Cookscape / OrchidModular Kitchens sucks!

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I placed order for modular kitchen and wardrobes to COOKSCAPE / ORCHID designs and am suffering from it. I just wanted to alert you guys about them.

They have offices in Koramangala (next to Sukh Sagar) and in Jayanagar.

They will speak as if they are professional, blah... etc and in the end are worse that carpenters. For my apartment they collected the money on delivery of material on August 21,2006. There were short supplies of major item like doors for kitchen unit, laminate for wardrobe, etc.

More than a month,they have not supplied it (and the best part is I cannot use what they have delivered, latches not done,screws not fitted properly). Absolutely bad customer service, they have not even sent anyone to find out what is missing, and whenever i call up they will say some issues in their factory and promise to deliver in the next few days (which has never happened).

Kindly advise if i can approach the consumer court and make them complete my work and compensate for all the anxiety.


  • Ra
    Rajagopal Yadavalli Jan 01, 2007

    100% confirm the issues in delivery with these guys. My order placed in October 2004, is still pending!!!! Now they are saying that they don't have the kind of wood that I ordered. I did not order any exotic stuff.. just the same thing that they had in their showrooms.

    Be careful about paying out money to these guys.. don't pay on delivery of the material. pay only after installation. To their credit, they have some good products, but service delivery is horrible. I went to these guys expecting professional service where I do not have to call and pester them for completion of work.. but as it turned out these guys are worse than the local carpenters.

    Stay away, if you haven't yet bought anything from them.

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  • Th
    Thanga Jan 11, 2007

    I agree 100% to the comment.

    Their customer service is VERY BAD. Their rates are very high and differential. They do not honor their commitments.
    Be careful with their dealings. Orally they commit lot of things just to get the order but finally they dodge everything possible.

    Finally you are guaranteed to end up with a feeling of getting cheated completely whenever you look at your kitchen.

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  • Ra
    Ranarasi Mar 05, 2007

    I am just kicking myself on why I didnt read this before falling into the cookscape trap. I am experiencing all you guys have mentioned above. They are totally unprofessional, dont give a damn to the customers, very clever in collecting their advances, and once they receive the money, they just dont care for their customers. They have done 75% work and collected 75% money, they are happy with their share, and dont see the reason to complete the work. They have delayed my flat by more than a month, they dont even seem to be apologetic, every time I call them, they say, your items are on the way from Chennai, would be here in 2 days - tomorrow, today..."O sorry" definitely in 3 days and the story continues. They are LIARS! And are trained to lie, probably.

    So, please dont get yourself in this mess. The house, you get with lot of love and dream, do not get the same response from you once get in touch with Cookscape. They irritate you so much, that you feel, its ok if the house is not good, we just move in.

    The employees of cookscape are all buffallo skinned, they just dont care how much ever u abuse them. They have the same reply, we will complete your house in 1 week.

    Our money, house deserves something more than Cookscape.

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  • Ni
    Nick Mar 15, 2007

    Hi all cookscape sufferers,

    I have a solution for this, infact i have gone through all the pain of what you guys mentioned, finally decided to file a case against them in Bangalore consumer forum. It works a great! Please get in touch with me in-case anyone is interested.

    We should fight for such corrupted people and hand-cuff them by LAW.

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  • Vi
    Vinitha5390 Oct 10, 2019

    @Nick Kindly share me your email id as I have similar case with them

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  • Ja
    Jagannath SV Jul 20, 2007


    I regret not having done more due diligence on Cookscape before placing order and paying 100% of amount. I have suffered all the problems mentioned by you above. I am seriously considering approaching consumer forum in Hyderabad. If there are any other similar sufferers in Hyderabad contact me.

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  • Tu
    Tulasi . T Sep 08, 2007

    Yes! All this is true. I am also a sufferer and these guys are less professional than a third grade carpenter. If you have excess money dump on them. They do not have simple common sense even of a 5th class student and would like to do design.

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  • Sa
    sandeep ghildiyal Feb 06, 2008

    Thanks guys for the timely feedback..infact i was on the verge of placing order to them when i smelled something fishy from their resistance to put most of the commitments in their proposal...finally i have decided to go for a different approach altogether for my house woodwork

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  • Pg
    pgthomas Feb 21, 2008

    Thanks all you guys. I was going toplace an order withcookscape.not anymore. Perhaps all of you can join up and hire a lawer and sue the company.

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  • Ra
    Raghunath N Mar 22, 2008

    Please don't get deceived by their ads and demo kitchens.

