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July 23, 2009
I signed up for a 24 hour trial with DATA Money Online. The trial fee was 7.95 that were supposed to be
refunded unless making money within 24 hours, which wasnt. I researched the site and found that many
people were reporting the company name to be fraudulent. I sent them an email Thursday, July 23, 2009
7:34 pm (Which I Have Saved) the very same day of signing up to cancel the 7.95 holding fee. Did not get
a response and The phone number given is someone saying high call volume is making it impossible to
reach by phone and to email them. The next day I was contacted by my banks fraud prevention service
concerning suspicious activity. Obviously, they knew something was wrong too. I called them back and
they told me that the 7.95 was charged which I could have dealt with, but then informed me of a $197.00
charge. I never knew a thing about a $197.00 fee what so ever! The woman gave me a number that she
had listed with the $197 charge. I called the number again, and again again as well as many emails.
I would like to add that their was no agree to terms box, never knew anything of a 197.00 charge AND the
7.95 should have never been charged in the first place. Meaning, if 7.95 was only to be charged if you
make money within 24 hours, I never did, and have proof. Also, remember I contacted them to cancel my
7.95 holding fee on July 23rd 2009. Which is irrelevant but maybe not?
The phone number that they give you [protected] is a voicemail that directs you to send them an
email instead. When you send the email you do not get any response back.
I would like to add how embarressing this has been. My checking acount is now completely negative.




  • Ke
    Ken Braverman Aug 02, 2009

    I just recorded a phone conversation with a friend who recounted a similar story to yours. We are waiting to hear if his bank will reverse the charge;

    I suggest clicking their ads every time you see them show up in a Google sponsored ad, they will get charged and we feel like we've caused a tiny bit of financial pain directed towards "Gene Truman"

    Ken Braverman

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  • Re
    RebeccaFrank1 Aug 05, 2009

    Just had this same thing happen to me. Can't believe it.

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  • Lb
    LBM Aug 07, 2009

    Well fellas don't feel bad about the maybe it is a scam, but it's been four days for me now since I joined But it says that were suppose to receive our first paycheck in two weeks, so I'm gonna wait and see...How long has it been since you had joined up with them...In the mean time I did contact the Better Business Bureau down in Miami just to give them a heads up and to let them know what I would want them to do. I too had tried to contact the company by phone and email as well but I got no reply..The phone number doesn't even work...

    L Major ([email protected])

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  • Sc
    scammed and ticked Aug 08, 2009

    Some of the same here...and I don't have this type of money to throw away...I was just checking it out, and now I have over $200 taken out of my account! I should have known not to do this, even if it was a "trial"...

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  • Ta
    tammywojcik Aug 10, 2009

    i have the same problem i paid 7.95 on my visa and no reponse what do i do
    [email protected]

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  • Mo
    mollyboxerdog Aug 25, 2009

    I to was dupped by these conartist. I signed up for the trial offer for 7.95. If I did not make money with in 24 hours they would refund my 7.95. Not only did they not refund my 7.95 but also charged my account 197.00. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! when I entered my card info for the 7.95 there was no mention of a 197.00 charge. Thanks to these idiots, my checking account is overdrawn. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I encourage anyone who has been scammed by this company to file a complaint. When I checked their complaint history on BBB website, they currently have one resolved complaint against them, the person received their full refund. My bank is also investigating the company and has credited my account the 197.00 until the dispute is resolved. I will never fall for the work at home scam again.

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  • Cp
    cp45 Aug 28, 2009

    Why would anyone trust an ad that basically writes about "the personal feelings one has about themselves" more than the actual job description.

    What does this long story have anything to do about the actual job.

    I was at one of those annoying family get-togethers the other day.

    Why does he show up? Why is he not looking for work? Or, geez, if everyone in his family is so %^^%* rich, why not try to impress them and get a job from them?

    There was a very heavy atmosphere, and the room was full of some very rich people. About four years ago, even the thought of attending such events used to scare me to death, because I was an ordinary guy. Everyone there used to talk about their fancy new cars, new apartments, exciting careers and high-class living manners,

    Wow, why did he show up to what sounds like The Most Vain Party Ever?

    whereas I used to sit there in the corner avoiding all human contact. I was too ashamed to tell that I was a nobody and that I was struggling to make my ends meet. I frequently even found myself as the 'Water boy' who had to be extra-nice to avoid being insulted. Actually...

