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Best Dog Breeders and Kennels

Just a quick heads-up about our Dog Breeders section. šŸ¶ This page is all about those who're in the doghouse or top dogs in the breeding game. Our pack of reviewers has wagged their tails or barked out their thoughts loud and clear.
Sniffing out the trending section? Some breeders are fetching quite the buzz. But, like a game of fetch, some throws are off the mark. So, expect a few growls and howls in there.
Paws and reflect when you get a moment!

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Updated Dog Breeders reviews
Betty's Teacup Yorkies
Erroneous birth date and refusal to provide requested info to the Canadian Kennel Club
Beverly Hills Puppies
Purchasing a sick dog from beverly hills puppies
New Dog Breeders reviews
Marys Cocker Haven
Breeding double dapple dachshunds
Grazing H Ranch Homedale Idaho
Inhumane, bad genetics, puppies grow up with medical problems
Ambato Boxers
Puppy mill - cancerous heart issue puppies
Landos Boxers
Unethical practices
Dream Dogos
Dogo argentino puppies