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P Nov 14, 2019 Review updated:

On 11/7/19 I visited the Disney store with intent to make a purchase. I am a person of color, and I felt very violated when not one but three of the store clerks were following me around as if I was to commit a crime. I was with my brother and my boyfriend. There were other patrons in the store and they were treated differently. I ended up buying a $70.00 pull over little mermaid sweater and a reusable bag, totaling $76.18. To me that is a nice amount of money I spent on two items. So I just wanted to make you aware of how I was treated. For now I will not be returning to that Disney store location. Resolution:
if your going to watch people with intent to catch them trying to steal something, then don't pick and choose that might be a little different than others. Treat them all the same. Regardless of their color of their skin. Transaction #4191, store 00737, reg. 003, cashier 276838, cm: Maritza M. Thanking you in advance for the resolution.


  •   Nov 14, 2019

    Dear person of color.

    Your Dr king didn't want people to be judged by their color and they are not so stuff it!

    Think before you post. Not all shop owners/ employees are out to get "people of color".

    BTW. Black people are lovely. People of color are haughty who think they are better than everyone else/ aka racist. (Look it up)

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