Conn's Home Plusunethical behavior/scam professionals

Ri Oct 03, 2019

I bought a laptop and garbage disposal at the end of august 2018, I was told by conn's representative in the store the day of purchase that the 12 months 0 finance started from my first payment. I also declined all insurance and took a copy of my homeowners insurance when I purchased these items. I went to pay my balance off which is less than $200 and they told me I owed them $900 because I did not pay it off by the day I signed the contract. Imagine my surprise and how upset I was. This also explains why conn's uses edocs to go over contracts and your signature. As they explain it to you they are not really telling you the truth, they are telling you what they verbally told you and you agreed upon. I now see why conn's has it's name. I will be sending my payment for the balance of which I know I owe and from there turn it over to my attorneys. I just did some research on complaints against conn's and it seems to be a standard practice to lie, manipulate and deceive your customers. This is the 3rd time I have used conn's on the 12 month 0 finance and have never had this issue.

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