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I bought a puppy from this guy back in may. He's a teddy bear breed which is shih tzu/Bischon mix. Mom was suppose to be an imperial shih tzu and weighed 9lbs dad weighed 7lbs. Never saw the parents cause nobody was allowed at his place cause of germs he said. So he met me down the street at a gas station. I paid $25 just to see the puppy and it was non refundable. Plus the $800 for the puppy's also charged me tax which I thought was weird. He's just a con artist that's not even American and shouldn't even be allowed in the U.S. he was a creepy pervert and made the sale uncomfortable. I'm pretty certain he has a puppy mill and over breeding his female dogs which is really sad. My little baby weighs 13lbs and is 4months old. I love him so much and wouldn't trade him for anything but he's just not as small as I was told he'd be. This guy is a liar and he deserves to be shut down!! Idk what else I can do. I just hope someone sees this who maybe thinking about buying a puppy or who has that can agree with me.

Deans Puppies
Deans Puppies

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  • N
      Jul 25, 2017

    You should report him to the human society:

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  • J
      Apr 09, 2019

    @NayHug Get a life [censored]

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  • J
      Jul 12, 2019

    @NayHug You are nothing but unhappy racist Bxxxch. breeders are not God. There is something called recessive gene in dogs which control the size of a puppy to be either smaller or larger than its parents so God only knows what size a puppy will be when becomes full grown not the breeder. Who do you think you are to Judge someone to be allowed in the USA or not did you know where your grand father came from? Or do you even know who is your real Dad is ? and why paying tax is weird to you? A liscenc breeder must charge tax and you must obay the low. You are nothing but a whiny B×××ch, unhappy with your self no mater what you get. At least you got a puppy that was complimented by your vet health and look wise. Next time get your puppy from a breeder like you who will sell you a puppy filled with parasites, worms, flease and parvo. Get a life whooooore.

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  • J
      Jul 12, 2019

    @NayHug Shove this link up your wide Pxxxy. We know Dean very well. He is the best breeder in the state MF.

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  • J
      Jul 20, 2019

    @NayHug He owns the human society [censored]. Did you know that Dean made them change their rules to No touch policy. In the past people were allowed to touch and handle puppies at the shelter but Dean made them change their policy where no one can touch or pet or handle the animals there. The result was, that the sickness of animals their decreased to 75%
    Dean is not one of the filthy breeders like you, he is well educated [censored]. We love Dean and we love the puppy we got from him even our vet was impressed. [censored] you [censored] nasty [censored].

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  • G
      Oct 20, 2019

    @Just meeee Whoever u are I jus wanna say. [censored] you!! This lady is 100% right about everything she said. I had the exact same experience with him an i bought the same breed too. This guy is a lying piece a [censored]!!! I mean he left puppies to die at last pet store he owned no wonder no one is allowed at this place now cuz it’s prolly nothing but dead dogs an filth!!

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  • R
      Jan 15, 2020

    @Just meeee @Just meeee I'm sure you're helping his case with your language, and lack of basic elementary school level of writing in a public forum.

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