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Don't believe in this lies.

Dear, andrian

contract of employment

Position house keeper
Basic salary $3000 (three thousand dollars)
Weekly allowance $100
Food allowance free meals
Housing free
Leave 1 month off yearly
Duration of contract 2 years
Air ticket free
Visa free
Gratuity after contract

Note : the following are for your strict adherence

My son's rafael 2 years I have duplex building with 8 bedrooms and 2 living rooms and that is all I want you to take care of, you'll have a room to yourself with a complete working system with internet facilities which will enable you communicate with your friends and family daily. the reason why I need a housekeeper is because I am a military force and I do busy a lot and me and my wife just got separated and I can't take care of my kid alone and I need a housekeeper to take care of my kid I understand that you might not have your visa processed yet and I have already discussed with the uscis immigration service about my intention to get the service of a housekeeper to take care of my home.

So this is how I intend to make everything work, I will give you the email of the uscis immigration office so that they will know that I directed you to their office for the processing of your visa, I am going to buy your flight ticket I will also pay your documentation charges to the uscis immigration that will handle your visa processing to come down to the usa when your visa processing is completed.
You don't have to go to the us embassy in your country yet I have already arranged your coming to the united states, with the uscis immigration right here, uscis will let you know how many weeks it will take to process your travel papers as soon as you contact their office... email uscis immigration office and tell them you were referred for your visa processing form from davis miller of the us army and then you provide them with your immigrant serial code which is (ref:f:[protected]-us-24477-ph) and include your full name and address. you are also going to be contacted by the department of foreign affairs over there in your home town and they will get you the necessary documents when your visa document get ready.
I am trying to make sure everything get arranged quickly and soon enough. this is the uscis immigration office e-mail ([email protected]) contact them as soon as possible. my home address is 756 smith point road
Anahuac, texas 77514, usa

Davis miller


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