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Dick Ide Honda - Rochester, NY review: Unethical practice

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Matt from Parise's Automotive and Towing (out of Batavia NY) responded to my AAA emergency call today and transported my 2001 Honda Accord and myself to Dick Ide Honda on Panorama Trail from milemarker 397 on the I-90W. As Matt was taking my car off of the flatbed, I noticed a piece of metal hanging from the bottom of the front end of my car. It was a heat shield. I told the service advisor inside that I started hearing an awful sound as I was driving down the thruway, that the service engine light came on around the same time, and that since I received a letter last winter about the civil suit against Honda for tranny problems, I was worried that it might be the beginning of said problem. He didn't know anything about the civil suit. Odd, as he works at a Honda dealership. (For info. on suit and settlement, click here:

I conceded that the noise I heard could have been the heat shield dragging and that the light may have only went on because I needed an oil change. But, I wanted the car checked out anyway and asked that the mechanics also did a tire rotation, oil change, and inspection. The wait time was only supposed to be an hour, but I had a ride and needed to get home to get some work done, so I left my car there. Big mistake.

My car was taken into the shop around 2:20. By 2:45, I was already home and had a voicemail from Jeff, the service advisor. He said the sound was coming from the heat shield, but also claimed that my car had failed inspection--the front brake pads and rotors were "completely gone." This problem, he told me, may also have been the noise I heard. The news was surprising as I haven't had any problems with my brakes, haven't heard any noise when I turn my wheels, and wasn't told when I last had an oil change that I would need to replace them soon. (The fellas at Firestone try to sell me EVERYTHING, even THEY didn't try to get a brake and rotor job out of me. If they could have, they would have.) So, I called Jeff and he reiterated what he had said on my (saved) voicemail: brake pads and rotors completely gone; it would cost $430 to replace them with Honda parts. I admitted my suspicion that something shady was going on, but also authorized the work with the condition that my parts got saved so I could get them back. Then, I got smart and called my mechanic, who advised that I let Dick Ide fail the inspection and have my mechanic do the brake job (for $270). Back on the phone with Jeff, I told him I didn't want them to do the brake pads and rotors; he said "the mechanic already took them off and just handed them to me." This, I believe, was a ploy to get me to allow the work. I told him that was fine, but I wanted the mechanic to put the parts back on . . . I'd pay for the oil change, inspection, and tire rotation only. Well, seems that Jeff wasn't anticipating my decision on the work. Soon after I spoke with him and he assured me the parts would be put back on, he called again to tell me that they couldn't be--one of my rotors was ruined; he claimed it was so badly rusted that it broke apart when the mechanic was removing it. I guess he forgot that he had lied to me and said the parts were HANDED to him, because when I asked why he hadn't told me before, he had a different story, which involved not having the parts handed to him, but going into the garage to speak to the mechanic, who told him that the rotor had broke and couldn't go back on.

Jeff made a deal with me: because he "didn't want [me] to think I was being taken advantage of," he was willing to give me 2 free rotors if I paid the $79 something for the 2 new brake pads and the $109 for labor. Quite a drop from $430. The brake and rotor job would add up to $190- something if I took his deal. Well, I didn't want his deal. It was clear that I was being screwed around and that there was NO NEED to replace my pads or rotors to begin with. I mentioned speaking with the Better Business Bureau. (I'm going to tomorrow.) But I still had to tell him what to do. So I told him to put my old pads and rotor back on and to replace the broken rotor. He then quoted me $220 for the job, which didn't include the tire rotation, oil change, inspection, and fix of the heat shield. Because he was doing nothing but verbal acrobatics and strong-arming me into making a decision, I told him it was fine and hung up.

My fiance, whom the car is registered to, called Jeff from work and told him otherwise. The guy tried to plead his case--that I had authorized the work--as if the work was really warranted--and that it had all been a "misunderstanding" on my part. I'm a graduate student, not a flighty, brainless little girl. But I guess when a young woman walks into a car service center, that's all they see: an easy target. Jeff ended up telling another lie: to me, he said I had 2 millimeters left on my brake pads; he told my fiance I had 4. After getting his ### sufficiently reemed by my fiance, he quoted the work at $180 TOTAL.

We're picking the car up tomorrow and I'm taking it to my mechanic to make sure that all that was supposed to be done was done. The ONLY reason Dick Ide even touched my car was because I thought the problem could be tranny-related.

I strongly recommend NOT going to Dick Ide Honda for any reason. They're nothing but legitimate scam artists. They are not even AAA approved, which I didn't realize until after I took my car there (John Holtz Honda is).

