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Crisp - N - Clean review: Louis Vuitton scarf spoiled 2

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I took my Louis Vuitton scarf to Crisp-N-Clean dry cleaners in Jalan Talawi, Bangsar, KL. They sent it off for dry cleaning and it came back totally ruined (wrinkled, faded, thinner and totally different to when I took it in, I can't even see the LV pattern on the scarf anymore).

The scarf was a birthday gift and cost RM1,500. Crisp-N-Clean are not willing to provide compensation for even half this amount. They will only provide 10 times the value of the dry cleaning bill, which is RM100. I am totally dissatisfied with their service and the way in which they have handled this.

, MY
Feb 07, 2009 11:04 am EST

The blames always goes, they might good at dry clean or might not, but for sure no dry cleaners can justify hows the fashion of each articles when you send to them. sometimes the manufactures wont justified what the proper cleaning method because they don't have the knowledge. I can feel that you already went to the authority for justice, and you not satisfied and lastly you jumps to publish their name.

Whittier, US
Aug 05, 2008 11:18 pm EDT

I am sorry to hear of your experience. If I were that dry cleaner I wouldn't have taken anything with that kind of value attached to it. Louis Vuitton should repair Louis Vuitton. They don't want anyone else touching their products for a reason. You are paying for what is known in the retail industry as a "prestige brand". The value is mostly in the name. It doesn't mean you have acquired 1, 000 times the quality of a lesser priced scarf just because it is valued at $1, 500. There's an old saying that says you get what you pay for. But at this price range you aren't going to buy immortality. There's only so much additional quality you can obtain by paying more. Beyond a certain dollar amount, the value is in the name.

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