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Darren Gaudry review: Commission Robot 11

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3:02 pm EDT
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This was a well constructed Rip Off and Scam. Most of the lures he used were removed from the internet (films of supposed testimonies). Once the so-called Beta group was finished and Darren suckered hundreds of people into handing over thousands of dollars...all the so-called Internet Click Bank "hits" ended and ZERO orders were the crappy result. He actually complained like a rich cry baby that people were irrational "Newbies". He wanted everyone to feel sorry for was pittiful watching Darren almost cry on his ###ic video responses. First he'd get angry then he'd appear sad. Darren Gaudry is a Scam Artist and makes tons of money off the middle class people hoping to make extra money. He sells Lies through video tape and emails...He sell false hope and the end result is he becomes financially wealthy off the backs of Well Meaning people hoping to make money.
Do not give him a penny. Just today I received another offer from him. This man has no shame whatsoever. He is non-challantly bragging about the new house he is building blah blah blah...give me a break...FOLKS...DO NOT GET SUCKERED INTO GIVING THIS CHARLETON A PENNY...IF YOU DO, YOU WILL LOSE AND HE WILL WALK. DO NOT DO IT...NO MATTER WHAT PICTURE HE PAINTS INSIDE YOUR HEAD...HE IS BANKING ON YOUR DESIRES TO BECOME RICH...AND YOU WILL LOSE AND HE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY...THAT IS HOW IT WORKS. REPEAT...DON'T DO IT.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Goldcoast, AU
Jun 29, 2014 3:28 am EDT

Darren now has a new scam. On his YouTube channel he's advertising "
He states that you can turn $49 into $500, the $49 being the sign up fee. He also states that if you don't make any money in the first month then the business will pay YOU $500. I guess his approach is to take that $49, send a few bucks back to you so you have effectively "made money" then the scam is complete.
He also states that when you follow the URL link in the video description & sign up to the business, that he himself is the only person who receives your personal info. So obviously Darren is the person running the show.
I followed the link & placed fake info' in the sign up form at which point I was prompted to click on the "find my matches" box in regards to the "work from home business" that suits me. The next page simply states that a representative will contact me soon to discuss the business.

The "" website offers no info' on the company or the type of business it is. No contact info for the proprietors either.

This guys reputation precedes him & he should be avoided at all costs.
He also has close ties to motorcycle clubs in Queensland. This alone should raise a big red flag. I know for a fact that some bike clubs in Queensland are involved in illegal activity & I have no doubt that Darren has the ability to track down & intimidate anyone who tries to make him look bad.

As a YouTube user I started watching Darrens channel a few years ago & I quickly go the impression that he's a shady character.
I have also noticed over time that his YouTube subscriber base has diminished & his video views have all but died.
A good thing I say.

Sydney, AU
Jun 13, 2009 9:25 pm EDT

Pure Scam, with no real value or chance of returning investors money

Brisbane Metro Area, AU
Aug 19, 2013 6:46 am EDT
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I invested $5, 000 with you Darren Gaudry back in 2004 before you built Passport to Wealth.

Not long after seeing a you tube video of you Darren showing yourself with a handful of $100 notes marketing your opportunity.

I actually spoke to you Darren over the phone and I begged you that I was in a situation where my wife had just left me and that she took everything we owned while I was away on business and I could not bare to get stung again.

I told you that I could get the $5, 000 if I sold my 1966 XP Coupe that ive been restoring for the past few years and that I was going to give you that money for the money making program. ( I cannot remember the name unfortunately but im sure you do)

I told you this was my last hope to get back on my feet and try to get my life back on track and you assured me that this would be a great investment.

Within 1 week Darren the whole system was shut down due to the system not having a product of its own but it was just a system.

If you ever read this Darren and have any decency you would give me my money back.

Email me : - I doubt very strongly I'll ever hear from you... May Karma be with you upon making this decision and only you will ever know if you read this and walk away with a care.

Charlotte, US
May 18, 2013 10:08 pm EDT

I invested $999 in his Passport to Wealth business Opportunity. It was a complete failure. There was no real product, just selling someone the same system and outdated information. Are there any lawsuits out there against this guy because I'd like to recover my money?

