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I bought a dog from her for future breeding. Doing the right thing I got his DNA and sent it in early on this dog. Thinking I was doing this early and being a responsible person. Well turns out his father is not his father. AKC has tried contacting her and she refuses to contact them back with a list of possible fathers so they can start to compare DNA samples. When I call her I am told not to call and that she is not working with me or the god all might AKC that she hates and she will not talk to either one of us. It has been 2 months now and still she has not contacted AKC. I called again today and asked her why she refuses just to give AKC names. She hung up on me again but nt before telling me where I can stick it and not to call again. She advertises on She know how to remove bad comments as I know because she removes mine anytime I place on on her. Buyer beware. She says she only breeds one breed...dachshunds. I just found out she breeds Labs, Beagles and dachshunds. Possibly more. She is listed as a usda breeder meaning she sells to petshops. I think I just found out too late about her being a puppymiller. I hope this helps someone else to not buy a dog from her.


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Dec 12, 2011 10:54 pm
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Diane, why sue you when you are now infamous for selling sick puppies? And how can I be a scammer? I didn't sell YOU a sick puppy. You sold ME a sick puppy! What about the emails I've gotten for a request of the documents from clinics, vets (your own included) photos of the little cooler his body was given to me in, copies of vet bills, etc? The ONLY person who doesn't seem interested in receiving a copy of these things is YOU. Why? Because you're a heartless, mercinary puppy-miller! Michael Vick is undoubtedly a hero in your eyes! And NO MATTER HOW MUCH TIME GOES BY...I WILL BE HERE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST YOU! It's the least I can do for the memory of my little Sebastian!

Jul 30, 2011 8:21 pm

This sounds weird especially the way it say Dardy Hays dallas/fort worth area over and over. There is no such thing as a 24 hr return. Premier has an awesome golden guarantee. Also I have met Dardy Hays several times and even on her worst day this would not happen. also why did you not contact the compnay if this is truley what happened?

This has been going on over a year, with all your documents, attorneys, swat team, national guard, and any other resources that I forgot. Take me to court. I am waiting with a counter suit you are a liar and scammer.

May 18, 2011 3:53 pm

Really, Diane? Ok, readers...look for her on (BANNED!) Look for her on (BANNED!) And if that's not enough, look at her website, it has been under construction for MONTHS! No puppies available for sale AT ALL! Oh, that would be "" HER OWN VET SENT ME A CHECK FOR $200 because he was so distraught at her irresponsible puppy mill-like actions! What more do you want Diane? I have photos of my vet's report (advanced stages of Parvo, ) I have a check from YOUR OWN VET to assist with my vet bills, I have a FULL RECORD from the emergency vet center where I took my pup 4 HOURS after I received him...diagnosis? FULL ON PARVO! You HAVE been cited by the state for improper conditions in the past (unhealthy living conditions, puppies NOT marked as to their dame or sire AND a hazardous smell of pure amonia that they stated could adversely affect these tiny puppies! I CAN POST IT ALL, DIANE! It would be my absolute pleasure. You're off the map with me, you filth! And calling me a liar as often as you like will NOT override documentation that proves my case. So, keep on tweaking my nose by these banal (look it up in the dictionary, ) retorts! Wherever you you try to sell puppies, I will not bee too far behind to bash you with the TRUTH! Oh, and readers? Just type her name in google (DIANE VANTWYVER!) That will OPEN your eyes! BTW, you ignorant can inform ANY licensing board from the state regarding "what I am." The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. I HAVE A PLETHORA OF DOCUMENTATION AGAINST YOU! What, pray tell, have you against me? NOTHING!

Sep 02, 2010 10:10 am

This woman is a filthy slanderous Liar. She is eighter stupid or crazy. I have never been banned from any site to sell puppies on EVER! I am so tired of dealing with this woman. this is the last time I will ever write on the site again. she has forced me to just collect ever filthy lying statements she makes and turn them into my attorney. I am so sorry that all of my customers and family had to put up with this mess. Oh, and Sheyla I am still selling my puppies on many sites and have renewed all of my license from the state and the usda I have informed them of all of your comments and they know what you are.

