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Your Travel Biz (YTB) / A complaint, not praise, not an offer to become my downlink

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Nobody wants to join under me, seems I'm the last one in on this scam. Nobody would book with me because they found it cheaper on Priceline. I am glad now I didn't accept any responsibility for my friends high dollar vacations. Just imagine getting an irate phone call at 2 in the morning because of some screwup. And now comes the icing on the cake, airlines and cruises no longer honors YTB agent cards. By-By cheap travel benefits.

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  • Th
      18th of Jan, 2008

    I totally agree. YTB takes advantage of people who are just trying to have a bit extra. They are so excited by the hype that they forget to use common sense. My husband and I ended up about $1000.00 poorer for our dream of a bit extra! Run, do not walk away if someone approaches you to join YTB! Just ask me, I can give you specifics.

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  • An
      3rd of Feb, 2008

    Here we go again... did you "work" the business or did you just sit and wait for it to drop into you lap like so many people in the U.S. Doing as less as possible to collect a paycheck is the American Way for so many. This is a business, and just like anything else, you get back what you put into it.

    When you say "nobody wants to join under me" Well, that is a strong statement you are putting out into the universe. And the universe gives you what you are thinking and feeling about, everytime.

    Second, Priceline is one of our partners. Don't you read the e-mail from your upline? Did you pay attention during trainings and presentations?

    Morever, airline prices will always fluctuate...YTB is not cheaper everytime, but 90 - 90% of the time. Also, the idea is that you establish relatinships. If I searched two trips exactly the same from a friend or business associate, and the competition and it was $2 - $15 or somewhere inbetween I personally, would not mind paying a bit extra because I know the person. If one is spending $2,000 on travel..what is $15? I have personally seen many examples of how YTB beats the competition.

    You need to read your information; YOU are not responsible for any errors in booking, you are NOT the "travel agent" or the booking engine that issues the ticket. YTB has a customer service department just for that purpose. It has errors and ommissions insurance. One of our cruislines has a vacation guarantee.

    Stop complaining and giving the company a bad name, because you are either too lazy, or your upline is not working with you properly, and you don't really understand your role as an RTA. If you don't like it, then just leave and find something else to do.

    For the other comments, YTB does NOT claim to beat the other companies 100% of the time. YTB is a great company; the problems are with many of the RTA's in the field not taking the time to read the rules and responsiblities, and going out and saying and doing things that can get the company as a whole into trouble. It is called abusing, and it happens in any industry. There are people that surf porn all day at their jobs, then get fired and it ends up on the news... does it make the company bad? No, it is irresponsible behavior by the person who "works for that company"


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  • Tk
      13th of Mar, 2008

    I am thrilled with YTB. The tax advantages of owning a home-based business are amazing. And, because I am a Referring Travel Agent documenting my travel experiences, I am able to write off my vacations on my taxes (to the tune of $5000 last year). What a great business! No quotas, no selling products out of your garage, no buying products you don't need so that you can "earn" (buy) your way to the next level! Everything is online. I'm fairly new but am having success booking travel as well because our prices are very competetive. I do pay $50 a month but once 6 people join the business, it gets reimbursed (I'm half way there). And, I wouldn't care if I paid it the rest of my life, honestly because of the tax advantages, commission back on my travel and support from our home office until 10:00 p.m to answer any questions I have. What a bargain!! I wonder if any of the people complaining on these websites have ever owned a traditional business in their lives. Trust me, it costs A LOT more than $50 a month to run a brick and mortar business.

    Just my thoughts!

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  • He
      15th of Mar, 2008

    We also got involved in YTB recently. My husband and I have owned our own business for years. Of course we are concerned about the reputation of YTB because we added it onto our business. Being associated with YTB (if they have a bad rep) could ruin our existing business. Since we started researching some trips/cruises, we have found that YTB is a few hundered dollars higher. One cruise we're looking at with 3 inside cabins is $700.00 more than other sites.

    We also went to a travel trade show last week and as soon as we said YTB we were shunned. So, PLEASE tell me more about what is going on.

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  • Wa
      23rd of Mar, 2008

    I was with YTB for over a year. When I found out that they lost their IATAN number and several Cruise lines, I started looking elsewheres. What I found was World Ventures. They are in good standing with all the Cruise lines and they do have their IATAN number. Please view the presentation at my web site. If you have any questions please e-mail me at [protected] or call me at 404-787-1433.


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  • Ga
      29th of Mar, 2008

    Its unfortunate you had that experiencI've had completely different onee. Freinds and family are referring their friends and family to me.
    I recently booked a cruise for a friend and she was thrilled when we got it for $600 less than the listed price. You have to take the trainings to know how to negotiate and get better rates.
    Many of my clients have told me that our airfares were cheaper than Orbitz. Of course I tell them that if you see a cheaper price, like on any booking engine do it fast because we know that the airfares can change within minutes.
    As far as the IATAN is concerned, we have proven that it isn't needed to book travel. YTB Travel network is booking travel and doing well with it.
    I'm not in this for the discounts. Just like someone who buys a grocery store didn't do it for the free groceries!