    OK - He became the water boy at a family function. Now he sounds like a total loser.

    Life was tough, and I knew it could never get any worse.

    Yea, after becoming the "waterboy" at your family gatherings, life pretty much sucks. Hey, how did you pay to get to the party anyway?

    I had to do something - I wanted more money, and I wanted it NOW!

    Do something, like, maybe get a job? Look up some ads in the paper? Actually interview with some companies?

    In total desperation I responded to a newspaper ad from a internet millionaire who was offering personal coaching.

    Internet Millionare with so much free time on her hands, she was offering waterboys "counseling". I tell you this if I am a internet millionaire, I'm in the water at some pool or beach drinking...OK.

    For the next few days nothing happened, then at 5AM one morning my phone rang,

    So you could afford a clock and telephone service, hmmm.

    and on the side was a woman with most warm and friendly voice that I have ever heard.

    She must be an angel or a internet millionaire.

    She asked me to meet at her office at 9 AM sharp.

    Well at least you had four hours to figure out how you were going to get there.

    Reluctantly I agreed and went over to see her. She told me that I was the first one to respond to that ad, and that she would take me on as her student.

    And that all her close friends, family members, associates that she probably came into contact with did not want to participate in making millions with her so she decided to write an ad place it in the paper and "mentor" a complete stranger.

    She said her fees would be $10, 000, and that I needed to pay it to her in one month – but said that anyone could earn that much with the techniques she was about to teach.

    Except her close friends, family members and anyone she came into contact with. Even at the pool or beach she hung out at.

    She told me that most people believed that they needed to solve complicated problems to make money, and so ignored simple things they could do to generate a lot of cash.
    The magic formula was so simple I could be given it on a small piece of paper:

    Wow, talk about being green, thank God for this person, helping complete strangers become millionaires while saving the rainforests by usning small pieces of papers, she probably has the voice of an angel.


    We spent next 2 hours together, and she explained everything to me about this formula. She then asked me to come back after 1 month with $10, 000.

    How did she come to that number? What magic secret math did she use to value her multi million dollar secret at $10, 000.00 - If you had the potential of making alot more than $10, 000.00 so you could pay her fees - she could pretty much say - I want half, but being the angel that she is, well $10K is good enough for her, bless her soul and little pieces of paper.

    I thought: ‘I’ve never made this much money…

    Any you wont, you do not exist, you are someones character they have dreamed up for this story.

    how will I ever pay those fees’.

    Again, you wont you do not exist.

    I’m an honest man, so I couldn't just run away from the obligation.

    Yeah, because you did not want to be sued for your clock.

    I remember her telling me that I had to follow ALL the steps she’d taught me, and not to make any judgments on them for at least a week.

    Sounds like enough time to take money out of your account and then disappear.

    I did so, and…I was amazed at the results.

    Bet you were!

    "In one month you'll make more than
    what you used to make in an entire year"

    In bank loss fee's

    My life has now changed. I paid my mentor’s fee, the mortgage on my house, and I finally have control of my life and the respect of my spouse and family.

    Wow, you own your own home? Cant be that bad. Sounds like your wife is materialistic, did she ever think of maybe helping by getting a part time job and help pay for the mortgage?

    "Anyways...back at that party..."


    The next time my family had a get-together things were different from the start: I sensed that everyone was secretly waiting for me to arrive,

    Ooooh, they really hate you,

    as the ‘Big Dogs’ wanted to get me into a fight to prove their supremacy.


    Soon the ‘Brag-Fest’ began, but now it was different.

    I now had a look of quiet amusement on my face.

    Do you think they will forget the look you had as their waterboy?

    Very confidently I started to tell them about my lifestyle, and…

    What lifestyle, you work, go home to your wife and kids or unless the money totally changed you and you became a manwhore and "**** the kids, pains in the ###

    "They Scattered Like Roaches When You Turn On The Light!"

    I was making more money than all of them put together,

    Wow, if they were all so rich, you must be like Bill Gates right now.

    and I’d even hired my cousin - a high-priced CPA - to handle my accounts and taxation.

