Yangchen C Rinzin Of Kuensel & Ex - Employee Of Karma Tshering / Ex-employee writes biased articles about Miss Bhutan Pageant

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Yangchen C Rinzin, an ex-employee of Karma Tshering and MPC Entertainment is solely responsible for writing biased articles for Bhutan's leading newspaper Kuensel.

Not only has Yangchen C Rinzin forged statements of the Indian trainer who had come to Bhutan to train the 18 finalists of Miss Bhutan, but she also had the audacity to openly write favorable articles for the Miss Bhutan 2010 pageant.

Her articles mention Karma Tshering many times, as if there is a special bond between them.

Our local resources discovered that in fact there was and is a special bond between Yangchen C Rinzin and Karma Tshering.

She was an employee of MPC Entertainment, the company that Karma Tshering owns.

She left MPC Entertainment to join a reporting position at Kuensel on Karma Tshering's referral.

Seems like Karma Tshering is really good at hiding his numerous female connections in various places in Bhutan.

For how long will such an ugly man be allowed to run a national level pageant is anybody's guess.

One thing's for sure, we have been getting far too many complaints and negative feedback about Karma Tshering now.

So, it is obvious that his hanky-panky has been going on in Bhutan for some years now.

Sadly, the image and reputation of the country itself is going down in the international media with all these complaints against him.

And, we certainly hope that Yangchen C Rinzin does not remain corrupt and is removed from Kuensel for writing completely biased articles and forging statements of experts she interviews.

Action is being taken against Yangchen C Rinzin soon.

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  • Tn
      Sep 28, 2010

    seriously, have you been 'used' by karma tshering??!! used and thrown?? cuz this ### is beginning to sound more and more like a jealous ditched one night stand kinda thing.. i actually thot there mite b some truth in this, but now i see its all just personal ###..
    dont go giving us vague 'indian trainer', 'informed through email' ###.. get a life ###!!

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  • Ih
      Sep 30, 2010

    well first of all what we felt there is some truth but your comments seems like personal attack which people like us are not interested!!! the writer wrote according to what she was informed and of course she could have asked your so called ###ing trainer but he like a chicken heart ran away from bhutan without telling anyone, so how is the writer supposed to meet. when we went thru the article we felt both organiser and karma tshering was at wrong and that article was not biased, but now i feel like telling the reporter, who ever she is, she should be biased and ###ing silva doesn't deserve sympathy. We have our own issues to look on so u be in ur own country and dont mess with our country's problem. India has lot more corrupted problems than bhutam first go n handle that and then talk abt handling our problem, then we will respect ur opinion!!! why is that you are not happy with organiser, miss bhutan and the reporter???
    and BTW tnamgay, is your comment for Preeti or for reporter Yangchen, if it was for the reporter then i feel sad for you for writing such crap abt ur own citizen and helping Preeti. BUT if it isnt then we both can screw her the way she is screwing up with our peopl!!!

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