Charles Rodba
, SV
Apr 04, 2011 5:23 pm EDT

Hey, I'm a salvadoran and I need some answers. There's a site that i found which is "" is it from the same guy? It sounds interesting and i really had some high hopes for it. I haven't really tried it, i just checked it out. I would really like to know about anyone who has had any experience with it. I want to find a way to make more money like this. Make a couple of K's during my free time, if it's possible. Let me know...

, AU
Mar 21, 2011 11:32 am EDT

Has anyone seen this video of Darren making apologizing?

Casino, AU
Mar 12, 2010 5:10 pm EST

I agree with SomeoneWhoHasSomeFacts. While I don't know Darren personally but I do know that I made a bunch of money in his program passport to wealth. I was in the robot things to and no I never made a dime but I have since joined another program he is promoting and its working out fine. So I lost $500 in one but have made 22k in another. From my knowledge of the robot thing I heard that the partners did the dirty on him and simple used him to promote and then locked him out of the system before he could tell people what had happened. Personally I think darren is okay, he just didn't see what was happening until it happened.

Annalong, GB
Jan 18, 2010 3:23 am EST

Did anyone get a refund?

ScammedAgain?/Robert K.
Chicago, US
Sep 14, 2009 3:15 pm EDT

Just paste in the name Darren Gaudry into the search bar at the top of the page - read what comes up - it is the Truth!

ScammedAgain?/Robert K.
Chicago, US
Sep 13, 2009 12:13 am EDT

Are you Darren's wife Katie?
You sure sound like her!

Darren fought everyone 'tooth and nail' to not give us a refund for the total failure of
Commission Robot. Darren tried to totally refuse giving any refunds even though the
vast majority didn’t even make 1 sale, even though many of us had 500-700 ‘clicks/hops’
yet not one sale/commission.

If he was such a decent person he would have gladly stated the problems with the program
and immediately offer refunds! Instead he chose to berate us with inane video updates.

We were sold a ‘bill of damaged goods’ and were manipulated though misleading
testimonial videos.

It only cost him 6 figures because some of us banded together and fought diligently to
get our monies back. We were able to get over 60+ people complete refunds. So don’t
come on here to ‘glorify’ Darren Gaudry just because he has a new program coming out
where he wants to “glam onto” new money from ‘fools unaware’ (those who will foolishly
lose all their money to this fool – oops, I mean very conniving thief)!

Just go here and see why there are over 1270 posts re: Darren Gaudry and
his scam!

ScammedAgain?-Robert K.

P.S. You have been warned - Continue at your own RISK - meaning, how much money do you want to give to this scam artist Darren Gaudry so he can build his 'mansion' (oh yeah, he calls it a house)!?

Bli Bli, AU
Sep 12, 2009 5:21 am EDT

It is very obvious IronGuru777 ( interesting "name" to hide everyone else here on this pathetic sick site...must be nice to be faceless & nameless when slandering someone that you know absolutely nothing about) You & your type will probably think (I should say you have all the rest of the BS above) that I am really Darren himself saying this...sheeeesh! In fact I too was in Commission Robot myself & I too lost money with it. However I personally met Darren quite a few months before CR was launched. Because I personally knew he was an honest & honourable person I decided to join CR. didn't work...but I know for certain that Darren honestly believed that it would & he genuinely saw it as a way he could help people make money online & contribute to changes in many peoples financial lives. Darren didn't develop CR, he didn't own it, but he had some sort of agreement with the owners of it to promote it & he become the "public face" of CR. When it wasn't working I also saw the anguish, heartache & devastation he went through as well as the sleepless nights. So the pathetic totally uninformed comments you make..."rich cry baby"..."pitiful... cry on his ###ic video responses... get angry then he'd appear sad...Scam Artist" I find obscenely offensive. God knows how Darren must feel. Believe me...I know Darren's heart...& you couldn't be more wrong. I have had coffee with him, tripped away with him, been in his home, been on his new home building site with him...he lives about 15 mins. drive from me. He is helping me with a current project to make I said...I know his heart from my own experience & personal observation. So you & everyone else on this yourselves a favour...stop making such complete fools of yourselves by pretending you know what you are talking when you don't know even one single fact. Oh...& by the way...Darren didn't make a cent out of actually cost him 6 figures.