Aug 31, 2010 11:03 am

Diane Vanwyver, you have a LOT of nerve! Gee, I wonder why had you BANNED! So did And why? Because I had the documentation to back up my claims! You are a heartless, dog factory owner who cares little about the animals you breed, sell and are obliged to take care of! I didn't scam your vet, you remorseless heathen! He sent me a check to help with my little dog's vet bills due to PARVO! THAT IS WHY SHE POSTED HER EMAIL ADDRESS, PEOPLE! I RAN HER OUT OF EVERY BREEDER PUPPY SELLING WEBSITE SHE ADVERTISED ON!





Sheyla Diaz of Pembroke Pines Florida is a scammer and a liar. She has scammed my vet, myself, and who knows how many others. I am not going to go thru all of her lying claims but I want to set this matter straight. No matter how many times she lies. She can not change the truth.

The truth is that I am in good standing with A.K.C. and my vets for over 25 years. I am also in good standing with USDA and the State for the 12 years that I have been licensed.

For those of you that are interested in my puppies but are unsure because of this scammer's comments. Please feel free to contact me.

Diane Vantwyver

Sep 24, 2018 2:57 pm Right? LOL... That site has been available for purchase for YEARS! Go on, ladies and gentlemen. Look it up!

Feb 24, 2010 1:11 pm

And to nobody's surprise...she's nowhere to be found on now! Once a single, negative review was posted she's GONE! Is that the sign of a reputable "breeder?" Or the actions of someone who's trying to avoid culpability?

The "Fort Knox" of puppy advertising sites has been cracked and a second, who shall remain nameless for now, is asking for the same documentation in order to determine whether they will continue to allow her to advertise on their site.

If I have to go site for site, I will do so providing only the facts as can be verified by documentation and witness statements.

A beloved pet's life isn't measured by empty words, but by the deeds of his loved ones and their promise NOT to allow his death to have been in vain!


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Feb 24, 2010 10:03 am

AND HERE IT IS! THE NEGATIVE REVIEW APPROVED BY PUPPYFIND.COM! It is now posted on her website for all to see!

Sold me a pup with Parvo ("Puppy-Killer" disease)
I bought a puppy from this breeder. A few hours after arriving via ground I had to rush him to an emergency clinic.He was diagnosed with Parvovirus, severe dehydration, an upper respiratory infection & parasites. The vet declared that he showed the signs of a puppy mill pup. My own vet confirmed this the next day & my pup had to be hospitalized immediately.The shot records she sent were invalid because of missing info.Diane agreed to refund purchase price only after insisting she speak with my vet and questioned his diagnosis and that of the prior vet's. Both vets determined that my pup had Parvo before he left Diane.When the vet bill got to $1, 000 I emailed asking that she simply contribute to the expense.She refused & said she wouldn't talk to me anymore.My puppy died 8 days later.Our family is devastated.Also, I had exposed my 2 other dogs to Parvo!They had to be checked adding to our anxiety and vet bills. BUYER BEWARE!This is not the first complaint on-line regarding this breeder

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Feb 24, 2010 6:06 am

Cover from my puppy's container lid with his little "hold body" tag.

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Feb 24, 2010 6:04 am

One more! And again, if anyone can't open these, email me and I will be more than happy to send them via email as well.

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Feb 24, 2010 5:58 am

And more, Diane...

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Feb 24, 2010 5:55 am

And More Pictures...

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Feb 24, 2010 5:53 am

Here's what a little determination can do...PICTURES! Again, is this enough Diane? Or would you like me to post the vet's records?

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Feb 24, 2010 5:28 am

Oops, technical difficulties. But by all means ANYONE can feel free to email me. I will send you the photos as this site has problems loading large jpg files.

Diane, would you like me to email them to you as well?

Feb 24, 2010 5:10 am

Still NOT worrying about me, Diane? Get your facts straight. My attorney and I requested $500.00 to stop legal proceedings. The $2, 000 is what my vet bills have amounted to NOT what I asked you to refund. And yes, you returned the $450 for the puppy but my baby wasn't a chenille sweater - he was a new addition to our family! I simply wanted you to take responsibility for selling me a sick puppy.

Now, just to get started, here are some pictures for the readers of this post... 1) the lid of the styrofoam container they delivered his body to me in. Taped to the top is his little tag from his body. The vet's staff decorated the lid. 2) The card they sent me four days later signed by EVERYONE, including the vet expressing their sorrow for my loss and 3) A card from the Sr. Vet Technician which came accompanying an orchid plant the office sent so that would have something in remembrance of my little puppy. STILL not enough?