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  • Ru
      9th of Apr, 2008

    Well what can I say... I read about YTB and it does not bode well.. I am in Traverus.. been with them since Jan 2007.. 6 weeks after i joined them I won a brand new Lexus ES 350!!

    You can see my testimonial on my link below.. I have met the CEO David Manning and all at the head office.. They are human and caring.. and the pay plan is 2nd to one..

    I invite you to take a look at Traverus.. you will not be wasting your time.. and 1 other thing about Traverus is... they are not on a compliants page like this!!!

    regards Russell Birtwistle

    Ph 813 579 3835

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  • Br
      2nd of May, 2008

    I was approached by a friend to go to a meeting to hear al about this. I found myself among company of poeple that were totally without any business experience looking to get rich and take cheap vacations. When asked real questions about the company, stock on the pinks, and how it really works...i got bogus answers that would not fly with any person who has real business experience. In fact, they were really rude, and encouraged their associated to not deal with me anymore. I guess i was just too much reality for them.

    These executives at YTB have set up a business to provide travel services, yes this is true. But they have done it as a front to line their own pockets with money. They all have a history together, the Tomers are all employed there (talk about nepotism), and none of them hav any real business experience.

    It is really a shame. Without people paying them every month for th deam they hope for, these execs are done. Dont give them a penny.

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  • Jj
      3rd of May, 2008

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  • Jo
      11th of May, 2008

    I know a friend who joined this so called ytb, mojgan. She was all excited and bragged about how much money these people told her she would make. Her being from Iran, is taken advantage of a lot. I strongly urge anyone to stay clear of this company...

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  • Be
      12th of Jun, 2008

    YTB - Traverus = Same church, different pew. They are the same concept and I would touch neither even if THEY paid me.

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  • Ju
      7th of Aug, 2008

    Ca. Atty. Gen. Brown Sues To Topple Online Pyramid Scheme

    LOS ANGELES--California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today sued for operating a gigantic pyramid scheme that recruited tens of thousands of members with deceptive claims that members could earn huge sums of money through its online travel agencies.

    “ operates a gigantic pyramid scheme that is immensely profitable to a few individuals on top and a complete rip-off for most everyone else, ” Attorney General Brown said. “Today’s lawsuit seeks to shut down the company’s unlawful operation before more people are exploited by the scam.” and its affiliates operate an illegal pyramid scheme that only benefits members if and when they find enough new members to join the scam. Once enrolled, members who join the pyramid scheme earn compensation for each new person they enlist, regardless of whether they sell any travel. The company lures new members by offering huge income opportunities through online travel agencies yet the typical person actually makes nothing selling travel.

    According to company records there were over 200, 000 members in 2007 who typically pay more than $1, 000 per year--$449.95 to set up an “online travel agency” with a monthly fee of $49.95. In 2007, only 38 percent of the company’s members made any travel commissions. For the minority of members who made any travel commission in 2007, the median income was $39.00--less than one month’s cost to keep the Website. There are at least 139, 000 of the company’s travel Websites, all virtually identical, on the Internet.

    YourTravelBiz’s extensive marketing materials include videos of people driving Porsches and other luxury cars, holding ten-thousand dollar checks, and claiming to be raking in millions of dollars in profits. The company advertises through its Website, and at conventions, workshops and nationwide sales meetings which have been held in California locations such as Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Diego.

    Brown charges the company, its affiliates, and the company’s founders J. Lloyd Tomer, J. Scott Tomer, J. Kim Sorensen and Andrew Cauthen with operating an “endless chain scheme, ” an unlawful pyramid in which a person pays money for the chance to receive money by recruiting new members to join the pyramid. Brown also charges the company with unfair business practices and false advertising practices including:

    * Deceptive claims that members can earn millions of dollars with the company
    * Operating without filing legally mandated documents with the attorney general and the Department of Corporations
    * Selling an illegal travel discount program

    Under California’s unfair business practices statute, the company is liable for $2, 500 per violation of law. Attorney General Brown is suing to get a court order that:

    * Bars the company from making false or misleading statements
    * Assesses a civil penalty of at least $15, 000, 000 and at least $10, 000, 000 in restitution for Californians who were ripped off by the company.

    From August 6 through 10, thousands of members are preparing to travel to St. Louis for a national convention to learn new techniques to recruit more victims into the illegal pyramid scheme. Last year at least 10, 000 people attended a similar national conference. For more details on the company’s plan to perpetuate its scheme visit:

    For more information on pyramid schemes visit:

    If you feel you have been a victim of YTB contact your State Attorney General's office

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  • Ch
      21st of Aug, 2008

    I disagree, YTB makes no income promises, if you don't work your business booking travel and selling stores you will not make money. It is not a get rich quick scheme. No work no pay. Simple as that. They don't owe anyone anything, the right of recision is right on the application page when they sign up and can be printed out. They are even told not to wait til their kit comes in to start their business, their website is up immediately. YTB does just what they say, provides them with online travel store, what they do with it is up to them. If they don't know how to market themselves then they should take a marketing class or maybe get into business at all. Obviously they don't understand the concept. If you buy a store anywhere and not market it, how many sales do you expect to make. The people in YTB that are making millions make it because they put in the time and money to market their stores and their business, they didn't sit on the heavenly assurance and wait for business to come to them. So in my opinion, give me a break. They just want free money. Sue happy. They would sue any home-based business, what about the business that you need to stock hundreds of dollars of inventory, if you don't tell anyone that you own a store, will you sell anything, no. The complaint is invalid and just plain ignorant. You would think that a government office would get it. Hum, need I say more. I have no further comments.

