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Dear MLM Affiliates and MLM Advocates,

As you may know, my wife and I had high ranking MLM distributorship in Xango until we were terminated in the fall of 2010. When we became Xango distributors we perceived Xango as a highly credible company. The more we learned and experienced firsthand, the more we began to unravel the truth behind Xango. Very few distributors make a profit. There is no required or effective retailing of product. After Xango added all their fees, shipping etc. etc. the price per bottle was $2.00 less than Xango’s website retail price. We were treated unfairly because we chose not to comply with Xango’s policy that leaders should make large monthly product purchases.

The way that we were terminated was unethical and lacked any opportunity for resolve. Xango refused to release the evidence that they said they had against us until after we were terminated and acquired legal representation. When you reach a higher level in Xango you begin to understand that the dream is not what they portray. Only the higher ranked distributors know the truth and unfortunately we became a target. Build your downline, then have it taken away with no evidence or right to object.
Our confidence in the MLM industry remains strong, what has been difficult is to know if a company is legal and fair before becoming a distributor.

Your Friend & Colleague

Mar 02, 2013

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