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Dallin LLC review: Broadmoor properties

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I have been a resident of San Bernardino CA for many years and now have a peoperty management company. 2 of my local neighbors have hired me to look into a what happened to their homes, which happen to be next to each other. They suspected foul play. Although they seperated from their homes at completely different times What I found was that this company Dallin LLC, Somehow was able to simultaneously Transfer ownership to himself and take out not 5 million but 500 million dollar commercial loans On each of the properties told me a total of one billion dollars just on these 2 homes alone at the same exact time, And walk off and I'll leave them in conditions they're unlived in an upscale neighborhood just completely walk away with the money. I must reverse these actions I have permission to management from the original owners however it's not what's showing recorded as the owner how do I put myself in the position to do what's right here.?

Desired outcome: For these homes to return to the owners that they were taken from or To do what's right at the end of the day to these homeowners whose homes with foreclosed delivery and used to tin a large amount of money to skip out.

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