Diamond Resortstimeshare presentation theft

I wrote this on the Better Business Bureau website (9/17/19), and it lead to nothing. I'm posting this here so that others see this and realize that Diamond Resorts is a glorified scam designed to take money from retired people and innocent families who want to travel. While staying at the Royal Lahaina Resort, we were interested in doing the Mount Haleakala bike tour. This resort has a travel concierge and another person (who is working for Diamond Resorts) with them. We were told that the bike tour typically costs close to $400 for 2 people; we had a $50 voucher that would bring the price down to $350. We were told that if we went to a 2-hour time share presentation, the bike tour would only cost us $70. We were also told that we would get this discount right away but we would be charged $20; we would get refunded $20 after we completed the 2-hr time share presentation. We saw the charge for $70 and $20 come through on our account. During the presentation, we were continually hassled to buy things for the entire 2 hours, and we told them no. The last sales person we dealt with was the most belittling, dishonest, manipulative, and horrid human being we dealt with during our stay in Hawaii. We had our time hijacked for 2 hours only to find out that in the end, while we did get the $20 refunded, we got charged full price minus the $50 voucher for everything, ON TOP of the $70 they charged us in the beginning. They lied to us, and this is FRAUD; it is unacceptable.

UPDATE (10/6/19): We received a vague voicemail message stating that we would get something in the mail from Diamond Resorts. About a week later, we received a letter in the mail saying they couldn't reach us, and they supplied us with an email address to contact them. I emailed them at the requested email address, and I have received NOTHING in return. If this complaint or any of the other complaints make it clear, DO NOT do business with Diamond Resorts! They have now LIED to us multiple times. We are DONE with this nonsense and this fraudulent behavior.

Oct 08, 2019

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