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I joined Debt Settlement USA in November, 2008. Since that time, I've been scammed out of at least $1200, and absolutely no services have been provided. My credit score is down, and I continue to receive harassing calls from creditors, who threaten legal action. My credit accounts continue to accumulate late fees, as well as other charges. I have just sent a notarized letter, revoking my POA, and went through the inconvenience of having all my bank account numbers changed, in order to prevent DSUSA from accessing any of my funds. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau - since November, this company has gone from a C- rating, to no rating at all. The BBB is investigating all the complaints received about this company. I check once every week or two since January, and they are still investigating.

My attorney has been notified, and I have every intention of contacting the Attorneys General of both Arizona and California, where I live. Is anyone interested in a possible class action lawsuit? I haven't looked into it yet, but it would help to know how many people might be interested in joining.

For those of you who are readers, the March, 2009 issue of Consumer Reports has a thorough report of current economic-based scams (pages 22-25). There is a section called 'High fee debt settlement', and Debt Settlement USA is the only company mentioned in this 1+ page section. I would suggest you read it, if possible.


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    Adnan Haider Mar 26, 2009

    Same here... im being taken to court right now by 1 of my credit card companies.. which debt settlement usa promished to take care of. Ive been scammed out of $1800 and nothign has been done yet.. my credit score has DROPPED.

    I called to stop and cancel everything.. Yet they still keep charing my account !!

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    Leayn Eicher Apr 05, 2009

    Me too... I'm being taken to court now for 1 credit card co. but instead I called the attorney that the credit card co hired for their case and agreed to make payments instead of going to court. I'm paying more then when I started with debt settlement they scamed me out of 2600 dollars.

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    Camille9 Jun 05, 2009

    I agree with all. This had to be the worse mistake of my life. If I hadn't have listen to Debt Settlement, I could have settled my debt with at least one of my debtors in 2007. While I haven't been taken to court as of today, I know that they will come after me at some point. Before joining with these people, my FICO was just over 750. I don't even want to talk about what it is right now.

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    ARIZONAGIRL Jun 15, 2009

    OMG! Sad to say me too! I did how ever settle one of the four accounts I did have. However I am still going to court with the one and only CITI BANK. It is so strange that we all have to pay to bail out this company but when I called them and told them that I had two major surgeries and was out of work for four months and my husband walked out on me not to mention I just had two more surgeries they would not help me at all. So instead of bankruptcy, I wanted to pay. My credit was perfect but I knew in my heart I couldn't pay these four accounts one of them medical the other three were credit cards. So I found debt settlement. They told me all I would have to pay would be $518.00 per month and in 36 months I would be debt free. What a joke!!! They are liars. They wanted me to settle with the accounts right after I entered the program. I had to change my telephone number because the phone calls were just plain rude. Those people will have hard times one day too and lord help them. Anyway good old citibank has turned my account over to an attorney. Blood suckers as I like to call them. I have tried everything to make a settlement with these people. They seem to forget that they were all over the news begging for help but we can't? They told me that I could pay $500.00 per month but they were going to still put a judgement against me. When I got the summons I faxed it over to dsusa and they tried to again settle with CITI BANK. I asked them what to do with the summons and they said we would just settle. They wanted me to give them $6, 000 to settle with this company. When I got into this mess I only owed $7, 500. Now it's over $11, 000 for just this one card. Today I called them to get all of the offers CITI Bank has turned down and they told me that they don't do that. They can give me dates but nothing in writing from dsusa. They don't return calls either. I called them when I was coming up on my dead line for the summons and they didn't even help me with that all they said was I never faxed them the information on the summons. I did and they were working on a settlement for it before it had to go to court. It should of been turned over to a different department. I have paid them over $3000 and they saved me $1500. Now my credit is trashed and I have a law suit against me. I would be very interested in a law suit for sure and I too will go to the BBB. I am also going to the County Attorney.

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    fratboyee Jul 25, 2009

    This company owned by Jack Craven scammed my father in law in the same manner. He made $800 monthly payments expecting his debt to be reduced and the company took his payments and did nothing to reduce his debt. His fees kept growing and growing. Now his credit is beyond repair. He's stopped paying and of course they just kept all $6000+ in "fees". When you search the internet on this company and the president Jack Craven, he has the gall to continue to speak out against fraudulent debt settlement companies and his company puts out many press releases claiming they have settled a record amount of debt each month. I hope they punish and shut down all these companies ripping off people who are most vulnerable.

    Sacremento California

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    debt care scam Jun 17, 2010

    I to have been scammed by debt care usa. They take all the money you pay in and wait for you to pull out and do nothing in any way of refund what so ever. They say its in the contract and they are lawyers and can do this because all other lawyers have you pay for services even if you don't get any service. I have found out however that they are not even lawyers. They compare themselves to lawyers but they are not lawyers at all. I would think twice about throwing money at this company you would be better off going to the credit card companies and settling your debt on your own.

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    Libby26 Oct 05, 2010

    same this has happened to my husband and i and I see no way out!!! who can help??

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    kathryn2021 Oct 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Im shocked to see this!!! it just seems so odd... I joined this as well back in 2007, thinking it was normal paying them the fees but it seemed higher than it hsould had been. Once we paid the feees, they started to help me, got all creditors except one paid off so this is kinda of hard to believe but the fees, I have troubles understanding the high fees for what...and I had no idea this company is giving everyone big problem. I kept the whole information whatever I got from them and creditors... I know I bugged them lots over years since I joined. Let me know if this goes to court, I would help out wahtever is needed, I agree with you guys about the fees, we werent able to pay creditors at first becuase of the fees the first 11 months we had to pay to them seemed odd.. wasnt it supposed to be free or less?? 12% fee they asked from us. there were times i had suspected of them not doing the job for awhile where I had waited and waited... for some negiotar who never informed me they were gone or anything, I was the one keeping calling and checking.. and else to keep in touch and checking on my status with them. this is just a shock for me...I just dont know the word to say about the whole experience of this we went through since 2007. that would totally suck to see you all suffering byt this company, just shock to hear just lost...

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    Erin moseley Feb 26, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I am interested in a class action lawsuit. I can be reached at [protected]

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    kathy l shoemake Apr 01, 2013

    went threw this program then a year later i fond out the last bill that was suposed to be sellted was not and was taken for 6.730.00 dollars and then they went bankruptys need help this was in 2008 to 2009 have prove and dont no how to get this fixed now i think its going to mess me up with my taxes .

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