CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthcustomer service… rude

De May 28, 2018 Largo, FL

Customer service… Rude. I was just at the CVS on seminal Boulevard and I was helped by Ronald and he was the rudest person ever. If he doesn't like his job why is he there? I didn't have my CVS card because I am here visiting very sick family member and quite frankly my mind is Preoccupied. I provided a coupon that I really wanted to use but I didn't have my CVS card and he rudely said that the number that I typed in didn't match the coupon. I understand that it's got a match but the way he's went about it was so rude that it was uncalled for I even said sorry for making your job harder. For the future think about what someone might be going through before you judge or act rudely to them. Ronald!

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