Yearovercharged hung up on twice

To whom it may concern, I'm reaching out today to address a customer service issue I spent $300 a day before and the day of Thanksgiving the day before Thanksgiving I turned in some rain checks coupons and use just for you I was overcharged 42% on $100 purchase as a result I was stranded with not enough money to return home from my holiday for gas as in I am very ill and have limited resources. I live in saint Helens Oregon what least close I am almost an hour away up in the rule area I drive down 1 hour to shop because the store is the only store close enough and it's worth the money to me to spend the higher prices at your store in saint Helens I've been shopping there for 40 years will a different Safeways as well lately things have been exceedingly wrong on my receipt with the new just-for-you system being that I live an hour away and I'm Ill for me to travel in is a lot of effort and usually requires the energy and time I have for the day I called this morning to verify I had the right stuff with me to make the drive-in to receive my 30-plus dollar refund it meant sentence the associate asked me if I was going to let her talk and I said no not yet I'm almost done I'm not finished when I was done my sentence I stopped talkin realized I was on hold the phone was then hung up by the associate so I called back as soon as the phone was picked up it was hung up again this happened twice I did call back shortly after and spoke with a very kind so she ate who answered my questions and listen to me was a very brief conversation and went well as in customer service was obtained I feel very confident with the store its employees most of the time in particular is put me in a position of stress and anxiety I was not calling in an angry State I was really calling to exchange information before I can.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saint Helens, OR I feel this is very unjust for a customer service representative and one should not act this way my name is William may my phone number is [protected] I've never complained before to a store about an employee this will be a first time in 45 years but this is something that I cannot let go by really because customer service is the main job title and I have been a manager for years would suspect that the manager has left this happened for a long time for her to excel to that form of retaliation so quickly I would like to look directly as quickly as possible if you could contact me that would be wonderful I have had this problem for years I've never been offered or reimbursement I've always said thank you and no problem I expect to be treated with respect that is it I'm a nice gentle person and have a good relationship with the staff I am choosing to go to winco Foods at this point which is quite a bit farther and stressful for me as I am Hill but really refuse to tournament return there until this issue is dealt with and I am notified I never asked for much in life but this is the most unjust action I've seen out of a customer service representative really think she might be in the wrong job and that her manager should be assessed or evaluate her as a potential problem as this may cause me as well as my family and friends to shop elsewhere based on your reaction because my friends often bases and is overlooked things happen I understand this is different I called back and was treated very nicely by another associate and the problem is resolved and that is why I'm contacting you please address this as soon as you can I appreciate it and look forward to hearing your response William May [protected] st.Helens 97051.thank you and thank you for the time in the future may spend on this I look forward to hearing from you once again have a wonderful day thank you.

Nov 28, 2018

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