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CB Business and Industrial Review of Door Knob Discount Center
Door Knob Discount Center

Door Knob Discount Center review: Expect the worst when you buy from this company! 5

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12:00 am EDT
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This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. Living in a small, New Mexico town, I'm used to buying materials for my house through the Internet. I expect to pay a restocking fee. I don't expect the restocking fee to cover more than what is ordered and returned. When ordering an EMTEK doorknob, I incorrectly specified an inside lever for a left handed door. Little did I know that to order an inside lever, one needs to go outside. That is explained clearly on other web sites where I went after I received the entry set. If has such an explanation, it's not where the ordering of a left or right lever is made. I asked to return the lever. Then I discovered that although the lever is specified separately in the order, it is sent only with all the other parts of the lockset, except the outside handle. Hence, the 25% restocking charge is not made for the lever, but for an additional $70 worth of other parts that do not have to be exchanged. Clever, no? I paid for the new materials. When they arrived, in a couple of weeks, I extracted the lever, leaving the $70 excess parts untouched, put in the left-handed lever, added all the id numbers and sent it off with a postal confirmation number. Within six days, someone from EMTEK picked up the package. A month passes. No credit. Five weeks go by. Still no credit. I contact by email. They ask for the confirmation number. Another week passes. I send another email. I call. They are apologetic. Devastated even. The next day I receive a credit on my account. In all my experience, this is the least customer-oriented on-line company that I've encountered. Customers should expect the worst when they buy something here.

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Julie Lyda
Pittsburgh, US
Jul 23, 2012 1:10 pm EDT

Worst delivery and customer service I have had in a long time. Advertises same day shipping or 5-7 days on certain manufacturerers. I placed an order on 6/19 and am still waiting for it. Everytime I call the delievery gets purshed out. Also, it takes several attempts to reach a service rep, they do not answer emails or messages.

Go to another company !

Zack McGahey
San Mateo, US
May 09, 2012 4:54 am EDT
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I ordered door knobs from door knob discounters on April 15th assuming they would be able to deliver in a similar time frame to the 24 hours the website suggests. After a week of no shipping confirmation, I checked with the company and mentioned they were having part supply problems but that they would ship it the next day. Two days later, I called back and it hadn't shipped, but they guaranteed me it would ship the following Monday because they would change warehouses for filling the order. The Wednesday after that, I found out that they not only had not shipped it, but they never changed warehouses because that was how they recommended solving the latest reason it had not shipped. They then promised it would be out the next. I demanded they give us a discount on the order and pay to overnight ship it to us. They agreed. The next day, I called back and it still had not shipped and I was told it would definitely ship the following Monday (again) and was reassured that it would be shipped overnight. I called twice that following Monday and was told the box is ready, and it would ship, overnight delivery, that day. I should mention that for all of these guarantees about shipping, I was also told I would get an email when it had shipped. Tuesday morning comes around, no email, so I call AGAIN and they tell me they had a problem with UPS the day before but that it was scheduled for delivery that day and it WOULD go out overnight. Again, I get no email to confirm the delivery, so I call this morning and find out it did ship (without email verification), but that it was sent UPS ground. At this point, I have had it with this company. I should also mentioned that I check my statements and the additional discount I was told I would get has never been processed. So they lied to me about delivery at least 6 times, the promised a credit that never came, and they didn't follow through on their promise to ship overnight, probably to save the money because they figured once it was out the door, there was nothing to be done about it. I am furious. It took me 4 hours of near continuous calling to get a manager to talk to me about this. When I finally did, they offered me the options of either retracting the order, or changing the shipping address, like either of those things was going to help the situation. She offered to credit me the amount that had already been promised to me, but said they would do no extra to compensate me for the missed promise for overnight shipping or any of the misery I have endured over the last 3 weeks trying to get them to fulfill their promises. I have never been treated with such disrespect by a company in my life. I have a new passion in life, which is to make sure that everyone looking for door knobs online is aware how incredibly awful this company is.

Trinidad, US
Nov 05, 2013 11:16 pm EST

This place is a complete and total fraud. I ordered an Emtek handle in August. It was supposed to ship 2 weeks later. Finally in October I called. It still hadn't shipped, but was "scheduled to ship" by the following week. Finally, I got an email from Nikki telling me the my handleset was to ship the following day. I waited -- and waited -- and waited. It wasn't shipped. It wasn't in their tracking system. This place does nothing but lie. They took my money immediately, then wouldn't have the product shipped. Then when they refused to answer any more of my emails, I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I ordered the same product from a real company and I have my hardware already.

Ogden, US
Sep 12, 2013 3:46 pm EDT

My experience with their credit is a similar story. I ordered a product on a Thursday they said would ship the next day - Friday. No shipment, but they had charged my account. Called them on Monday, said it would ship by this Friday. Friday came, no shipment. Called them on the next Monday and found out that they didn't even have the lockset in stock. I cancelled the order and they emailed that they would credit my account. No credit 2 weeks after they confirmed the order was cancelled. I finally had to call my credit card service company to dispute the charge. Beware if you order from them online. They will charge your card whether they can deliver the product or not and, to date, they have not received credited my card.

bob bardel
Aug 16, 2008 10:18 am EDT

handing is cleary explained on the website both in it's help section and on every product page where handing is required. You be the judge.
also I find it interesting that this site hostes a comlaint against this site yet has a link to as a recommended store.

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