No worries then...documentation from BOTH vets that saw Sebastian, including their diagnosis, (where one states that my puppy showed the signs of a "puppy mill" puppy) coming up during my next post.

So, Diane, let's make things CLEAR. My attorney and I asked you for a fraction ($500) to settle this matter since my puppy arrived with Parvo. I did NOT ask you to pay for the veterinary bill! You refused. These are the consequences for believing that you can mistake kindness for weakness.

Being licensed means NOTHING. There are millions of licensed individuals in many different professions who commit wrong-doing every single day!

So, ready for some MORE?

Feb 23, 2010 9:58 pm
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I have given this woman a full refund including shipping the same day she called me and told me the puppy was sick. as soon as she received this money, she blasted me over the internet, then told me if I would give her 500.00 more she would take all the bad reviews off, now its up to 2000.00 dollars. Not going to do it.

Sep 24, 2018 2:48 pm
Replying to comment of diane90

You are an unconscionable, reprehensible, cruel, sadistic and Godless woman. The comment you wrote above? LIE! I will NEVER take reviews that will hopefully heed anyone from getting a puppy from you - the heartbreak is still palpable.

Oh, and if I'm a liar - what about the countless of other unfortunate people who have peppered the internet with complaints about you? Are they liars too? Hmmm... God bless those poor innocent puppies that have suffered at your monstrous hands.

Feb 23, 2010 6:46 pm

You stand by a lot, Diane...a lot of lies! You're not worried yet, you continue to post even though you said you would stop, remember? I, on the other hand, will post come hell or high water!

You think you're sorry now? Wait until tomorrow! PUPPYFIND.COM found that my claim against you, after reviewing the documentation they requested, is VALID! So, your attempts to block a negative review from a buyer were for all for naught! Now, does do that because they found you credible? I think not! In other words, where was YOUR documentation contesting mine? It doesn't exist!

As for not letting you speak to my vet, their office decided to keep you from speaking with anyone because you became rude, crass and argumentative. I sent you documentation of both vets diagnosis and the vet bills I was facing - you were unmoved. YOU WANT THEM POSTED HERE? Not a problem! You want my puppy's death certificate? I WILL POST IT HERE! AS A MATTER OF FACT, SINCE YOU MAKE SO MUCH OUT OF MY DOCUMENTATION, I WILL INCLUDE ALL OF IT NEXT TIME I POST.

Your vet sent me $200 because he felt a wrong had been commited. He also said that you were acting out of anger and spite! He also stated he would not be doing business with you anymore.

You tried to work with me? When did THAT happen? Do I also need to post your email to me when I asked you to please contribute to my puppy's care because the bill had reached $1, 000? You told me you would not communicate with me again. When it reached $2, 000 I requested $500.00 from you - a mere drop in the bucket when you consider that because of the sick puppy you sold me, my two other dogs were exposed to this deadly disease so they, too, had to be checked out...I got NO answer from you.

You keep posting, Diane! The more you post without proof, the more you expose yourself and the more ammunition you give to my legal firm. Oh, and the transcript between your vet and my attorney is PRICELESS!

I'm not trying to try you in public. That I leave to my attorney and a courtroom. However, I feel I have a responsibility to the public at large to expose you as the heartless and deceitful person you are. Just a Google search on you provides a plethora of complaints about your "breeding" practices.

So, you go on NOT worrying about me...

Feb 23, 2010 5:11 pm
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I stand by what I said about her before. I have been raising puppies since 1985 and will continue to do so until I decide to retire. I have tried to work with her but she is very unreasonable and it will only resolve itself in court, and I am really looking forward to that day. I will not try this case in this column, but will have my turn soon. I have been selling my puppies for 25 years and this will be the first time going to court, I am sorry it will come to this but sometimes that is the only way to work it out. As for my Vet he is and will always be me Vet. no matter what her and her attorney say. She tells me her puppy died but refuses to send me any documentation of such and will not let her Vet talk with me about it, but no matter all I need will be sent to my attorney. I am a license Kennel and have always been in good standing with them . I will remain so. She can continue all she wants I don't worry about her at all.

Feb 23, 2010 3:15 pm

UPDATE: I submitted the overwhelming amount of documentation to regarding Diane Vantwyver and the sick puppy she sold me that they allowed my NEGATIVE review to be posted! Puppyfind. com is notorious for caving in to "breeder's" demands that less than stellar review be shown. However, there was NO way for them to ignore the facts and up it went!

