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on the 26th dec 2010 i travelled to dubai, returning on the 9th jan 2011. i travelled on fir 413 dep sydney returning on fl 412 dep dubai. My complaint is that as i am a regular visitor to dubai both my husband and i have been issued with silver membership. on my last trip above i travelled business class to dubai and economy return. i tried every day to upgrade myself using my points to no avail - i even tried at the airport and also on board the flight. i kept getting negative replies. i also went to the lounge in dubai as it clearly says that i can use the lounges however i had a knock back there also with staff advising me that i had to use the old lounge which was like a kilometre down the terminal. it was a long way to walk whilst travelling by myself holding my on board luggage etc.
i personally know of a lady who travelled on the same flight as i to dubai on the same day, she too is a silver member, and when she went to the check in counter she was granted a complimentary upgrade to business class. also this same lady left dubai a day or two after me and again she asked for an upgrade and was granted there on the spot at the counter a complimentary upgrade.
This to me seems totally unfair. its hard enough to beg for an upgrade and then to be knocked back to sit in the lounge is ridiculous. i can not understand why you issue these silve or gold memberships when if fact they are useless.
my ticket to go over and back was extremely expensive, i paid in the vicinity of $7000.00 and only travelled one way business class to dubai and yet the other lady paid a normal economy return ticket and was granted two complimentary upgrades to business class.
both my husband and i have booked tickets to go back to dubai on the 20th april, flight 413 returning to sydney on the 30th april on flight 412. as you can see we are constantly travelling to dubai and i feel we are loyal customers. there are other airlines we can choose but we take pride with your airline however have been extremely dissapointed in recent travel.
i should also mention that i have one child who lives in dubai who is a gold member with emirates. so between the three of us we are extremely loyal travellers.
i look forward to a response from you with regards to the above and our dissatisfaction with your service.
last year you will see that both my husband and myself travelled not only to dubai but to france via dubai.
i can sjupply you with the name of the traveller who received the complimentary upgrades and i can also supply you the name of my daughter who is the gold member.
my email address is: [protected]