Costco Wholesale Corporationservice

M Sep 30, 2019

I was in Arlington store today. There was a corrner box full of pillows the tag above said 9.99 (one of the sale items) I look and all thats in box are king. When I finish shopping and get to checkout they ring up 26.99 so someone goes to check. The manger David comes back and tells me it some other brand so yhe cashier ask him to grabb me one. After standing holding her line up I finaly just pay her and step ashide waiting. After getting tired of standing looking like a fool I go back there. Yhe original sighn was changed and now David who left me standing is saying there was never a sighn or he has no idea and there now are no pillows for that price when there were and I have been waiting for u to bring them. He said noy a word just kept digging in pillow bin and left me again looking stupid. So I was so mad I just left. One the way out I noticed another item was not correctprice so I just returned my items. My membership is up in December anyway and after years I may be done with Castro for a while. It use to be my favorite store ever now this location seems to be slacking in so many areas. You cant even get a box unless u pack it yourself. Very dissapointed we all make mistakes but to act as if I'm in wrong when clearly the product sold and u placed pillows in the slot and forgot the sign just say it instead of wasting half hour of my time then play dumb.

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