    When it comes to the actual work, they are pathetic. I would say even a third rate carpenter will do a better job than these guys with much less follow up.

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  • Sr
    Srinivas Nov 09, 2008

    Dear Friends,

    I purely disagree about the comment wht they have given but by the personal experince with the cookscape at Jayanagar. The chaps who is working over there has helped a lot about the product and i was not knowing anything about the product and i have visited many show rooms in bangalore but no one has given such a guidence. When i saw the quote what they had given i was shoked but they explained me why they are charging so much. This is best place to get a quality products. Ya i too agry that they diliver little bit late but the finish and other things is extremely good.

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  • We can't agree more to all of the above. We suffered in the hands Cookscape Hyderabad branch and I'm quite dismayed and shocked by lack of service, total disregard to their commitments and carefree attitude of the employees. I won't recommend Cookscape, even to my enemies or foes. Avoid Cookscape Hyderabad at all costs.

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  • Co
    Cookscape stinks May 25, 2009

    I agree that the Cookscape, whether in hyderabad or elsewhere, is really bad. Once they have your money, off they disappear. Don't buy from them.

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  • Couldn't agree more with the comments. I had a very bad experience with cookscape, hyderabad branch. If anyone of you followed up successfully through consumer forum, can you pl share your experiences. Thanks.

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  • Ka
    KAT_Murugan Oct 22, 2009

    Worst Cheats I had ever met with. Completely unprofessional. They do not deserve to run an organisation with this kind of attitude.

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  • Su
    sureshbabu Oct 30, 2009


    i have not faced any problem like this...
    i just bought a cookscape kitchen...

    I am comfortable with their quality and service, , ,


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  • Su
    Sureshbabu A Nov 25, 2009

    dear friends

    i hope this link is active. few weeks back i got cookscape kitchen installed in my house in chennai.
    the product is good and even they delivered on-time

    i haven't faced any problem like u guys faced. i feel cookscape is better now.


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  • Ha
    Harish Janardhan Dec 02, 2009

    I didnt face any problem while installation. I installed the modular kitchen some 3 years back. It was done on time.
    Now some of the hinges got broken and some fittings got loosened. The laminates got peeled off.. I complained to Cookscape several times in two months, yet there was no one to respond... So be careful... there is no response from them...
    Thinking of sending a notice and then proceed to consumer court... remember they will give you 10 years of warranty... but only thing is that they will not turn up...

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  • Mr
    mrs.kumar Dec 10, 2009

    Hai i am from bangalore i have brought a kitchen from cookscape bangalore .iam a very happy with these people as they took care of my flat as i had been to abroad .i was surprised when i came back to bangalore after 1 month that it was completed in a professional way .
    we would suggest cookscape is a perfect place for your interiors .they are very friendly trusted persons .
    i got a value for my money .i am using the cookscape products from past 3 years .

    i doubt all the complaints here is how far true .
    Mrs. Kumar

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  • Sh
    shunmuga sarojini Aug 16, 2010

    I got attracted by the fancy words and display by the company cookscape and ordered an expensive modular kitchen for my new house in 2000. In those years, there were just one or two companies who takes orders for this fancy kitchen. so I did not have more option but to choose cooksscape. They say that the wood they use is imported, high quality, termite prrof, water proof etc. etc. and they charge heavily because of all these reasons they give. But now the high quality, imported wood they have used for my modular kitchen is slowly getting damaged by termites and already an entire partition has come out competely damaged into dust particles. Now after somany complaints to them regarding this, till date no one has inspected my kitchen and solved the problem. I am grieving for my mistake now. i warn the others to be more careful and alert before choosing and ordering ur modular kitchen especially with cookscape people.

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  • Ar
    aruna jai bangalore Sep 22, 2010

    always believe in interiors people like cookscape because they are completing the work in time nowdays.

    try once and see . i am happy now excellent product in kitchen world

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Priyadharshini Oct 26, 2010

    I (Chennai Resident) haven't experienced such bad service for any product. My kind advice is not to go for cookscape products. They may finish the interior work in time, but very worst service. Even we can say no service at all. These products are not just like “use and thro”; we spend a lot for it. Just think thrice before you pay for it.

    My kitchen interior is done by cookscape. Seven months ago I got a proper in chimini. In spite of thousand calls, a person came from cookscape and took away a part from chimini in name of “repairing it” and till now no one came to fix up.