This small victory doesn't even begin to make-up for the loss of my puppy but, I promised him when he passed that I would continue to fight on his behalf and here we are...yet far from over! Many thanks to those who emailed me personally and to my attorney who has been invaluable to me in my quest to make some "breeders" accountable and responsible for their actions!

Who is "nuts and a liar" now, Diane Vantwyver?

Oh, and by the way? The vet she used spoke to my attorney and felt so awful about my loss that he willingly offered to contribute to my vet bill. He sent a check for $200.00 and said he would never do business with her again. I'd like to believe he is an ethical and moral man. Of course, perhaps he's just not willing to get tangled up in legal matters. Whatever the case may be, his "contribution" points to the fact that a wrong was committed and he did what he could to correct it.

Marching on...

Feb 10, 2010 9:07 pm

I'm nuts and a liar? This evening, my puppy fell into a coma due to Parvo and passed away. What about THAT statement is indicative of "not getting my way?" I racked up thousands of dollars because I wanted him to die?

Unfortunately for Diane, I have the documentation to back up my statements. Not the least of which is my vet's final report that my baby left Missouri already infected with this deadly disease. Go the the ASPCA website and look her up. Are the inspectors from ASPCA nuts and liars as well?

Google her name. Are those complaints from individuals who are nuts, liars and unstable too? My! What a coincidence!

Unlike Ms. Vantwyver, I will not stop speaking out. My baby lost his fight but I will continue to fight on his behalf. The guilty whisper (or stop talking) but the innocent shout to the roof tops!

As I fight for those who can't, my attorney will do the rest.

Feb 10, 2010 9:24 am
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

This woman is Nuts and a Liar!
I have answered every email and every phone call
I have never had any licensed recinded due to unsafe conditions and that one she will pay for. Every now and then you get someone who thinks they can make trouble for you when they don't get there way, there are many unstable people in this world we all have to put up with.
I am not going to talk anymore about this case in public, but this will be my first law suit since I started in 1985 I really am looking forward to this.

Feb 09, 2010 11:45 pm

I purchased a puppy from Ms. Vantwyver last week on the condition that her veterinarian had examined him and found him free of any "contagious or potentially deadly diseases." My puppy arrived and within 4 hrs. I had to rush him to an Emergency clinic. He had Parvo (#1 killer of puppies, ) an upper respiratory infection and parasites. He was so dehydrated, he couldn't stand up on his own. He is still hospitalized, at my expense, and fighting for his little life. Her vet's records are incomplete and so are the shot records (which she supposedly gives herself. After the sale, she won't answer your calls or respond to emails. Unless they are to threaten (as she did me) with "slander." A legal term that doesn't apply as I have documentation to prove my experience with this person so far. Additionally, I have the veterinary diagnosis from two independent vets within 24 hours of receiving my little dog.

Another statement of fact: The ASPCA rescinded her license about a year ago due to the unsafe condition of her establishment. The records can be found through the ASPCA website. They detail every violation. Let's see if Ms. Vantwyver will risk threatening me with slander based on that FACT!

They have their contact information hidden, but it is listed on the website

Oct 02, 2008 8:59 am

I just wanted to say that finally after a year and a half Diane got the DNA mess fixed. I have never once said that Billy our dog was unhealthy or not a nice quality pet. She does have nice quality pets. Just that if you are looking for breeding quality you should probably look elsewhere. Thank you Dina for finally resolving this may have been too late though as we neutered our Sweet William "Billy". He is just a man of liesure here living with us.

Sep 16, 2008 12:19 am

I'm going to do my best to not have a negative opinion about the breeder since I do not personally know her and I"m not familiar with breeding standards. What I can say about the above posts are what others are saying. If Diane does everything right and is a great person then she should help get things straight. It doesn't matter her feelings towards the AKC, if they are asking to get things straight she should do it. My experience is this...I made the mistake of buying a dachshund from a pet store. First off, the records show that the puppy was IN the pet store in michigan before it was even 8 weeks old. Now I'm pretty sure michigan law says that's illegal, not sure about (montana?) law. From what i've read it's not a great idea to seperate puppies from their mothers much before 8 weeks old, but ok whatever.
Like I said i'm not familar with breeding standards, but the "United All Breed Registry, Inc." family tree that I was given shows a LOT of inbreeding. Going back 4 generations on both sides with is 30 dogs/spots, there are the same 6 or 8 dogs used. This may be common, but when my dogs grandparents are the same on both sides with the exception of maybe one dog, that looks bad to me. My dog who is now a little over a year and a half old has been experiencing what we believe is pattern baldness for over a year now. From what i've read the pattern baldness is genetic and you are not suppose to breed dogs that show these symptoms. I understand genetics and how recessive genes can suddenly show up, but it makes me wonder how much care she took during breeding. I do feel that anyones puppy that shows up in a pet shop is definately making it look like they are a puppy mill. Just my two cents.

