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LOL absolutely "notmenorme"! Gary is a very sick man. It is wild that he is still practicing and that no one has teamed up in a class action suit wink wink!
Hmmmm perhaps food for thought?
Gary has terrorized me and like someone else said until my contract with this bully was finished I had to sit in his torture chamber and then pay him for his abuse...subsequently I considered if we shouldnt have been sitting in the reverse chairs. Has anyone on here attempted reporting this lunatic?
Why is it so difficult to find any other complaints about this nut anywhere on the internet? I agree with "notmenorme", somehow Gary has managed to sweep all complaints about him off public record.
I met someone about a year ago who ended up divorced after Gary convinced her that her husband was an abusive man. She left her marriage (of 15 years) and actually was so convinced by Gary that she moved city's. Sad because they went to him for help with their teenage son. Sick Sick Sick!
I too would take on the challenge of a mental health assessment and would happily post my results next to Direnfeld's.
I also agree with the author who recognized the post on here, Gary having been the one who wrote it. I'm just surprised that with his over inflated ego he didnt sign off as "Gary the Omnipotent"!


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    publicvspractitioner Sep 02, 2013

    Mr Direnfeld is a very sick man. Mr Direnfeld was finally removed based on his conflict of interest on another file and allowing us to enter in to a contract with him without disclosure. He has since been removed. Please read the letter posted below,

    Dear Sir,
    A very disturbing matter has recently developed with my husband and Gary Direnfeld who has recently been retained as Parent Coordinator/Arbitrator.

    Mr Direnfeld was retained mid 2011 to assist in a time share schedule, travel, schooling and day to day activities for our two boys.

    From the start my husband has felt that he has been dismissed by Mr Direnfeld and that Mr Direnfeld holds my husband accountable to situations between him and his ex wife while allowing his ex full unaccountable autonomy.

    Last night after several conflicts between my husband and Mr Direnfeld (3 meetings to date) my husband thought it best to record his meeting so that he would have access to the meeting for referral purposes only.

    The conversation that ensued shows clear collusion between Mr Direnfeld and the ex and coaching by Mr Direnfeld in order to "trap" my husband as an abuser and perhaps build a case of sexual abuse towards the children. Mr Direnfeld as well calls my husband an "abusive controlling son of a ### who is manipulative". He asks the ex to send him documentation including report cards so that he can gather the data he needs in order to tighten noose around him.

    Mr Direnfeld has himself used extortion on my husband and even went so far in January to kick my husband out of the process and continue with the ex alone.

    I have talked with Mr Direnfeld personally and on our first call he said pretty much the same to me about my husband, proclaimed that I was a victim and that I need to contact victim Services and devise an escape plan from him should I decide to end our relationship. He also asked if I would be willing to join in a session along with my husband so that he could introduce any concerns I may have. In doing so, he explained that he needs me present so that he can build a case against him.

    I have played the recording to my dear friend who has many years in Child Access etc and she has urged me to contact you immediately about this. She has also placed calls to the complaints board and several PC's to ask for advice as she is convinced that Mr Direnfeld is responsible for professional misconduct and abuse of my husband himself. She determines that Mr Direnfeld is attempting to build a case against him and will attempt to remove the children from his custody based on several things including, but not as yet filed, charges of sexual abuse.

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    ILIOS Jul 15, 2014

    [email protected]

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    notmenorme Jul 25, 2014

    Please visit the Facebook and search for Mike Smith. Mention Direnfeld and he will add you to his list

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    notmenorme Aug 20, 2014

    Complaints and Discipline
    Ontario College
    of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
    250 Bloor
    Street East, Suite 1000
    Ontario M4W 1E6
    416-972-9882 ext. 210; toll free 1(877)828-9380

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    notmenorme Aug 20, 2014

    Ms. Marlene Zagdanski,
    Director, Complaints & Discipline, Ontario College of Social Workers and Social
    Service Workers
    250 Bloor Street E., Suite
    Toronto, On M4W1E6
    Re: Complaint - I. Gary Direnfeld,

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