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  • Ja
    jairam hyd Oct 26, 2010

    all sufrers you please call 09444055077 for all your complaints reg cookscape

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  • Ra
    Ramu_T Dec 27, 2010

    Go for Cookscape at YOUR OWN RISK!!! I bought an apartment this august and approached Cookscape Velachery Branch for woodwork. From the begining, the service has been very pathetic. I was contacting person name Rozario (98408 82678). He or anybody over there in that branch do not have any creativity. It was always me who had to bring out new ideas or pull out information from them. There was also no mentionable help from their side other than details about wood. Negotiated a not bad deal with Navin, senior marketing executive responsible for finance matters at velachery & placed order on Sep 30 for modular kitchen and two wardrobes, a pooja room and a TV unit. The order form that i signed mentioned wood work will be completed in 6 weeks. When i asked them to complete it in 4 weeks, Rozario said will do that in 5 weeks & 6 weeks on the form is just a formality. By now i had paid 50% of the total amount.
    I was assigned a new project in office and got fully occupied with that. It was fifth week and materials were not delivered. I started getting anxious and started following up with Rozario. He said these will be delivered in few days and work will be completed by next weekend. However, nothing happened. When i contacted him again, he said he has quit the job. (He did not even have a basic courtesy to inform his customers about this. Not even Cookscape for that matter). I started following up with Navin alternate days and after a brief threaten saying amount will not be credited until installation, i got a call from Navin on the seventh week. He said materials are ready and will be delivered only if the remaining payment is made. I paid remaining 40% and said 10% will be paid only after installation. Considering the total order amount, 10% was meagre for them. I paid the amount only after getting confirmation from the person responsible for materials Chandrasekhar (9444055088). Person name Faluddeen (9444392193) collected the cheque from me and while speaking told me that Cookscape is interested in huge orders. (Cookscape was doing modular kitchen for 100-120 apartments for community built by builders of Olympia Tech Park)
    Materials were delivered only after three days form the day of payment! It was almost start of 8th week by now. The delivered material did not contain door glass, handles, few hinges etc. There were 5 labors and they were hesitant to show the shutters to me. I didn't feel fishy at the time & still hoped everything will be fine. Fool that i am I still trusted them.
    Due to my professional work pressure, i could not follow up everyday. I started checking only over the weekends. I was shocked the first week after material arrived. Only one person was working in all room then. That too his work was as clumsy as it can be. I started feeling anxious again but since that person was working, i did not call up anybody. Next week was an ultimate surprise. My apartment doors were locked and no one responded to my call (I had given my keys to that carpenter since he said he will stay overnight & finish the work.) I opened door using alternate key and everything was in same position as it was last weekend. Neither the carpenter not the site engineer cared to inform me and return the key! Not even Navin cared to inform. When contacted Navin, he did not respond immediately. After four or five calls, he came online and gave usual response. Got hold of Chandra and got number of person in-charge for installation - Raja 9444066022 (a coward). I was told he is the top most executive; he too sounded professional. He assured to return my call after checking with all the department(!) which he never did. I called him after two hours and he did not even recall who it was! I as pissed off but did not show that while speaking with him. He assured that everything will be taken care by coming thursday (10th week by now). Nothing happened until that Saturday. All my calls from Thursday until Saturday to Raja went unanswered (even until now). Got hold of navin after long struggle. He came to my apartment that evening (3 hours later than what he told).
    It was then i understood how i was cheated and how Cookscape is making all its customer a BHAKRA! (1) He told me that design change that i discussed with Rozario cannot be honored since he is no longer there. (2) The 6 weeks period given on the order form is only for delivery of materials. Installation would take anywhere from three to four weeks from the day of delivery! (3) He also confirmed Cookscape is interested mostly in huge orders like what Fazluddeen told me earlier. It is eleventh week and i am still behind all these bloody money mongers!

    To summarize "Go to Cookscape if you do not find a useful way to spend your money and time".

    Contact numbers mentioned above are correct. I still have business card of some of them.

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  • Ra
    RamolaB May 05, 2011

    Rightly said Mr.Ramu_T "Go to Cookscape if you do not find a useful way to spend your money and time". As you pointed out they are interested in bulk orders and more bulk money I guess. I have gone through the same experience as yours. We should find out if there is any way to file a case in the consumer court for looting money and fooling people against Cookscape. Sir, its not only your Velachery branch each and every branch work like how you have pointed out.
    For people who are planning to go for Cookscape, here is my part of the story.

    This is a warning to all those who are planning to make modular kitchen for the dream houses. Like many others we too wanted our kitchen to be the best and poured in all our money into it.From the stories that we have heard we went to cookscape, they showed a warm welcome and we signed an order for 4 Lakhs.

