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Yensid Saint Bernard Kristina Sveinson Dog Killer Alberta / kristina sveinson dog killer yensid saint bernards

1 # 12 Joffre Village Alberta, JOFFRE, Canada Review updated:
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Do not buy or sell KRISTINA SVEINSON a dog!
Yes I was stupid and sold this woman a beautiful Bernese Male Pup. She had a few saints from my daughter and wanted a Bernese for therapy and nose work. After I wrote up the contract she then tells me she won't have the money and could pay for him in a few months, which was against my better judgement but added all of this to the contract we both signed I messaged her a few times to see how Doozer was doing and if she was going to make a payment, she always had bills and couldn't pay. I messaged her in September and said his balance was due and if she didn't have the money I would take him back, she replied and said she loved him and would have the money in full end of October. So her contract and balance due Oct 31 and I sent her a facebook message. She messaged me back to say she was sick in the hospital and told me the Bernese male she owed money on was now dead. She said he was being posted by some vet she never used before to find out what happened. She said she thought he died of bloat which never happens in puppies. I asked for the vet's number and name but she wouldn't give it to me and told me that I was being rude to bother her while she was sick. I contacted her for 4 days asking for this mystery vet report, but still no vet report and now she blocked me through facebook, email and her cell. I immediately started to drive around her home in Joffre Alberta House#12 to see if I could see him in their yard. I put up ads on Facebook that Doozer was Stolen but no one saw him anywhere so I am assuming he was in Fox Lake with Kristina Sveinson December one of her friends posted on facebook that she had made a new collar for Doozer, which confirms what I thought all along, this Beautiful boy was not dead. People on Face book were great, got messages daily on my stolen Bernese but none of the Bernese were him. I drove by their house 4 times a day hoping I would see him. Spring 2018 KRISTINA SVEINSON screwed her best friend over for 12000.00. She contacted me to tell me Doozer was put down February 6 at Piper Creek Vet in Red Deer for No REASON other than he was getting too hard to hide. I was devastated who in the hell puts down a healthy happy 14 month old pup? she could of just brought him back but instead chose to kill him. She told me KRISTINA SVEINSON hated Doozer and she saw her often slap or kick him and always screaming at him, this broke my heart. Doozer was held hostage in their dirty garage, never went outside and lived in a crate. She also told me she had furniture stored in the same garage and the furniture was losing its finish due to the ammonia. I feel sick to think of his last few months cooped up in a crate sleeping in his own feces and urine, and then finally see sunshine on his way to the vet to be put down. I have come across scummy people in my life But Never have I ever met a woman more scummier than KRISTINA SVEINSON. This woman still breeds, Shows, buys dogs. She lives with 2 gay men that don't work, sleep all day and would never think to feed or water the dogs or clean up after them for they are lazy POS Ryan Michael Williams and his Husband. They have a litter coming in Feb 2019, they show pictures of their dogs in the house which is just a picture, these dogs live in tiny cages in the garage in their own filth. Don't be fooled like I was, this woman should be serving time for what she did, this is MURDER!!!
Don't let Doozer die in vain, get the word out on this dog killer and make people aware of this heartless [censored].

It's not even about the money she owed me. This woman acts like she Loves Dogs, she is Fake. Dog Lovers save animals not Murder a Healthy Pup because she didn't want him anymore, Pure Evil

Yensid Saint Bernard Kristina Sveinson Dog Killer Alberta
Yensid Saint Bernard Kristina Sveinson Dog Killer Alberta

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Jan 21, 2019
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  • Tj
      9th of Feb, 2019
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    The same thing happened to me but I was very fortunate to get my pup back. I met her at a dog show and she came up to me and starting asking about my dogs, that she was new in the show world but wanted to start with the best and loved my pups. You know the bull [censored] people feed you when they want to be friends. All the pups I had at the show were sold so she wanted to know if I had any teenagers. Long story short she came up to see a male I was growing up. I wrote up a contract and she said she left the cash for him on her kitchen table but she would deposit the money the next morning and send me a e transfer. No money the next day but she promised the following day again no money! This time she said an unexpected bill came up and she no longer had the money but would have money in a week. I heard from friends that she was contacting other breeders wanting pups. So decided to surprise her with a visit. She started to come up with excuses that's she's been sick and had bills, I said give me back my dog and she told me she didn't have the dog so I ripped through the house looking for him while she is screaming she is calling 911. I went into the back yard and could hear dogs barking and ran to this single car garage, the dogs were in cages that looked like home made rabbit cages and way too small for a saint, the smell was overwhelming, no one had water or food. I opened the cage where my male was he was covered in feces and mats and Skinny! She only had my boy for 3 weeks and he didn't even look like the same dog. I wanted to puke and take them all, they were all barking and wanting to be free. Her and her gay body guards were blocking the door, I just pushed passed them and took my dog to my truck while they are screaming I am stealing and the cops are coming. I sat in my truck and waited 25 minutes for the cops to arrive for I wanted to speak to them myself but no one showed. I am so sorry about your berner, she is a heartless snake that thinks she can screw people over and now murder a beautiful boy because he didn't fit into her plans, she should be in jail!!
    Buyer beware she just had puppies, sure she will be advertising soon on kijiji
    Send me a message please I can help you.

  • Co
      14th of Mar, 2019
    +1 Votes

    @TJ1950 Would you be willing to discuss this more? Would love to chat and exchange experiences with these people and their dog abuse.

  • Ts
      14th of Mar, 2019
    -2 Votes

    I am so happy to have found Yensid saints as the owners are very knowledgeable in the breed and are so willing to share that knowledge. Even though I have no intention of showing dogs I was so impressed that their dogs are used for so many things - showing, nose work, companion and I am sure the list goes on. I truly believe this breeder loves their dogs and only want the best for them and their litter.
    TS -Alberta

  • Ri
      14th of Mar, 2019
    +3 Votes

    @TSJD1985 TS Alberta AKA Kristina Sveinson. Do you honestly think by posting under a fake name you can make people believe you are good people who truly love your dogs? Companionship? How do you have companionship when your dogs live in a filthy garage in chicken pens? Wants the best? What about DOOZER how come Kristina didn't want the best for him? How come she didn't "truly" love Him??? You can show and do nose work until the cows come home but Nothing changes the Fact you are a DOG KILLER!!!

  • Lo
      17th of Mar, 2019
    +1 Votes

    @TSJD1985 Your Kidding Right? No one would be happy with a human who puts a Healthy pup down at 14 months. Where was her Love for Dozer? Did she do what was best for Dozer?? Probably is this breeder posting this garbage. People Beware she has her first litter right now, comes out the gates at a whooping 2000 per pup, wow, good luck with that, poor pups will also be growing up in the disgusting garage just like their parents do. They don't give a [censored] for their dogs, they are just money breeders that hate Dogs!!

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