Aug 01, 2008 1:09 pm

The main problem with the original poster regarding the problem with the dogs pedigree is this... She now has a dog that has NO registration...NOTHING, she can't show the dog, she can't breed the dog and the AKC will make sure that all the dogs that were sired from this dog will be struck off the AKC record books too. Now this is very serious if you want to be in good standing with the AKC who are the most prestigious kennel club in the world. Nothing compares to AKC shows like the Westminster Club, and the annual Eukanuba show and the likes.. Every year millions of people look forward to watching the winners. Trust me, there are no CKC or UKC dogs shown like an AKC dog is. This breeder now has a dog that she paid good money for and it can't be bred or shown as it is now rendered unregistered. Sadly, she purchased the dog who's sire is UNKNOWN according to DNA testing, and that is almost 100% proof she doesn't have the correct pedigree on her dog. Sadly, without the help of the woman who sold it to her she is screwed.

Feb 13, 2008 8:10 am

I totally think your irrational on this subject! If you wanted someone to give you a dog just to complain about you should have gone to a local pet store! This woman is great and she has blessed my husband and my life with a wonderful little baby boy daschund! I dont even know how to thank her for all she has gone through to help me get this little guy. Two days of driving in the horrible snow and ice storms just to get him to me, and all you can do is bad mouth her! I feel that you need to stick it as well! Get off of your computer, stop complaining, and go talk to a person on this earth who really cares about you freaking out about something unimportant!

For the people who are supporting Robin's complaints, you need to back off unless you personally know this woman and have bought a dog from her! Oh Lord, grow up and stop talking trash!

Im sure her daughter knows the person her mother is. So I agree that Diane is a good woman who is blessed with the ability to raise and take care of these adorable little pups!

Keep doing what your doing Vantwuyvers! People like me DO love you for it! =)=)=)

Sara Kelly

Sep 24, 2018 2:33 pm
Replying to comment of Sara Kelly


1. Most local pet stores get their dogs from mills. Diane is a puppy miller 1st example that you're ignorant.
2. I DID get off of my computer...the dog she sold me had PARVO and died 8 days later. He was a mini dachshund. I think and grieve for him every day!
3. I know this woman. She is the scum of the earth and PAYS her local vet to give her health certifications for whole litters based on a single dog - if that. I SPOKE TO HIM! He felt so bad, he sent me a check for $200 to off-set the costs for my vet bill.
4. God can bless her, no issues with that comment. WHO blesses these innocent, little puppies living in crowded, filthy conditions (possibly with Parvo or other diseases) until they a painful death due to neglect?
5. This is NOT her first attempt at puppy milling (look up "The Good Shepherd." She was fined, cited and had to close down.
6. While you are at it, check the laws in her state and RESEARCH her business. That might open your eyes.
5. If you're going to stand up for someone, learn to spell their name correctly. It's not Vantwuyver (ignorant!)
6. I and MANY others that have had their hearts broken due to this Godless woman, have complained on more boards than you can possibly imagine! Now, get on YOUR computer and do your due diligence.

Lastly, YOU can thank God for getting lucky and owning a healthy puppy but recognize that you are in the minority when it comes to Diane - she's no better than Michael Vick.

Dec 29, 2007 7:24 pm

Also just to add AKC did more then one test on this dog and rechecked it over 5 to 6 times with his sires DNA to make sure that this is not my dogs sire. With that said all of the test they did all of them showed 99.999% that this sire is not the sire of my Male. Thanks to everyone who has stuck up for me and agrees with me and to all of those that are praying with us that this matter gets resolved. I would like it to be resolved even with neutering him. We talked to AKC only 1 week ago and we are no further in finding out who the sire of my male is then we were back in June of 07. All I know for sure is 1 thing is that he is dearly loved and is my baby.

