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Sunny D drink which has been purchased yesterday(July 7, 2019) in dollar tree has expired 10 days back i.e on June 25, 2019. Unfortunately myself and my spouse consumed it and we had diarrhea and stomach upset last night. Also my wife is 37 weeks pregnant and she had some troubles due to this. Please kindly look into this issue and we would require a repayment for all our sufferings.

Name: Hemanand Venkatachalam
Phone number: [protected]
Mail Id: v.[protected]
Name of the product: Sunny D
Full Name of the product as per the bill: Sunny Delight orange 40 Oz.
Date of purchase: July 7, 2019
Expired date: June 25, 2019

Attached all the necessary bill and product details.

Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree


  •   Jul 08, 2019

    I ask this questions often to my young ones who complain of stomach upset...

    Did you eat?
    What did you eat?
    Did it taste ok?
    Did it smell ok?

    Ok... This is what you get for getting anything perishable from a dollar store! For the love of God, is saving four dollars really that important? These places are also notorious for having things a little past their prime.

    PS: sunny delight sucks donkey balls and is fake AF. You might as well have made Tang.

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