain the risks of my procedure to me, " or words to that effect. The other box read, "I waive my right to be made aware of the risks, " or words to that effect. I was told to place a check mark in one of the boxes. I checked that I wanted him to explain the risks to me, but he never did. In a space that has more in common with a small dentists office than an operating room, he took my face apart in a horrifying way. I wasn't ready for this. For anesthesia he had me take Ativan and Valium. His staff called this "Pre-med." I woke up during the procedure to a feeling of being choked and having my arms restrained. I remember Zide shouting. (The statements of a patient on Valium and Ativan will not hold up in court). He had an unlicensed, unqualified member of his staff stay with me afterward. After the surgery I returned to him and reported excruciating pain. He said it was because of the "dissection." (Isn't it cadavers you dissect and not living human beings?) He left an important part of my surgery entirely out of his operative note.

There is too much to say about this monster. Fortunately the monster has condemned himself with his own words. He published a series of articles in a medical journal called Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In these articles he shows his true face. He talks about the "ploys" he uses to bamboozle patients into trusting him. He tells of instructing his residents (Zide is a professor of plastic surgery at NYU) to make there own "Top doctor plaques" -- fake credentials that are good for plastic surgeons to have NOT because they are true, but because patients tend to believe them. He gives instruction to the readership of the journal in step-by-step, paint-by-number style on how to use scripted language, and ploys, and outright lies, and lies by omission, and every aspect of con artistry imaginable to steal a patient's trust. The references of one of his articles is a list of the kind of cheap, low-brow salesmanship books of dirty tricks that a dishonest used-car salesmen might read. But why should I continue writing when I can let the diabolical master himself do all the talking?

The following links are to The Wayback Machine, an internet archive. The webpages you will read were originally posted on the message board website. They mysteriously went missing after a blogger accused one of the website's moderators of using a double standard -- using soft language to describe the moral outrages of Dr. Barry Zide, but harsh language to characterize a blogger's response to the outrages.[protected]/


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      Mar 18, 2019

    Shocking. Clearly, Zide is the worst of the worst. But he is also just the tip of the ice berg. Plastic surgery had noble beginnings, as a way to help soldiers horribly disfigured in battle. What it has become is a trade union of con artists who think cutting up a person's body is of little consequence as giving them a haircut.

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      Apr 06, 2019

    The old, corrupt italian [censored] that protected these Dr. Frankensteins as moderator on MMH needs to be prosecuted. I bet she took bribes from these doctors. I tried to report her a long time ago to the company and they ignored me. No doubt because they were in on it. Vice needs to do an expose on what happened there. She once wrote a fake post in my name when I criticized one of her favorite doctors.

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      Apr 28, 2019

    Copy the second link. Paste it into your browser. Click enter. Scroll down to the article called "I Am an Expert for Anything You Want." Scroll to the end of the article. Notice Zide's post script: "P.S.: Thanks to Doug Roth for a great title!" Which Doug Roth is he talking about? Doug Roth of Doug Roth's Painting and Carpentry? Doug Roth of Roth's Landscaping and Pool Service? Doug Roth of Roth's Quality Pre-Owned Cars? Rather than indiscriminately looking all over the place, maybe we should begin our search where it makes the most sense to begin it. Maybe we should ask Dr. Douglass A. Roth of the CareMount Medical Group if he has any idea who Barry Zide's Doug Roth might be:

    It's incredible. They're all in on it. They present a false friendly face to the public, and their true diabolical natures only to each other. They support each other. Send patients to each other. Testify in defense of each other in medical malpractice lawsuits. They are protected not only by the medical community, but by the powerful alliances they make in the academic, judicial and law enforcement communities. A comparison that comes to mind is a coven of witches, not unlike the ones depicted in horror movies like Rosemary's Baby.

    Our defense is communication with each other, and bastions of free speech like this website. Many so-called doctor review websites are nothing but marketing billboards for these monsters. Negative reviews disappear, or get buried in graveyards of "reviews that are not currently recommended."

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      May 01, 2019

    Pull on this thread and you unravel the whole sweater. One doc writes the how-to book on conning the public and you might have probably cause for intent to commit fraud, or something. Publish it in a medical journal where everybody sees it and nobody voices a concern, and, on the contrary, everybody likes it so much that one of them gives it a title, well, now you might have conspiracy. But it will take a lawsuit for the media to pick it up and then the whole thing will go viral.

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      May 02, 2019


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      Oct 05, 2019

    Dr. Zide's page on the website has just gone from giving him a "bad" rating to giving him an "excellent" rating. All the negative comments have been removed and only positive comments are displayed. Here's how it used to look:

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      Nov 10, 2019

    Dr. Barry Zide advertises his services as a medical-legal expert-for-hire on a website called "Juris-pro". How many parties lost their lawsuits because of the testimony of this self-advertised pathological liar? Imagine a chief of police writing articles for a law enforcement magazine describing newer and better ways of planting evidence and beating confessions out of suspects. Imagine a Roman Catholic Bishop sending out an email, to clergy only, describing newer and better ways to charm and win the trust of parents in order to gain access to a child's bedroom. Imagine a senior partner of a powerful law firm publishing letters in lawyers journals describing newer and better ways to suborn perjury and hide exculpatory evidence. Now imagine a dentist/plastic surgeon/professor of plastic surgery publishing a series of letters in a medical journal describing newer and better ways to bamboozle patients, i.e., to commit medical fraud. The last example you don't have to imagine, because it describes everything that Dr. Barry M. Zide stands for.Psychopathic con artists may be found in every profession, in every social class. and in every walk of life. It is no shock then to find one practicing dentistry and plastic surgery. What is shocking is the lack of response from the New York City establishment. Even now, with the infamous writings having let the cat totally out of the bag, the establishment continues to support, promote and protect this deranged predator. New York University continues to employ him as a professor of plastic surgery, Langone Medical Center keeps him on staff, using their hospital website to peddle his crackpot surgeries, and New York City continues to appoint him as a constable and grant him a license to carry a firearm. I believe Zide has managed to fly under the radar because he is a member of a powerful profession. I am also optimistic that, as the case of Jeffrey Epstein shows, there comes a time when even the most powerful are made to answer for their misdeeds.

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