    At least someone in your family wanted to work for you unlike the internet millionare

    It felt so good because I knew I would never be picked on again…never in my life.

    Nooooo, not at all

    I was a 'little guy' but was now THE ‘big guy’.

    Wow, how much you have grown.

    I wouldn’t be a bully or a bragger, however, because my mentor had always taught me to give things back. Right now, I’m here to share with you what I my mentor taught me so that you can live the life of your dreams as well.

    Bless your soul.

    "But ...before I reveal this secret formula,
    consider this..."


    The Pitch, the bendover, now take it and bye bye.

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  • Pr
    prmansix Sep 01, 2009

    I too was recently sucked into this scam as well. I paid the $7.95 fee and like everyone else read, will not be charged until 24 hours elapses and making money. After going thru the steps and actually doing the forms thing, I was somehow locked out of the system. I tried tirelessly to logon again and emailed DMO several times but to no avail. After about 4 hours the system automatically generated an email and asigned a number to it which read the problem was low prority and that somene will contact me soon. Haven't heard from anyone yet. I then tried to find a telephone number on their page, this was useless as well. No number can be found anywhere on their web page. At this point I knew this was a big time scam!! Early this morning I contacted my bank to cancel my credit card so that crook will not stick his slimey pause in there to cause anymore damages!! I think I succeeded thus far. But my banking institution said this will propably cause me not to receive another card because of another internet scam i was caught up in and losing my card on several occasions. Rather lose the card then to give this crook another cent.

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  • Vi
    VickieJo Sep 01, 2009

    I almost got suckered into this scam also, thank god my daughter did some research for me and I was able to see all the complaints. I would also like you all to know that at the bottom of the web site under terms of use-fees and refunds it also states that the $7.95 is the deposit then the charge for $197 and also a recurring fee of $47 will also be charged it does not say how often, so I e-mailed asking how often the $47 is charged and why that was over 24 hrs ago I did receive a ticket# and password and that states that someone will contact me. Have not heard from anyone yet. I am sure a lot of you did not know about the $47 recurring charge so be ware.
    VJM Albuquerque NM

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  • Sr
    SRMIV Sep 03, 2009

    I was sucked in... I am battling now, with the banks and the idiot that keeps returning my emails telling me: "No refunds". That is crap! I didn't agree to the $197 charge... I agreed to the $7.95 keep your $8... give me back $200!
    And I canceled within the 24hr window!!
    I even canceled within 1hr... when I realized the site was worth crap.

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  • Co
    Connie2 Sep 08, 2009

    Call this number: 1.877.546.8510

    They will take your calls about this scam company. Keep calling everyone that has been ripped off from this company!!!

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  • Me
    Melimo Sep 12, 2009

    I was interested in this site, so I did what was only logical and looked up whether or not it was a scam for money. Everywhere I looked online, it had scam written all over it. Btw, for you who said you never agreed to a fee, I just looked up the Terms of Use page. The fees are the first on the list and IT'S CLEAR AS DAY:

    Fees and Refund Policy

    1. The User gives us the authority to charge their card $197 as soon as their 24 hour trial is completed. He/She also permits us to charge a recurring fee of $47 until cancelled.

    That's from

    This is why you may be having so many issues with your banks. They have legal proof you agreed to these fees, since electronic signatures are as legit as handwritten ones on website agreements.

    Btw, they spelled "canceled" wrong (another thing to look for in legitimacy is all the grammatical errors they "sweet talkers" have). They had plenty of others, but I'm not going to post their entire Terms page on here.

    Now, hopefully everyone will learn to look these "businesses" up BEFORE they invest money in them. If not, you're just walking over a cliff blindfolded hoping the bank will cast a net before you land.

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  • Me
    Melimo Sep 12, 2009

    Wow, I failed to mention the most important parts of the Fees! They are so deliberate in their scam, that's how they con people into it. Almost everyone overlooks this page, assuming the vital info will be where they put they're signature:

    1. The User gives us the authority to charge their card $197 as soon as their 24 hour trial is completed. He/She also permits us to charge a recurring fee of $47 until cancelled.

    2. Submitting his/her cards details at the time of registration for the free trial acts as permission for the above clause.

    3. No further permission/intimation will be required before charging the card.

    Since the User’s cards are charged only after the user has tried the program for 24 hours, we cannot issue a refund once the card has been charged.

