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DFILIVE.COM review: I am a victim of a scam

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DFILIVE.COM is company that earns money by selling travel packages. I have bought one and discovered that I am a victim of a scam. Unbelievable! I only wonder how they stay on market. Why they don’t close the business and why do our government screw eyes up to this scam companies?

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Feb 03, 2014 1:43 pm EST
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I agree with Surferguy, who actually stated rational information and verifiable facts. First does NOT sell vacation packages. It is an independent marketing company that provides marketing tools for business owners who market the Coastal Travel packages. They are a separate entity, owned by different people. This is fact and is verifiable. The person who made this complaint misrepresented the company of which he/she is making the complaint and is therefore committing libel against an innocent company. The next statement made, "this company is linked to Dani Johnson..." I'm not sure what they mean by 'linked'; for this to be a valid statement, it needs to be explained. There is no 'link' between the two that I can factually find. In response to "I have bought on and found I'm a victim of a scam", since does not sell travel packages, how could the complainant have purchased one and become a victim? For this to be a valid complaint, we need more information; and we need real, verifiable information. To answer the complainant's question of, "how could they stay on market?" I'm assuming 'they' is The answer is because they are a legitimate company with a legitimate service run by people with high ethical standards and integrity unlike the two people who posted irrational complaints with absolutely no evidence to back their claim.

Feb 20, 2013 9:04 pm EST
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DFI I don't think sells anything? They are just the company that provides the websites and the marketing systems used by Coastal Travel reps. By the way how did the original poster get scammed? How did the second person agree if they never actually purchased the product? Anyone who may be leary about purchasing products online can always use a credit card. At least here in the states your credit card will usually protect you if your money is stolen or if you bought a product and it was grossly misrepresented. The second poster asked "what company exist that the salesman puts the money straight into their account". The answer, probably none. However, after 15 minutes of research online I realized that these are each individuals that are in business buying this travel product at wholesale. This is completely normal. All businesses have money deposited directly into their accounts. Many times its the account of the LLC or the Corporation set up by the business. If it's a small business they may just have a sole proprietor so they would receive payments in their personal name and personal accounts. This is common on websites like ebay, or fiver or the home based web designer or baker anyone with a small business just starting out usually starts out as a sole proprietor.

Not sure who CoastalBOD is that may stand for Coastal Board of Directors but I just found these videos on youtube >>

Oct 07, 2012 1:16 pm EDT
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I AGREEEE! I almost paid for the package but decided to dig further into DFI and Coastal Travel and they are linked with Dani Johnson famous millionnaire.It's a pyramid scheme and if you look at all the publicity aand training calls its always the same people everywhere a very small group is benefitting.Its a scam
What company exists that the salesman puts the money straight into their account?Tell everyone its a scam because it is and its here in Canada now, too public in US.