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2:42 pm EDT
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I bought a house from Ms. Dawn Sterling of Alberta, Canada through CPC Real Estate's agent Mr. Lea Snyder in January 2015. The house is located in Independence Village. Ms. Sterling stripped the house of appliances that were present during the showing of the property and Mr. Snyder did not intervene to protect my interest as his client. I spoke to Mr. Snyder and he replied that he has no way of getting in touch with Ms. Sterling. I then contacted CPC Real Estate company General Manager and was told that Mr. Snyder is out of the country and there is nothing he could do for me.
To anyone planning to purchase property in Belize, video tape the properties and get everything in writing before signing a contract. Also, real estate agents routinely say that you do not have to be present during closing; insist on being present during closing. Unfortunately, from my experience with several real estate companies in Belize, some of them do not care about their reputation. Keep your ears and eyes open when dealing with real estate brokers in Belize if you want to save yourself grief as your legal recourse is very limited.

, US
Dec 14, 2016 5:43 pm EST

Belize Man is wrong. Yes Lea works for RE/MAX 1st Choice LTD. He started as an agent about 3 or 4 months ago. He is NOT working under an alias. I am the Broker/ Owner of RE/MAX 1st Choice with Offices in Hopkins and Placencia and if you check out our reputation vs others you will see we do things above board and ethical. i will ask him about the incident. I already have rules in place to make sure inventories are done on any house sale.

I too had this same incident happen with a property in Hopkins. I had an inventory and at closing i went and walked the property and the inventory. I saw the bed was made but they took out the mattresses and replaced them with air mattresses. So now I check under the sheets.

, US
Jun 27, 2016 2:08 pm EDT

Lea Snyder is no longer associated in anyway with CPC Real Estate Solutions for 2+ years now. He is working with Re/Max in Hopkins under an alias name. See below...
Agent: Leandre Snyder
Mobile: +[protected]
Phone: +[protected]