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One good thing is I'm getting more and more friendly with MSN.COM. I keep hoping you'll see everyone's complaints and stop with all the articles that go no where, auto play ads and "read more" buttons.

*Many Auto Play Ads. You click to stop them and they just start back up after about 30 seconds. And not just one ad. I've had as many as 3 of the same video ad playing along side of the article I'm trying to read.
*"Read More" button - seriously?
*Ok News! and Chicago Sun-Times are in many of your news feeds but when you click on them you need to be a member to read article. WHY ARE THEY ON THERE, IF YOU CAN'T READ THEM? or comment!!
*I try and read Dear Abby, after hitting the "read more" button and half the screen is missing because it wants you to sign up to their page to be able ot read the article..

Jul 21, 2016
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  • Jk
      23rd of Jul, 2016

    It's your new internet. Total junk ads that make it impossible to navigate the page on many sites, including Yahoo. MSM will do it soon. Plan on it.. I cut my cable TV off 12 years ago because of intolerable junk TV, now, I'm thinking of dropping internet. I can live without this junk.

    By the way, some broad was put in charge of Yahoo a few months ago. Totally ruined that site. The site is now total junk - unnavigable; most news items blocked. If you read an article, want to comment, and go to sign in...that article will become unavailable once you sign in. I predict they'll cancel comments on that site very soon. Too many informed people making comments these days. They don't like that. 7th graders might find out a little "too much" about what's really going on these days..Heavens no. Can't have that.

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