Dollar Treei'm reporting a complaint about the managers chandra and brenda

N Nov 13, 2019 Review updated:

I got a call from my younger sister saying that she tried to call our mothers work to find out if she was there because she wasnt answering her phone and was worried she said that brenda said to her yes and that she is on the register n cant come to the phone, my sister said she didnt need to speak to her and was just worried about her brenda says is that it? And sarah, my sister says well can u tell me what time shes off ? Does she need a ride? Brenda says she cant tell her that and my sister finds this strange because she always gives out that information because my mother is a senior citizen and we do not want her walking home in the dark. This really infuriates me this woman was absolutely completely rude to my sister for no reason she calls me to tell me about this so I tried to call and I get the second shift manager stating that Brenda has left for the evening and I asked for corporates number she told me that they don't have corporates number and I stated that I myself am a manager and if asked we are to give out that information she precedes to tell me that she is on the register and has customers she needs to get back to I said that I will hold she gets back on the phone a few minutes later tells me the only number that she has is a number of the newspaper because I tried to call it so I called back to try and get the correct # she was once again completely rude I recorded the entire conversation this a huge issue! Not only was she completely unprofessional she went back and started complaining to my mother about us and said that she is going to call the police if we call the store again this is unacceptable!


  •   Nov 13, 2019

    I have no god-damned clue what to are trying to communicate! Give your Cell phone to your preschool teacher and take a rest. Headie down.

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