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Devry Universitydevry is a scam!


Enrolled at DeVry but DeVry failed to provide the quality education it promised. Incompetent financial staff made several mistakes by not updating student payments and files always giving lame excuses and misleading information. There was a lack of instructors to teach the courses which made it impossible to continue my education at DeVry The main reason consumers remove their complaints from companies like DeVry is because they are threatened with lawsuits among other threats. Most businesses like DeVry know the unlikelihood of students taking legal actions against their well-paid aggressive lawyers. DeVry is known to hire people simply to review the negative comments/complaints against them on the Internet. These people are paid employees of DeVry hired only to defend the reputation of the company regardless of the numerous legitimate complaints against them. Ever wonder why DeVry expands their Business to areas where they know they’ll get the most tuition paid for with government grants? The company has expanded its operations in Latin American markets like Brazil and is looking to expand more abroad in developing countries like China and India. Easy Money! It’s a Get Rich Quick System which many businesses including DeVry have descended to. There remains a lack of government regulations over businesses like DeVry failing to protect consumers who are misled by false promises to providing a superior university education. DeVry’s executives are well-aware how easy it is to get rich taking advantage of students who won’t have the resources necessary to hire a lawyer protecting their student rights when they are ripped off. AND RIP OFF IS WHAT DEVRY IS. Don’t be fooled by their ads or recruiting personnel. These are well-trained individuals working only for DeVry’s best interests and they make big money for every enrolled student who signs a contract. Do the research and be aware that most of the encouraging comments posted for DeVry are made by paid employees and not actual students. Students rarely have time from their studies to post complaints if they weren’t legit and if DeVry provided them an upright education. Brick and mortar traditional non profit schools are the best choice where the primary concern is education not the for profit con job DeVry thrives on. DeVry is a business institution so don’t fall for the hype from their savoir-faire employees. Their associates are well-paid to mislead consumers to sign their contract. Hook, line and sinker is what they say. DeVry’s primary interest is profit and not quality education. If you want a quality education, look elsewhere.


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    Diana3 Sep 20, 2010


    Many students have realized the hard way how DeVry and other businesses offering higher educations are nothing more than elite scams to defraud unwary consumers. Time to take a stand and let our government know that honest consumers are not going to support these scrupulous acts of injustice any more. Maybe, its time for another Tea Party like our forefathers had to do in order to gain freedom from the bondage of these corrupt businesses, lawyers and bureaucrats.

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    God-Help-Us Nov 11, 2010

    This is Vetran's Day: Thank you for serving to protect our country. You are honorable and expect the same.

    I am extremely disheartened when I read all these comments about DeVry. I am ashamed to say that I worked there and also paid for education there. Sadly, I was naive, even in the midst of all the pain and suffering, I had hope that some students were getting a quality education. When you are inside the company, it seems that to protect your self-esteem and self-worth, you tend to screen out the negative only to preserve what little dignity and hope that you have. So many need jobs and I cannot blame most of the employees there. Most try their very best to serve the student, but in the end, they set up a system by which one never really saw all the tragically negative behaviors. Those at the very top are shielded, I think, by the VP and Presidents who are trying to "manage up" and look good. They tend to hide the worst behaviors or say "that was an isolated incident"... I don't know. Who am I fooling? Myself again, it seems. If the execs cared, they would have asked for the student comment information, but they didn't really want to know. I am so glad to be out of there but sickened by the thought of multitudes of students so hurt by this greed. The government is also to blame for allowing it to go unchecked. God help us.

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    emg628 Mar 14, 2011

    Hello, I am communications and outreach intern at Campus Progress with the Center for American Progress. We are compiling a storybank from students and employees of for-profit colleges, in an effort to expose the decpetive practices that these colleges use. Would either of you consider telling us your story? For more information you can email me at [protected] or feel free to post your story at . I look forward to hearing from you.

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