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Doug huggins, travis miller jimmy vee and joel bauer... official inductees into the consumer hall of shame!
In my opinion the numerous complaint's against these guy's do not do justice to magnitude of the deception perpetrated by doug huggins, jimmy vee, travis miller and joel bauer, on the many hundreds of people they have victimized.
It is also unbelievable how the perpetrators of this deception have so carefully and methodically attempted to refute all allegations against them by smear tactics, ridicule and denial. sorry, it's apparently ok for you can get riped off because you made the mistake of buying this program.
After suffering through twelve months of the most inane and senseless regimen of task based marketing (time wasting) ever conceived by man. I can honestly say that I have also been riped off!
-nothing is as they said it would be
-old out dated programs.
-incomplete materials
-magazines that don't even exist... fraud?
-companies that no longer exist (basis for the 800# mail box) like the home ownership center.
-project after project as I completed the program does not work, and the case of the 800 mail box must be totally redone to even function.
-promised materials were not even delivered during the entire period of the this so called program.

-a 100% money back guarantee that is worthless as the paper this program
Was written on... because! at the sole discretion of the four amigo's your claim can and will be denied for any reason. for the fine print... if you don't host a radio show! you can't get a refund! and in addition... this so called program is so designed that it is impossible to continue doing your existing job and finish the meaningless tasks and senseless concepts you are required to complete! wait... task based marketing... what happened to that old gravitational marketing?

Not one cent of extra income during a twelve month period of time.

Thousand of dollars of additional expense to even implement the program

-and as far as creating irresistable attrraction to draw customers to you (gravitation marketing) this concept and the book were pitched to us and marketed to us on the t.m. o website and seminars. it didn't work either.

Da — you joel bauer... you delivered us lambs to the slaughter.

And the clause in fine print that states that they can sue us if they complain! showing their real intent! now you know why so few people have actually complained.

To sum it all up... as another millionaire originator most succinctly said... this was an $18, 000 photo shoot where I got to pay the photographer and pay to get the pic's developed.

Doug huggins, travis miller jimmy vee and joel bauer... official inductees into the consumer hall of shame!

Stay away from these guy's!
B. p

Joe Vlasek
Colorado Springs, US
Dec 14, 2010 3:01 pm EST
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Parker wilson is actually it would appear mr. doug huggins the person named in the complaint! he has only made 4 postings as of today dec 14 2010. all postings are against either b.p. or joe vlasek. mr. huggins is doing what he does best, deflect criticism away from him towards some one else. after all, he still wants you to purchase his many obsolete and dated programs. and since some how how I have been brought into this complaint, I would like to assert my position regarding mr. huggins. I was promised a refund over two years ago and am still waiting! so theres "his" word in action!

Joe Vlasek
Colorado Springs, US
Dec 14, 2010 2:02 pm EST
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Thanks Mike

Parker Wilson
Jacksonville, US
Dec 03, 2010 1:17 am EST

This posting was not by some fellow with the initials B.P. It was posted by a clown from Colorado by the name of Joe Vlasek. How do we know? Because this less than creative fellow constantly uses the same tag line - Official Inductees into the Consumer Hall of Shame!
That's the same line he uses in two of his websites where he slams and slanders people he doesn't like. Then the clown turns around and puts links back to his posting here as a way of verifying his "sucks" site. Duplicity at its finest!

Vlasek also posted a similar comment with the same tag line against a real estate agent who he claims ripped him off. At least on that posting he had the balls to use his own name and not hide behind bogus initials.
Regardless, it seem that poor Joe is constantly getting ripped off by coaches, real estate agents, the Colorado Real Estate Commission and attorneys.
Of course, Po'Joe has no responsibility for any of his problems. He's just a poor victim. But, according to his own website, he's a "numbers guy" with years of business experience and you should rely on his advice when getting a mortgage loan.
According to his two postings he's been ripped off for over $130, 000. Anyone who has had this many problems would appear not to be someone I would to rely upon for financial advice.

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