Doctor Ockie Van ZylMessed my finger up


Doctor Ockie van Zyl operated my thumb - Trigger finger. He opened my thumb in the centre. I went back to him and told him that my finger is swollen and it feels like inflamation. I phoned him several times to ask what stand me to do. He just kept telling me it will get better with time. Give it another two weeks he kept telling me. Eventually, I telephonically requested for medication for the inflamation. ( I told him that the finger is turning black and hard) He faxed me a prescribtion to my work place without even asking to see me. I used this medication but also went back to my GP who confirmed that my finger was inflamed and reffered me to another specialist. This Specialist was realy shocked to see me finger and I now need to undergo surgery again but this time at two different places on the finger. The mess up in the centre of my finger and where the original problem was.

Doctor Ockie Van Zyl Orthopedic, was paid for this mess that he did. I am very dissapointed and would not even

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