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  • Ju
      11th of Sep, 2008

    Cheryl said:

    "The complaint is invalid and just plain ignorant. You would think that a government office would get it. Hum, need I say more. I have no further comments."

    Sorry, Cheryl YTB had 18 months to get into compliance with California Seller of Travel Laws and stop the bogus recruiting claims. They basically thumbed their noses at the CA AG. Read the lawsuit. Among other complaints they promised in their recruiting people would get rich, they used bogus tactics to try to lure people in. The CA AG just doesn't go after companies for the heck of it because it costs them money to do so. And, Illinois is investigating and I hear Florida is as well.

    YTB's Board Member and top attorney resigned last week. Coincidence? I think not.

    Meridian Bank, the local bank, handling YTB's loans has been issued a cease and desist order because of questionable practices related to YTB's loans. Again, coincidence? No.

    Unsatisfactory rating with the BBB.

    2 class action lawsuits brought on by former RTA's one for 100 million. The law firms representing these cases are heavy hitters they took on Vioxx, Asbestos, Microsoft and won. And, 1 federal lawsuit.

    And, YTB's stock is tanking.

    These complaints are not ignorant. You are the one who is sadly misinformed.

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  • Yc
      20th of Oct, 2008

    I trying to understand why there are law suites in three different states and why the BBB is saying that this is a pyamid scheme? Can you answer that . I was interesting in joining untill I read the information from the BBB. can you please advise.

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  • Sa
      10th of Nov, 2008

    Well, was $300 cheaper than my friends YTB site. Hmmmmm...

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  • Jo
      13th of Nov, 2008

    YTB is like any other business. If you treat it like a hobby, or don't work hard at it, you will not be successful. Unfortunatley, many people in the world want someone else to do the work for them, or they quit before giving it their full attention, and a complete effort. Then they quit and say "it was too hard!" or "no one wants me". All I have to say is... "WHAAAAAA!" Go cry to someone else. The business is not successful if you don't work at it, don't keep working at it, if you don't listen to your upline, take advantage of the resources available to you and if you give up too easy. I have found the people I have the most success with, are the people I don't know. Many people just talk to thier friends, their family, and co-workers. Unfortunately, these are the people that are most likely to doubt you, the business, and not support you. It seems to be human nature. People think "if it's too good to be true, it is" or "how could you be doing something like owning your own travel site?" The fact is they are not educated on the business. Anyone that does enough research, or if you're an RTA, or thinking of becoming an RTA, call it "homework". I don't know why anyone would think they could start their own business and not have to work at it or think that they're going to make millions overnight. The business is desiged to pay those that work, and that stick with it. We, as americans, well, the majority of us, tend to be lazy! And 20% of the people are doing 80% of the work. So, if you don't work your business, and you fail, don't complain, it's your own fault for not sticking with it, for giving up, and for not educating yourself & trying hard enough. The fact is, it's not hard work, once you learn how to do it. I would ask anyone who says anything negative about YTB, how long they had tried to do it. If they say a month, laugh at them! Who starts a business and gives up after a month or even a few. The facts are, most business owners, do not even turn a proffit until they are 4-5 years into a company. This business is designed so that working it part time, within 4-5 years, you can be financially free and not have to work any other job. If you're coachable, and you work hard, you will be successful. No questions asked. If you are a quitter and lazy... well, stop complaining, and go work your 9-5 job and slave away the rest of your life. Life is choices, and you obviously don't apply yourself to your fullest potential if you can't make something as easy at YTB work. I'm saying all this, and I'm still fairly new in the company, and I"m already being successful!

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  • Jo
      13th of Nov, 2008

    PS if you goto and click on the company presentation, you can hear about the lawsuit. There is only one now. They faught two of them and won. YTB will win this one too. By the way, microsoft was in over 100 lawsuits at once at one point. The fact is, the internet has revolutionalized the travel industry, and the brick & mortar travel agents are failing. Of course they're jealous!

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  • Jo
      23rd of Nov, 2008 has some of the greatest deals you can find! As will any YTB site. offeres an opportunity to own your own travel business. These are ligitimate companies. YTB is a solid, secure company! See for yourself!

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  • Ma
      23rd of Nov, 2008

    I used jdijuliotravel and found better prices on his site then I have any others. I would suggest to anyone to try finding a better deal elsewhere, and always compare your prices. Booking travel was easy on this site and I had no problems.

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