Also she is not the one who started us with dachshunds. Another breeder started us out with dachshunds.

Anyway thanks again to all those who have wrote and showed support in this matter.

Dec 29, 2007 7:16 pm

I just wanted to say this matter is still unresolved and it has been since June of '07. This person still will not even talk to AKC to get this matter stratightened out. All they are asking for is a list of males that could possibly be my dog's Sire. They are not asking for much. Just for her records of which males she had on her property at that time. I take it that she has something to hide or she would have given them the list. As far as registry AKC is got a higher standard then any other registry and the reason that this breeder does not like AKC is all the DNA they require.

As far as my dogs and their care we have been state inspected and are licenced in our state and all of our dogs go to the vets and all are up to date on all shots including rabies that the Vet has to give them. We have the Vet make a house call and give all our dogs rabies shots.

The point of this matter is that we bought a male from her for breeding and all we are asking for is her to work with AKC to get this matter straightened out. When we try to talk to her we get cussed out and hung up on. As you can see I do not cuss nor would I and have been very professional. I never said that her dogs are unhealthy. I said she wont work with us to straighten out this situation. If she was going to sell me a dog for breeding why would you sell me one that you are not sure of the dogs parentage.

Also if I used language like that my Mom even at my age would slap me right in my mouth. You should be ashamed to use that kind of language. Shows what kind of upbringing you have. You know what I pray all the time that God sees fit to bring your mother around to decide to work with AKC to fix this matter but alas I know that is becoming too much to hope for.

We also have placed 1/3 of the dogs we got from this breeder and have nothing but good quality show lines now. I will not place the dog that has the DNA problem as he was named after my deceased brother and is my pet. So he will just be neutered and be a man of leisure. He has an appointment for neutereing in March with PALS.

We are now hoping that our new bloodlines will give us our first showdog next year.

Thank you to anyone who reads this prays with us that this matter still gets resolved.

I will say that none of the dogs I got from this breeder were ever unhealthy. I just think she has something she is hiding not working with AKC.

I will say this is the first night I have checked back on this post and am totally shocked with the language used here by her daughter. It saddens me that this person when getting all the money she has gotten from me ($7000.00) will not work to even give a little list of names to AKC. That may take all of 30 minutes of her time to put together. I see now I was only dollar signs to her.

Nov 24, 2007 2:51 am

miss typed my e-mail addy. just want to make sure that it is correct just case you have anything intelligent to say.

Nov 24, 2007 2:46 am

Webster's online dictionary

Main Entry: puppy mill
Function: noun
Date: 1973
: a commercial farming operation in which purebred dogs are raised in large numbers

And Valarie, the language you use in your comments is not professional and just shows that not only does mother do a bad job at raising dogs, she didn't do to good with you either. I have been to your mother's kennel and by definition yes it is a puppy mill.

Oct 07, 2007 7:31 am

Let me ask you some questions, What makes you think that its ok for you to have 10 to 20 dogs on your property and be loved ,but robin can,t? How do you know she has 20 dogs living in her house? Also why won"t your mom work with Robin and the A.K.C. on the D.N.A issue! I would also disagree with you on DNA issues. 99.999 % of the time they are correct. You should do more study on DNA issues. In your above writings you talk about how PROFESSIONAL YOU ARE .Well your constent name calling shows you are NOT a PROFESSIONAL! Fact is that a dog( Purebred )was bought from your mom, was DNA tested and AKC says there is a problem. A true PROFESSIONAL would work with the buyer to resolve this issue! Last thing... as far as you seeing so much suffering ..Im sorry, you can see that stuff (pictures)on the internet...I doubt you have seen more than the next person! Have a great day!

Oct 02, 2007 6:31 am

It was nice to come across is spat. Breeder vs buyer! A couple of points here. Just because you are USDA Licensed doesnt mean much to me. If you are a breeder/broker that sells to pet stores you are a puppymill! Even the AKC tells you not to buy from pet stores and brokers. Why ? Because 99% of time they are getting the dogs from PUPPYMILLS! DNA testing is as close as we get to gods word. If the AKC had questions about it, you would thing the breeder would work with the seller to resolve the issue. Last point, Just because you the groomed dogs and cleaned kennels doesnt make you the god of the dog world you dumb ###.