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Ch Sep 29, 2019

I purchased close to $1, 000 for my tires last year at Costco, it took a long time before it shipped to me. My tires lights was on prior to today and when I call to get in they would always be booked. I had to take it to another place because i needed to get it checked and they fixed it . The lights came on again this Friday morning on the 27th. I went into Costco Covington on the 28th Saturday hoping to squeeze me in, they said they were booked and scheduled me on Sunday the 29th at 3:30pm, in the meantime they told me to pull next to the garage so they can temporary fill the air on my tire for me. Which I did and my tire lights did not alert once the air was put in my tires. Today I went back to Covington Costco for my 3:30 appointment and did some shopping and came back to the tire center because the technician called me. He said when he took my patch off my tire someone else patched my tires and messed it up and he was not able to patch it up again and I would need to pay for another tire and the warranty would not be covered. I told him I do not recall my tires being patched but i did take it to a tire center that was available when Costco is always busy to get in. He said he can not patch my tires back and i would need to get new tires, he did offer me a reduce price but now I need to drive my car with a donut for a week. SINCE Costco did not have my tire in stock, I drive an hour to work and back everyday on the highway, my son has soccer practice two days a week and I have to drive a distance to his game on Saturday. ON top of this all, I pick up my oldest son after I get off work which is 25 miles away from home and back. Since I have to drive with a donut for a week, the technician told me I would need to drive 55 miles or under on the Highway. I never drove with a donut before and I am worried, the technician asked if i have another car to drive. I am a single mom and i do not have another car to drive, this is my main car and now I feel not safe having to drive a donut and I am hoping that my tires would come in sooner. If Costco saw the patch, they should never have removed the patch and looked in the system to see if Costco had did the patch, but the technician took the patch off and than said that the tire was done somewhere else wrong and refused to patch it up. Next time when you see a patch, please look in the your Costco system first to see if it was done by you before touching it and removing the patch and than coming to me saying that it will not be covered by warranty, I felt vulnerable and no other choice than to buy another tire and now I feel unsafe and will be nervous driving a whole week until my tire comes in. This is a lesson learn to not buy from Costco tires if I knew that I would experience this.

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