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Words cannot explain the bad and crook practices applied by Diego Pucci, owner (really?) of Yobilab web-design company in Rome/Italy.
Not only will he dishonor your contract in a way that after the project period has passed and - according to his contract - if he couldn't deliver the completed contract he would refund the entire amount paid up, no, he will send you another bill, calculating all hours he'd spent and request you to pay the difference. Interesting, indeed.
Besides, He and his team are too dumb to work with ELGG (wasted 10 days for nothing. He would then but also suggest to move to use of the worst and most unsafe alternative CMS called "DOLPHIN" (mind you, that were HIS words, no, he needs another several days to discover the htaccess file which doesn't allow him to install DOLPHIN. He then would also complain that he is confused because he receives too many email (I could recommend him a good software that could help this professional actor, sorry he was an actor before but now is a self-turned professional web-crook). Of course, as a professional project manager, and programmer, he also cannot remember the files explaining the project to him... Oh this list could go on and on and on...
I can only wrap everything in one single word, "Crook"
If you want to know more, feel free to ask me. I have plenty of evidence on hand ... all HIS words in writing!

Yobilab web-design agency

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  • Wc
      21st of Jun, 2012

    I heard similar stories and now they even try to portrait to be a "hosting" company. Would the world really wonder why Europe is in such a mess? It appears 'rubber' companies like this yobilab are quite common and the laws in europe rather protects them than the victims.

    I'd never engage an Italian web-design company anyway. If they are as bad as their wines than that would be enough to walk away. So anyone who engages these cheap wine punchers doesn't really need to complain if they get knocked around.

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