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Sc Sep 15, 2019

On Sunday September 15, 2019 around 11:30 am. My elderly father and I visited Denny's store number 6669 in Glendale Arizona.
A dark female server came to our table bringing regular menus. We informed her that we need value menus and she gave me a sour look. She then asked what we where drinking? Water we said and again she gave me a sour look. She then informed us that she would e back in a few minutes to take our order. We waited exactly 20 minutes for her to return as I had just taken a phone call. She came back 20 minutes later and
She asked me if anyone had taken our order? No I replied. You said that you where our server and that you wher going to take our order. She responded with ""fine, "", what do you want? At this point I'm beyond frustrated with the lack of dignity and professionalism she is serving to us as it's now t tough bird to eat.
I requested that she now gets someone else to serve us. o problem she says.
She walks off not getting us a new server and so I waved down a new server.
The new server was terrific. I made it a point to pay her $20.00 for her tip. It was more than what our meal cost all together.
Denny's, my girlfriend worked for your company for 6 years. I understand how these servers think and operate.
This server was angry because she didnt want a low ticket bill thinking her tip was going to be small. She likes serving the large tables for big tips. She was much more than rude to us.
She never apologized.
If she doesn't like serving people who order water and value meals. Maybe Denny's should take water and value meals off their menu.
Or maybe she should find another restaurant that tolerates their servers treating their loyal customers this way.
SINCERELY, a 35 year loyal customer.
Sincerely, Scott Slack

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    Please email me back Denny's

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