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DigSound Founder announces new web based watermarking tool to track music on TV! ( in response to these claims against the company that its a fraud. It's not!)

Up until 3 weeks ago the process to insert a watermark that can be tracked in 210 local TV markets and commercial cable Networks was not scaleable to say the least. Now thanks to the developers at The Nielsen Co. The process has been automated and while we are still in Beta with this new tool so far the results are astounding! A 3 minute wave file song can be watermarked in under 15 seconds. DigSound is still working on ripping the data from an initial (required) mp3. The data will then be assigned a DUID an the data will be populated into the database automatically. If a songwriter is entering the data for the first time DigSound will provide that form. Once the song has been registered the songwriter will either have DigSound distribute for commercial use or take the version and be on their way. While watermarking still has limitations (VoiceOver and sound design)DigSound will further reduce the limitations by offering the broadcaster the watermark at the point of final creative. This will ensure a nearly 100% detection rate and DigSound's database will ensure a payment between broadcaster and artist.

We are working with on creating the workflow for the artist upload and the broadcaster download at:

Feel free to contact me [protected] with questions regarding content, watermarking or licensing.

Another note:

While Nielsen was installing the new automated watermarking tool this announcement was e-mailed to me.

June 4, 2012 – Lenono Music and Ono Music, the publishing companies that control the solo material of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, are using TuneSat to monitor the use of their iconic songs on broadcast TV stations and websites around the world. TuneSat’s proprietary technology will fingerprint all of the works from these catalogs and track their use on hundreds of broadcast channels in 13 countries as well as streaming audio, video, podcasts, flash, and other multimedia files on millions of websites. They will then be able to view detections in real time via TuneSat’s secure web portal, providing them with full transparency and accountability of when and where their music is used in each instance.

I was very psyched for Scott Schreer and everyone at TuneSat. You see Scott and I started this movement on or near the same time and well it was a LONG TIME AGO! My point is our PITCH HAS NOT CHANGED! use verification technology to create a better more transparent license. I can't do what fingerprinting does and fingerprinting can't do what watermarking does. Eventually we will join forces but for now I appreciate TuneSat continuing to move the market forward.

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