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David Harris review: Team Vinh and Savings Highway

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10:00 pm EDT
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David Harris is promoting this company, when people look up scams. Instead, he has a sign up button, and plans to collect from hundreds of referrals, via the scam. I do not think David Harris will ever get paid, nor will Savings Highway will ever be a deal, and Team Vinh will never get everyone's v paks fulfilled! This is not a deal to anyone especially to international members that have just signed up to be a part of Team Vinh and the American Dream. They are hustling $150 a month on of poor people, not only here in the USA, but third world countries, people that are scraping nickels and dimes together to pay for something that they get nothing in return, for over seven months now, and keep promising everything 'soon'. Soon has been since November of 2012. They have a few people making a little bit of money, hoping to keep everyone think the big pay day is right around the corner. Savings Highway has been known as a scam for years but not just a Pyramid scheme but hide under the idea of a membership service. This is where you get items at a discount, which are so readily available anywhere else, even AAA is cheaper than their road service and towing assistance. I am so glad that I did not fall for these scams. Team Vinh has been doing this operation for several years now, though it seems like a great idea, but they get everyone excited and then fizzle out. They blame it on everyone from CEO's to the MLM's that they have chosen to associate with them to become the next best thing on the planet. . I am so sorry for acquaintances that really think something good is going to come out of all of this. I think it is time to wake up and smell the real coffee. I certainly hope for the best for these poor people that I read about on line, but, I think someone needs to tell them the truth, and it is not David Harris!

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Jun 17, 2015 2:07 pm EDT

This whole thing is a scam, clear and simple. Vinh Lee can somehow sleep at night and not afraid of arrest or the damage he caused his "customers."

Jun 20, 2013 1:12 am EDT

I couldn't agree more. David Harris and other popular sites like his are nothing put a promotion for MLM companys with maybe a couple legit ones thrown in. I did get swept up in the hype and am embarrassed to say that the penny didn't drop for 48 hrs. I had blown $420 and couldn't get out fast enough.
The forum groups set up are all very welcoming, positive and encourage people to hang in there because they are next. There are no perceivable benefits to me to be paying Savings Highway $150 per month. I feel sorry for anyone who joins now as they will never see a return on their investment. ( I use investment very loosely).