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The system treats us all like deadbeats. I was making $75,000 but relo benefits I don't see sends my w2 to 89,000 and that's what I pay support on. I pay medical bills and insurance. I take marital debt and declare bankruptcy. I lose my job the next year and the the next three years my income is $40,000, $60,000 and $65,000 but I still pay support as if my income is 89,000 and never got behind. The ex claims the kids on taxes, makes more than when we where married, debt wiped out when I took it in the divorce and remarried to someone with more income than me before we where divorced. Medical bills, insurance are about $28000 and my net those three years was $3,000, $$15,000, and $18,000. Out of this I still have to live and provide for the children during visitation. Still I was constantly treated like a deadbeat. The next year my gross was $72,000 and In addition to the court ordered expenses I'm buying my children's vehicle at a cost of about $2500 per year. I miss a couple hundred of medical bills and I get threatening letters while practically living in poverty. I don't complain. Last year my income finally exceeds the amount support is based on (my gross was $92,000) and my ex takes me make to court to ask for an adjustment to the support to increase it. No increase but support was extended for the recently emancipated child for 6 months. Even though I filed bankruptcy 5 years ago My credit sucks, I owe back taxes, those 4 years in poverty just racked up the debt and ruined my credit again. Now where is the justice? My ex's disposable income since we got divorced is way higher than ours was when I was still in the household plus she got a fresh start with zero debt (see above). Now Ive taken employment overseas to try and pay off my debt and back taxes so that maybe I won't be living in poverty once I'm ready to retire.

Am I a deadbeat? The CSEA still treats me like one.

, US
Jun 26, 2018 10:27 pm EDT

CSEA union is the worst Levittown lies hurts there members the president is a joke she has no back bone and makes deals behind members back they should be investigate for making side deals we all want out

Jimmy 478
, US
Jul 20, 2018 11:32 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Dout123

I heard all unions are going to be investigate, since the Supreme Court loss it is time for the members to get out, and all the side deals need to stop, the Levittown csea is the worst the new contract is discrimination and favoritism to certain members and departments, I also heard the union executive board are making deals and getting special treatment I’ll members helps on its way