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I love my dog more than anything and wouldn't trade him for the world, however, he is not at all what I was told I was receiving. Dean told me that I was purchasing a pomibear (Pomeranian teddy bear mix) puppy. But after receiving my vets genetic testing, he is 65% shih tzu, 12.5 % chow chow, 12.5% Maltese, and 12.5% mini poodle. Dean also said he wouldn't grow to be more than 7 lbs, and he is 13 lbs and still growing. I am very disappointed in this "breeder" considering he advertises as an honest breeder who will help you avoid getting scammed from other breeders. Turns out he is the scammer! Can't trust anyone these days.

Deans Puppies

Nov 08, 2019

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