    The above guarantee is applicable only if the User completes all the steps of the training within 24 hours of logging in to their account. All trials will be settled permanently if the User does not completes the training within 24 hours time frame, irrespective of making money or not. In case the user is not satified with the program, in order to get a refund they will have to call us within 24 hours of their cards being charged for the first fee of $7.95

    All decisions made by shall be deemed final.

    4. By signing up for our program you agree to get enrolled with Debt and Credit Club. You will be charged $3.97 for a trial period of fifteen days. A login and password will be immediately generated for you so that you can begin using your online resources. You will have a minimum of fifteen days from your initial signup to use their site without any charge. If you're not satisfied or would like to discontinue further service for any reason, simply cancel during the trial, and you will not be billed any further. After your initial free trial, your subscription will automatically renew for a minimum cost of thirty dollars for their services. You may cancel anytime to discontinue service. Billing for continued access to services will continue to be charged once monthly. To cancel services for any reason please visit Initial Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

    Now THAT, is gall!

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  • Ka
    kassyjo932 Sep 14, 2009

    Thanks!!! to all of you------ I almost signed up myself and decided to google for a scam!!! Hope you all get your money back!!!

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  • Cf
    CFJ Sep 21, 2009

    I thank you all too. I was considereing and decided to check it out. They also had a ticker on mine that gave me 15 minutes to decide or my "seat" would be gone. Glad I decided to check it out. Sorry about everyones losses. You all sure have saved me some money.

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  • Le
    lettermaster Sep 22, 2009

    I too can testify for being stripped of over $200 by Data Money Online. Melimo had a good comment above about the need to read the "Terms of Use" page before clicking to "agree to the terms." Having said that, it does indeed clearly state what they can and will do if you click to agree to their terms. So they don't tell you everything in their advertisement, but instead, they hide the real "terms" in the fine print on the "Terms of Use" page. So, they are allowed to charge the fees ($7.95 and $197) after 24 hours even if you don't make money because they tell you that in the Terms of Use; and you have clicked to agree and follow the Terms of Use they have set up. Crooked business! Downright sick and disgusting!!! Imagine the people who have low income and are most seduced by this money making scheme, become 200 plus dollars poorer all of a sudden and completely unplanned. For some who are struggling, that's the difference between getting food on the table or having to go without for a few days! Personally, I did not even complete the procedures needed to start making money, yet they charged me. In addition, I, ve made no money at all as my Click Bank account will show, and NOBODY has answered my emails eventhough I've sent 2 and waited for over 2 WEEKS! My checking account became overdrafted ( for the first time ever; so long clean record!) AND I had to shut down my current Visa card and get a new one. I'm currently in the process of setting up a claim with my bank of an un-authorized charge to my Checking account. Hopefully they will be able to refund the $197 that I'm most concerned with. Again, it's always important to read the Terms of Use, which I didn't this time, and see what the true charges and procedures are. Also, Google search anything and everything before you try it. That's the way I found out about this scam, but too late. So, eventhough DMO clearly states in their Terms of Use page what they will do, it is in complete contrast to what they promote on their main pages, which makes this a definite SCAM. Beware.

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  • Gr
    GreatBlueRootsRadio Sep 23, 2009

    Thanks to all of the detail from others that have been scammed by DMO, I was saved from a terrible mistake. I was suspicious to start with especially considering the many grammatical errors. The old adage is so true ~ if it sounds too good to be true it is! Plus I've been hornswoggled by one other internet scam so I try to do my homework before I click on the dotted line.

    Thank you all very much for sharing your painful, informative detail. I wish you much success in getting your monies back!!!

    Also, I invite you to log on and enjoy the music at GreatBlueRootsRadio dot NET. It is totally free, utterly delightful, and there is never any obligation.

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  • Su
    sullivanity Sep 23, 2009

    Unfortunately I fell for it, but FORTUNATELY my bank alerted me to a possible fraudulent transaction when the $1.00 (trial fee) was became a pending transaction. I found this page and then called the bank to see if I could cancel the entire transaction before it posted. Turns out my bank (Wells Fargo) DECLINED the $197 this company tried to charge my card! I was truly saved. I told them I authorized the $1.00 so I will pay that, which is fine. However, I did end up having to cancel my Debit card and am waiting to get a new one. I would have been overdrawn had the bank not acted on my behalf. Kudos to Wells Fargo!

