Cost Cuttersmens haircut

A Nov 26, 2019

My brother and I went in for haircuts and I got Melissa (she was amazing!) and my brother had Selina cutting his hair. He was very unhappy with the end result, the stylist was very curt with him, making communication difficult and uncomfortable. He tried explaining how he wanted his cut and how he styles his hair, however, she was quick to interrupt and state why she needs to use a certain guard to taper it the way she know how which she assumes he wanted. For lack of confidence and comfort with his slightly abrasive stylist my brother did not speak up. She finished the cut and asked if he wanted product in his hair. He said yes and then Selina made a statement with clear irritation about how now his hair is stuck to her hands and now she has to wash them. So while she went to wash her hands, my brother used her comb to attempt to get his hair to style how he normally does it. No success. He paid the bill, unsatisfied. Came home and ended up cutting / adjusting his already cut hair due to him feeling unheard and being unhappy.

My hair was still being cut, so Selina did another men's cut while my brother waited for me. That gentleman was also very I pleased with the turn out and felt unheard and frustrated by his end result. He did voice how he was very unsatisfied and therefore would not be coming back. I think they comp'd his cut. Unsure. But she didn't seem at all sorry or disappointed with how her last customer was unpleased. I'm not at liberty to say how or what Selina felt. I don't know her. I do however know how important customer service is, and unfortunately, I don't feel it's her strongest skill. Maybe we got her on a bad day, I'm not sure. But unfortunately in the customer service industry, we have to fake it. I understand we are all human, I'm not trying to be insensitive to whatever struggles or stressors she's dealing with, I just feel that it is important to know areas where we can improve. A haircut is a large part of someones image. It can really put a dent in a persons confidence.

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