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Zoom Panel Survey / around question 480 being told; &you don't qualify for this survey&

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This is what I sent to Zoom Panel after the most grueling 40 minutes of my time ever on any survey. It was as if they designed this survey to torture. Then I get a ; "we're sorry you don't qualify for this survey". So this is what I sent them;

[protected]-3 reference;
48 pages of trite, repeating questions, with each page thinking "this is surely the last", going on forever. Then on page 48, I'm told I don't qualify for this stupid waste of my time. Now all the "Zoom points" are useless because I quit, instead I'm going to go to Complaints, and others and warn the whole world that Zoom is the worst bait and switch scam surveys online. Kindly never ever darken my email again! You've screwed the wrong guy!

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  • Zo
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    Dear armpit44 -

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a ZoomPanel survey. It sounds like the survey you participated in was too long in the first place then when you didn't qualify, it was very frustrating.

    Feedback from our panelists helps us prevent the type of survey experience you described.

    Write me back with your ZoomPanel account email address. I would like to compensate you for your time. Also, if you can forward me the survey link from your invite, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Karen @ZoomPanel

  • Ar
      22nd of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Funny, I attempted to send the following email to Karen @ZoomPanel and it bounced.

    I was so livid I erased everything I had from Zoom Panel, but there is a small
    chance that this is it. One thing I didn't include in the complaint is the
    survey very much resembled a "personality test", with probing questions about
    your social skills and relationships with friends and family, AND many of the
    questions repeated a few pages later, like you were in an endless time warp. It
    was about 5 times longer that any survey I've ever taken, but I was curious so I
    kept at it to see where it was going and WHEN IT WOULD FINALLY END. Then to get
    the brush off was totally unfair. Thanks, Karen.

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: ZoomPanel
    To: kitschinsync@YAHOO.COM
    Sent: Thu, September 16, 2010 9:52:04 AM
    Subject: Make your opinion count and earn ZoomPoints (100473094)

    Hello ZoomPanel Member,

    Points Bonanza! ZoomPanel now has more surveys with higher point awards. Offer
    extended through the summer! Use your points towards music downloads, magazines,
    movie tickets, electronics, DVDs and more.

    There's a new survey in progress and we'd like you to participate. Your opinions
    matter and they determine how our clients develop and improve their products and

    -- Get ZoomPoints if you complete the survey

    Take this survey today and get closer to your next reward!

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    Install ZoomPanel Toolbar now.

    Sincerely yours,
    Christina Parker
    ZoomPanel Member Support

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  • Zo
      24th of Sep, 2010
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    Thank you for your feedback. The survey you particpiated in was too long. I will email you directly and would like to give you points for your time and effort.

  • Am
      2nd of Jun, 2014
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    Zoompanel has stopped giving rewards, but still wants you to take survey's. Something rotten here! Clicking on the Rewards section for months only to see: Available Rewards

    Due to unusually high demand our rewards
    are temporarily out of stock. We should have more available very soon!
    Please check back later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    I still get survey's at least 2-3 times a week, earn points, but can't redeem them! Looks like a scam to me!

  • Ti
      28th of Jun, 2014
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  • Je
      29th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    zoom a survey site supposed to be good where people get amazon gift cards for taking surveys, they never
    have any surveys and, I check it everyday. I have 75 points so far. I don't understand why they don't just take the site off ?
    It's fraud. I want my gift card, I took 10 surveys in the beginning. I started in may 2014.

  • Dh
      6th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Zoom Panel needs to be shut down!

    Their newest con is to have you answer questions to see if you qualify for a survey.

    3 months of answering their questions and I do not qualify for even ONE survey?????

    Obviously this is a clear violation of ethical business practices.

    What government agency can address this issue?

  • Mi
      1st of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have been a member of Zoom Panel for years. I have never thought it to be the best, but now that I am close to the point level of cashing out, I suddenly log in and "Oops, sorry you don't qualify..." pops up. Perhaps I have been used and then dropped before compensation?
    I, too, have spent more than a half-hour on a survey only to "not qualify." I do not recommend this panel!

  • Sk
      14th of Nov, 2014
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    I have tried and never succeeded in finding Zoom Panel's rewards list. I haven't even gotten near cashing out, but I should be able to view the rewards list. I have also experienced the long screen-out surveys. My suspicion of a scam is how I ended up reading this post.

  • Mi
      14th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I did contact Zoom panel and after several "back and forths, " they said my profile needed updated. ( Funny, my profile had been the same for years.) However, my zipcode was indeed wrong, and after changing it, suddenly started getting surveys again. I do know that the only reward I have seen is at 2500 points ($25 Amazon gift card.)

  • Ta
      20th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have tried and tired to take surveys with Zoom Panel and in the past used to get fairly good surveys from Zoom Panel. Now all I get are the same stupid qualification questions and only a mere 5 points. I also have to log in every single time I get a survey invitation and when I don't qualify within 5 sec they are sending me another invitation for which once again I do not qualify. I have tried to contact Zoom Panel to no avail and I am certainly fed up with not getting surveys. I have been a faithful member of Zoom Panel for I can't tell you how many years and have never been treated the way I am being treated now. This site will not even respond when you send an email to or If this site is not going to offer surveys and rewards for participation then they need to close. I think they have just become a scam site and I am fed up with seeing the words we have found the perfect survey for you only to answer the same stupid qualification questions again and again. I can safely say I deserve a very nice gift worth $20.00 or more for my time and effort or better yet just send me $17.50 and then close my account and never send me another invitation ever again. In my opinion Zoom Panel is nothing but a HOAX!!!

  • Sa
      21st of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have requested an Amazon gift card as my reward compensation from Zoom Panel. The request was sent and deducted from my account on Dec 1st. According to Zoom, I should have received my card before Dec 30th. No card arrived and I contacted the panel by Email on Jan 10. I never received a courtesy reply but the surveys keep coming in.
    Beware that although you are expected to reply to the surveys in a timely manner, Zoom Panel does not offer the same in responding to you inquiree. Still waiting for the Amazon card. Not completing anymore surveys for this company.

  • Li
      25th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have been taking four, five surveys at a time.Every time no matter how long or short. I get the message.I don't qualify.This is after they get the information they needed. I have been trying for months to get enough points for the Amazon Gift card and only once a month if lucky do I qualify for a survey.I have belonged to Zoom for many years but truthfully they are not the same anymore.

  • Br
      28th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have been waiting for $25.00 for three months from zoom panel I have emailed them six times and each time they told me that I will receive a gift card in the mail. The last email said that they would pay me using my pay pal account and I would receive $30 for my inconvenience and it would be there in 24 hours. It has now been five days later and still no payment. I have just cancelled my account with them and I don't advise anyone to sign up with them.

  • Sa
      28th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    It has now been almost four months since Zoom panel has been promising to send my gift card. After four Emails, and one complaint sent to the head office, I finally received an Email reply from them. This came over three weeks ago, and stated that because I had to wait so long I would receive a Visa gift card for the $25.00 they owed me plus an additional $5.00 for my patience. Naturally, this would take yet another two weeks. The stall just goes on and on. I have contacted every complaint website I can find about this company in hopes of warning people not to join. DO NOT DEAL WITH ZOOM PANEL!

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