    We paid 2 Lakhs initially, the delivery was supposed to happen in 6 weeks as per their receipt but it didnt happen. We too didnt question much as delays are bound to happen everywhere, then it became 2 1/2 months, then 3 months.

    When you call them up the owner of the branch has been so evasive and unprofessional, doesnt pick up the phone, if he does he says some stories. They dont even update on what is happening, you have to call up everytime only because you have given them the money.

    After they were delivered we paid the remaining 2 Lakhs, the installation takes 3-4 days time but they took a whole of 30 days to complete it. The workers dont turn up and the most surprising and funny part is when you ask why things are not working they give you the Vice President's (of Cooskcape)number.
    I am asking you all when you go to a restaurant and complain about the food do you talk to the Chef or the CEO of the restaurant?

    Delays do happen in every field but this has been beyond tolerable level. On top of that they have been inefficient, unprofessional and escaping from responsibility. Its very unfortunate to see this from educated people as well.

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  • Vi
    vivek_s May 07, 2011

    i agree to the same as above illustrated by Ramola and Ramu.
    Like Ramu our house owners are also under trap of vellachery cookspace branch. The same Navin is there with his shameless smile to tell you that you have been cheated. I dont know how but as Ramola was rightly saying we should find some way to teach them a lesson. New customers should read these comments before going for purchasing modular kitchen and modular furniture from COOKSPACE.
    Our house owners are senior citizens and they have paid full money still these merciless people are making them cry to get their kitchen done. even after collecting full money, which they have saved during their working life, they have not supplied the complete kitchen and wardrobes. One month passed after full payment and they are in no mood to complete the work.
    their carpenters hardly come and even if they come it is already 11-11.30 am. After one hour of working they go for lunch and you pray to god that they should atleast return. My wife talked to their vice president also but no action taken. we dont how such an organisation run where VP's too are so insensitive about customer complaints.

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  • In
    Indigoo May 19, 2011

    Cookscape, a synonym for horrible customer service. I have not come across a worser dealer than cookscape. Like all other companies, they claim to be the best modular kitchen designers and hey also promise you a 10 year guarantee period. This is not to be beleived at all!!! people, incase you plan to to renovate your kitched, dont even consider cookscape. They suck at customer service. We had called them 5 times so so far and their reply as usual is that they would be sending somebody who never turned up so far!!! Doing a modular kitchen is a big investment and you need some kind of servicing from time to time which Cookscape would NEVER EVER provide. So BEWARE!!

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  • Rb
    rba2011 Feb 28, 2012

    Absolutely agree with every one of the complaints. I wish i read these before i went into the mess. Paid 50% of the money longtime before the order was due. the marketing / sales guy(Jefferson - cookscape in OMR, Chennai) talks like he is your friend and well wisher till the time they receive the money after that when delivery is delayed or doesnt happen he doesnt even bother picking up your phone of keep u informed. My kitchen material was delivered on time and the boxes where all installed on my kitchen the next day. i was happy everything will happen on schedule and didnt bother following up for a week. one week later i go into the house there is no change from the first day . no new material was delivered and nothing happened. after struggling for 2 months got 75% work completed I paid the remaining money holding to 10% so the rest of the pieces are delivered.and moved into the house even though everything was not completed. another 2 months passed and they send an email saying site is complete pay the remaining (10%) that i held on. they are not ready to even take responsibility to compensate me for all the delays. is there a way i can put a lawsuit against this company and get compensation for the delay?

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  • Tu
    tusharaa Sep 30, 2012

    Thank God i read these posts.. i went there today evening to order my kitchen.. haven't paid yet.. its so hard to believe cos we were given a very warm welcome.. i thought they were the best in design.. thanks everyone for posting such information..

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  • Ks
    K.Sasidharan Jul 17, 2013

    yes the above statements are very trueeee with cookspace kitchen-if u need to go into pressure and headache u can give ur job to cookspace-nothing else to mention we spend around 3 n half all in vein

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  • Se
    selvakumar0615 Feb 04, 2014

    Recently there is no bad reviews about this company... still there is no comment on them product or finishing of the Design... always i prefer Cookscape---The Kitchen gallery.. this is the best brand for Modular kitchen and interior Designing..

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  • Ra
    Ravindranth reddy Jul 10, 2014

    Any one recently got work done from Cookscape bangalore ? Is it operational at all ?
    The contact numbers mentioned are not reachable; neither their feedback form works.

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  • Ba
    Balaje Apr 30, 2015



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  • Em
    Emveeyaar Aug 30, 2019

    I wish I had seen these reviews prior to ordering my stuff @ Cookscape

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