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  • Es
    ESilva Sep 24, 2009

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your complaints. I almost signed up myself, however, their same system did not allow me to sign. After inputting my name, email address, and password, the system gave an "error", saying that the login username already existed. Before trying it again, I decided to check it out. Elsie

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  • Al
    allitwohey Sep 25, 2009

    I too, was almost suckered. The only thing that saved me; because, ashamedly so, I fell for it; was the fact that my card is a preloaded card and not a debit or credit card. Therefore, if the money's not there, no one can charge it. After reading the terms and conditions, I promptly went to the atm and took out ALL of my money, (the scammer gets scammed!!). However, this does not stop them from charging it later. So, I will have to do this for the next few months I am sure. The other thing is this, if any of you guys used a credit card or bank debit card and then canceled that to avoid the charges, they can still CHARGE you!! Because your accounts are still connected. Most likely you can contact your bank or credit card provider and give them the info and instruct them that those are unauthorized charges and they will deny all transactions. I am not sure about this remedy as I have not had to do it, but I suggest that you guys try. I do know of people that have canceled their cards and still got charged. It makes me absolutely sick that people are still allowed to do these things!! Does anyone remember 900 numbers? These internet scams are those, all over again!! Grrrr...!!!

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  • Jo
    john carver Sep 29, 2009

    you need to refund the money now!!!

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  • Na
    nadine57 Aug 16, 2016

    When I went into their site they stated that I would only be charged 1.58 and that no other fees would be charged to me until I was making money. This was on September 20. 2009. On September 28th they took 197.00 out of my account and the price they had listed on the site after I started making money was 97.00 not 197.00. Gene Truman is a thief and con artist, and this site is committing fraud against the public. It is time for this man to go to jail and this shut down. I filed a complaint with my bank and they put a hold on the withdrawal but said it might still go through, which it was deducted out of my account as a final transaction on September 28th, even though the hold was put on the funds. The 888 number is just giving a beep, beep, beep like it has been disconnected, which would not surprise me, and I can not get a response from these people at all. I am planning on calling the Federal Fraud and Racketeering Task Force if my bank does not file fraud against this company and replace my money. I am so fed up with all the cons on the internet, none of them are legit. All they do is take your money and lie.
    Elizabeth McFarland

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  • Al
    alexitos Aug 16, 2016

    This people are big SCAM. I went to the address on the web here in Miami and the location is for a company that has mail boxes, thats the number 5013. but they also told me that this people tried to open an account with them online, but never register, so this company has planes to pursue legal matters against this for using this address without even register.
    Somebody can really find out where this people are located so we can go to the state attorneys office to stop them once for all.

    This UPDATE is for all thos who have been ripped off by GENE TRUMAN'S DATAMONEY ONLINE!
    When I got my credit card report
    I looked at the charge and it states: - so I typed it in my browser and lo and behold! a web page appears that seems to be the legitimate page for COMMERCEPAYICE, the processors for payments
    of Datamoney online.
    In the front page there is a button called BILLING INQUIRY so I entered and wrote to them the story of the ripoff and that there were many other people like me who had denounced them on the scam busting sites on the web. I told them that this makes them look very bad and that I expect a full refund from them for this scam. It is said in the terms and conditions of sale that we can report to them (commercepay) if we feel we have been misled or defrauded in any way. So I urge you all to do the same. Login to: NOW and let's flood them with requests for full refunds and urge them not to continue dealing with this company. It makes them look very bad. And if we do not get satisfaction, let us not EVER process a payment though them again.
    They promise an answer within 48 hours and even offer to call us if we supply them with our phone number. GOOD LUCK! Maybe we haven't lost everything yet. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

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  • An
    Angry in MS Aug 16, 2016

    I signed up for this program. After I discovered it did not perform as "guaranteed", I requested a refund via email and I left a message on DMO's toll free #. I called the "help desk" telephone # and asked for a call to "help" me with a technical problem. After numerous emails and telephone messages, the only response I have received is an automated response dated 9-9-09 confirming receipt of my "ticket". As of this date I have yet to receive a refund of my $197. The bottom line is RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!!

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