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Jo Sep 17, 2019

The Nurse Practitioner finish with his patient and I saw him clean up as he normally does before the next patient ( i was sitting across the open door), He walks out and ask where a specific lady was at and me an another person that was waiting told him that she had left, He went back inside his office and was playing around on the PC, after 5 or so minutes, I got up and asked him if he was going to wait for a person that had left or was he going to take the next person in line. He proceeded to tell me she had a 12:15 appointment, I said really when i signed on there are no specific time given for an appointment you just wait to be called. He made a snide remark under his voice and then proceeded to tell me well I am busy cleaning up, I said really I just saw you clean up and why would you come out for the next person if you had not cleaned up. I was given a ditty look and told well I am cleaning. He proceeded to move the next person up on the line as I noticed on the screen and was placed in front of me, I told him wait I have been here for close to 30 minutes and the kiosk will not take the code I entered, my name is on the list here is the e-mail with the code, He got up and he asked what I said. again the Kisok will not take my code and your placed the person who left ahead of me, she is gone and she did not re enter her information so why are you giving her preference and keeping her on the list. Then he barked back at me I don't need to take this and started to walk away, I told him call the store manager . The store manager came and immediately told me I had to leave the store I asked why she said I was giving the Nurse a difficult time, I said no he was being rude and arrogant. Either way she said I am asking you to leave, I did, and have now transferred all my RX to your competitors and have sent out mass e-mails to my on line followers and family and co-works to stay away from CVS and go somewhere where they are treated with dignity

The nurse practitioner is arrogant and will lie to your face and then have you removed from the store when you disagree or catch him in a lie. The Man needs to be extremely reprimanded and or fired for treating the public in such a manner. ( Note: there is another complaint for the same store etct posted 3 weeks ago with the same similar experience, seems to be a pattern of complete dis respect for the public

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