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CB Investment, Insurance and Financial Review of Debt Reduction Law Center / Emilio Francisco
Debt Reduction Law Center / Emilio Francisco

Debt Reduction Law Center / Emilio Francisco review: not registered=that is criminal 4

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11:51 pm EDT
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California Law requires Foreclosure consultants to be registered with the Department of Justice and bonded, to check for registration visit If they are not, they are subject to criminal prosecution. Homeowners should know that, by law, they have five business days after the date of the transaction to cancel for any reason, with no penalty or obligation. If your contract does not inform you of this, you may cancel it at any time.

California law generally prohibits collecting money before completing loan modification. Exceptions are licensed law firms (that is, bona fide law firms, not just a firm claiming to have attorneys on staff) and real estate brokers who have registered their agreements with the California Department of Real Estate. You can find a list of those with registered agreements at

We advise you not to rely solely on registration or licensing to determine the reliability of a loan modification company, though. Despite the law’s protections, if you are not dealing with a reputable company, you will find it difficult to enforce your rights. You should investigate the background and worthiness of any company offering to provide you with these services


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Carol B.
, US
Sep 20, 2010 11:38 am EDT

Dear anonymously... leave gary alone and why don't you give your name... I have dealt with these people at emilo francisco and they made things worse for me. I just got a check back from them after having them credit my account... they only settled two of my credit cards one was for more then I originally signed up for and the other was just a little bit less nor where near the 50% they claim to save you and then they charge all their fees which really throws it over what you owe... I never see what the credit cards companies are offering me, because they had all the companies change my address to their address. also, they never settled anything of mine until I had a lawsuit filed against me then I had to pay another $350.00 out of my money... obviously you work for them and have no morals.
Carol b.

Anonymously anonymous12456
Long Beach, US
May 22, 2010 3:18 pm EDT

Gary.. if that is your real name. why don't you provide something to corroborate that your "girlfriend" is a real client. give a client id number and the drlc would be happy to address any issues... I am sure of it. creditors will say what they say. of course you believed them, why shouldn't you. after all they are the ones that put your girlfriend in debt and are unwilling to give her a break... right? they just keep wanting her money for the next few decades but they are soooo honorable as to engender your total trust. the drlc has helped thousands and thousands recover from the overwhelming burden that these creditors have put on the public. oh yeah, nice try to get the drlc of this post by saying "emilio should probably spend more time helping his clients then having them defend him on the internet..." why don't you spend more time helping your "girlfriend" and less time submitting mindless blogs.

Belleville, US
Mar 02, 2010 10:18 am EST

Doesn't matter to me either way if they are registered or not, they are not good people. They have been siphoning money from my girlfriend's account to supposedly take care of her debt, yet when she calls them they always have to call her back, there is never anyone there to speak to. They have done nothing with the credit card companies and basically told her that if she wants to take care of the debt she'll have to file for bankruptcy. So then why do they continue to take her money ? Awful people they are. Emilio should probably spend more time helping his clients then having them defend him on the internet. . . .

Riverside, US
Feb 17, 2010 1:09 pm EST

This post is very inaccurate. california law requires foreclosure cosultants to register unless they are an attorney!

Dr law center is an actual law firm and emilio francisco is a licensed attorney admitted to the ca state bar.

Here is an excerpt from ca civil code 2945:

A foreclosure consultant does not include any of thefollowing:
A person licensed to practice law in this state when the person renders service in the course of his or her practice as an attorney at law. (b)

There is more info available on ca cc 2945 at :


It explainss what constitutes a "foreclosure consultant" and who needs to register with the state ag.

So, dr law center is not breaking the law by helping distressed homeowners deal with the foreclosure process while not being registered with the state ag because they are not required to.

As for advance fees collected for loan modification by attorneys, this is addressed by california sb94 which is completely different than the california dre advance fee agreement. the dre advance fee agreement is no longer valid. please update your source of information before posting incredulous comments. as for dr law center, I believe they are sb 94 compliant.