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G Nov 22, 2018
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Customer Street sales team cold called me today trying to sell me a top ranking on google. Luckily, i know enough about SEO to know how things work. I've recorded the whole call and you can listen to it yourself at the bottom of the page.

They initially tried to tell me that they work for google and would get me ranking on the top of the google search.
They do not work for google and the ranking isnt for an organic google search, its just for the paid advertising.

Then they tried to tell me that they offer services that do not exist. Rambling on about nonsense.
They said:-
1. They would place an advert for me
2. Monitor the advert
3. Keep it in the top 4 search results
4. Offer a report at the end of the 30 days
5. Like no other company, we don't ask you for any contract

For someone who doesn't know, it sounds like they are offering 4 services.

But in fact, all they are doing is copying and pasting your words into a form and clicking go.

I'll break it down for you|

1. Placing an advert
That is the only true part of the service, but you are doing all the work anyway, except putting the information into the actual form. They just ask you the questions and they type it in for you. You can get the same services for free directly from google here

2. Monitor the advert
As soon as you place an advert, you land on the page that gives you all this information for free! There is very little possibility of any proof that any monitoring would be going on. If it was, it doesn't offer you any knowledge to make you any the wiser.

3. Keep it in the top 4 search results
This was the funniest one. It sounds like they are suggesting that it could fall off or go somewhere else. As if someone needs to stand there and hold the advert up!
I did ask what they did exactly to keep it there. Their response was equally as funny. Listen to the full audio below.

4. Offer a report at the end of the 30 days
This was just as laughable. They are going to offer something that you already have access to for free on google adwords! Im guessing they're copy and paste this too!

5. Funny that they ask for a fixed contract, neither do google adwords!
However, they did starting telling me all about their terms and conditions. Sounds rather like a contract.

After being passed through 2 sales people who were clearly just desparate for work in a call center for either minimum wage or only paid on commission.

When asked for independent reviews, there were none. Although one guy from the sales team did tell me "i promise ya, i wont lie, we've never had a bad review". he didnt sound entirely trustworthy.

As they dont have a facebook page to see indiepandant reviews, i've created one, so feel free to leave your experiences!
Unit 7 Meridian Business Centre, King Street, Oldham, England, OL8 1EZ

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