Update by Jill K
Oct 08, 2007 3:26 pm EDT


When I picked up my car from Dick Ide Honda, I immediately took it to my usual mechanic. The car drove like absolute crap compared to the condition it was in before it made its way to Dick Ide. It was squeaky, which could have been the result of having the brake pads removed and put back on. However, it also handled like garbage. I felt like the left side of my car was sitting lower than the right, and my tires wobbled so badly that I was sure they were going to come off at an intersection.

The reason they gave on my bill for failing my inspection was "brake equalization", not "completely worn brakes and rotors," as they told me initially. My mechanic noted that was an odd comment for failing an inspection. And when I was called later about the condition of my car, I was told that my brake pads had hardly no wear, which is certainly not what Jeff communicated to me. A brake job was necessary, however, because Dick Ide put a new rotor on my car, and whenever you have new rotors, you should also have new brake pads. So, I'm going to have to pay for a brake job that was completely needless to begin with.

When I pick up my car, I an getting it in writing that the brake job was only warranted because of the fraudulence of Dick Ide Honda. I haven't yet filed a complaint with the BBB, because I'm waiting for that documentation.

Again, I strongly suggest that you do not use Dick Ide Honda. Aside from the headaches from their manipulation/unethical practices and the money I'm out, I have also been without a car for 5 days now. It went into them on Thursday, to my mechanic on Friday, and I won't get it back until tomorrow due to the weekend and holiday. It was waste of my time and resources, all because they lied about the condition of my car and failed my inspection when they should not have.

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Jan 22, 2011 7:44 pm EST


I thought after my first Honda, an 08 FIT SPORT Manual, that I would be loyal to the brand as I used to tout it as the 'best car I ever owned' . However, after dealing with the SNAKES at DICK IDE HONDA and realizing how HONDA cheapened up the FIT ( I wrecked my '08 and bought a '09) they changed so much the car is a POS and I HATE IT. They tell me I am paranoid when I say I have to hammer on the brakes to stop, or that the engine is LOUD or that it rattles or that it is a really bumpy ride and the list goes on and on and on... It was fine (and I quote "everything looks beautiful and is perfect operating condition') last month before the warranty was up, we'll see when it goes in for an oil change and tire rotation next week.

The sleazy sales guy who, in the middle of our $15k business deal, looks up from the table and says "Jeez, you are just so beautiful, I am having a hard time here..." REALLY? I guess that should have been my sign to walk... tells me I need to bring it in and have them look at it. Well, shouldn't that all have been done before I picked it up, Certified Used? I've already needed new wipers and need new tires ( i know these are small things, but even a rinky dink buy here pay here puts new tires on a car before they sell it )My time is important to me, I am very busy, I use my car for work and do not have the time to bring it in all the time for you to tell me there is nothing wrong when there quite obviously is.

ALSO< they charged me for cleaning and waxing the car, and it wasn't even satisfactorily cleaned, there was makeup on the steering wheel.

WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HONDA EVER AGAIN, Especially from DICK IDE HONDA. Over priced and over rated. They think they are a world class dealership but they are far from it.

Apr 06, 2010 2:49 pm EDT

And yes I have made a complaint and will never go back!

Apr 06, 2010 2:48 pm EDT

The techs tfhere are crooks as well you know the BG Product they try to sell you with the flushes? well it just so happens when I walked to parts I walked past a few techs with their benches full (completely) of unopened additives and one tech was dumping them out in his oil bucket those additives are freakin expensive! I will never have them do service on my Civic! And thats not the end of it when I was leaving my car was parked near the dumpster on the side and I witnessed a tech throwing away unopened(still had the plastic wrapped on the box) Cabin Filters! those cost up to $80 ! Screw those crooks claiming they have the best service ha

Nov 02, 2009 3:40 pm EST

Would completely agree to avoid these guys at all costs. took my Honda Passport in because it was making some banging noise in the front passenger tire area. They said we'll start with this, then do that, bla, bla, bla for $600. I suspected something was wrong because: 1 - they never even took the truck back to the shop to look at it and 2 - they wouldn't even say that my $600 repair would fix the problem, but was just a place to start.

Took it to a repair guy my father uses. Turned out to be a single loose bolt. $10 to fix the whole problem.

The only thing DICK did was ensure I won't be buying my new Civic from them.

Jun 02, 2008 11:07 am EDT

Yes, I agreed. I had a bad experience with Dick Ide Honda service. In year of 2004, I sent my 2003 Honda Civic to check driver seat squeaking. After fixing it, I and inspected discovered the plastic protective cover below seat was missing. I was pissed off and asked what happened it was. It admitted that it was damaged without letting me know. It was ordered and put it back. The seat still squeaking. I lost my respect and trust with Dick Ide Honda service and never went back there again.