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Detlev G. Pinkus review: Scammer

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A German citizen Detlev G Pinkus (photo and passport scan available upon request) apparently uses both i) social networks and ii) Western Union to organize a classic scam:

- creates an illusion that he is an influential, powerful, rich individual with many high-ranking contacts, frequently referring to them when contacting his "marks"
- creates a situation of emergency, when he was robbed or scammed in a foreign country (preferably Poland)
- asks to send money to him to pay for food, hotel, or collateral he needs to pay in order to get released (car rented, passport taken, etc.)
- receives money via Western Union from all those contacts, sometimes using nationals of the country where he is currently in (so that wire transfers are not actually in his name)
- maintains contact with his victims (marks) until he is sure i) there is no danger and ii) there is no potential to extract more money from the mark
- usually disappears, or, better, arranges a conflict with his mark, in order for the mark to feel guilty

We have several people from Norway, Russia, the US, Switzerland, etc., who had become his victims and who are ready to testify. More to come, as we discover new victims every week through a scam alert post: http://bit?.ly/bRpsgV

All we want is this person to be arrested for what he had done, as well as prevent him from scamming other productive decent people, who regret about the money and help they provided to Detlev G Pinkus.

Please contact me for more information only if you feel like you can help us in this matter.

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Now he is using a new passport and is located in Armavir, Russia - 2011-Sep 30