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My Fiance bought me a ring when I received it it was warped. We took it back with a letter of termination, nobody would accept the letter and they said we couldn't get out of the contract. SO hear were thinking this contract is iron-clad and we let them deceive us into thinking we couldn't get out. So we traded in that ring for another one. The second one had mismatched stones so we took it back asking again for our money back still the answer was NO! Third ring we were supposed to be allowed to do a straight across exchange but the salesman said we'd have to pay an extra thousand dollars to trade another one of there faulty rings. So with an extra 1, 000 dollars in to the third ring come to find out there were loose stones, by now were disgusted and pay off the first 3000 thousand that was owed because if we didn't pay it off they would have reported us in default. So now we take said third ring back and trade it in one last time hoping for a winner. So the sales manager said this solitaire is a beauty. It's certified here's it's IGI certified card and it's set in platinum. So that's a difference to pay of 2, 363.38 so still unsatisfied through this whole mess we get it home and it does not match it's certified card. So we right another letter wanting our money back all our money back which totals to 6, 760.81. They refused yet again they offered us our old ring back (the one with the loose stones) and the difference we paid to get the solitaire 2, 363.38. We want all our money that we paid into the account 6, 760.81/ They have misrepresented themselves all the way. Yesterday we met with the VP of the company he offered us the 1, 000 that the salesman conned us out of the difference 2, 363.38 and a watch. He said we'd have to take a loss. Why do we have to take a loss? We have tried to get away from this company and all they've done is lied and cheated us the whole way. This was supposed to be a lifelong engagement because I am sick and my fiance doesn't know how much time he has with me. We have no ring to show for our engagement, I am hurt and dissappointed in this company for not giving my fiance back his money that he paid into this and lying to him. When all he was trying to do was make me happy. I hope no one else goes through this same heartache. Don't ever shop at Don Roberto Jewelers. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! Signed a very sick woman.


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      Feb 21, 2012

    We just bought our first wedding ring from this store. The first week the ring had a crack in the band, they fixed it. We were happy. Then the diamond fell out. They would not fix it. We were very polite and calm. Got us no where. We talked to the store manager, then to the corporate office. No one seemed to care at all. So now we have a brand new ring that is broken before we can even show it off. My wife is very sad and I feel ripped off. Do not shop here if you are looking for quality or service.

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      Sep 21, 2014

    I have the same situation hope nobody buys from them. I can honestly say this company has to go down. Bring these cheapskates down ! Am irritated on much money i lost and to find out the ring i have is worth 1/4 of the price I paid. Wimp whimp. :'( But yes my wife is still happy i made the step which shows i tried to make her happy. The lady selling me the ring said "Yeah Am trying to do business" like how is somebody who doesn't know much about diamonds and gold get help in such ugly place. Very dissapointed .

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      Mar 27, 2016

    Someone call me [protected] . I live in palm desert, ca and Don Roberto kept my watch after they asked me to bring it back 3/6/16 so they could send it to Bulova . Note : I paid watch off 3 years ago and still have 1 year left of factory service . Robert this has to stop !!!

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      Dec 22, 2017

    Just found out my daughters earrings I got from Don Robertos jewelry is fake what can I do can I fill a lawsuit against them

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