CSC Logicauto loan

Jt Jun 12, 2019

Paid my auto loan off on 3/27/2019. Was told the title would be mailed after a 10 day delay. After two weeks I called again and got absolutely no help. Clerks were always polite but did absolutely nothing. Last call I made was on 5/21/2019 and was told the tiel was mailed on 5/16/2019. When I had not received the title on 5/31/2019 I contacted my attorney who sent them a demand letter on the same day(5/31/2019). The title was placed in the mail on 6/4/2109 probably the same day they receive the letter. No excuse for taking over 60 days to mail out a tiltle after the loan was paid. Ia mconsidering a small claims action to recover my attorney fee of $150.00

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